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  1. Just wondering what people's opinion of infinity cars are. Particularly the Q50 hybrid. How do they compare to the IS or GS. They seem expensive to buy new but take a big drop in the first year. They are probably quite expensive to insure, tax, run as it is a big engine and the IS is powerful enough for me to waft around in. Just thinking of options when it is time to replace the IS.
  2. Dealers should see curtesy cars as potential test drives and put you in the car they hope you would buy next.
  3. Not sure what sat nav you have but does it have a display option in the carousel. In there there is an option display off. This works on mine.
  4. I keep pressing the Snow button, but it never snows.
  5. Good luck with the test drive. Take your check book with you! One issue you may have, the test drive car may be the face lift version and if you are after a used one it may be the pre face lift. Not sure how different they are to drive.
  6. I thought it would hold for more than two seconds. Sometimes when stopped on a hill I can stay stationary without the parking brake or foot brake depressed. Perhaps in the situation the creep forward is equal to the roll back. I thought it could not roll back. Like how the include electronically controlled baking these days. Never know when you may need a cake.
  7. A half hour test drive with the Sales Rep may be a good start. If you have never driven a hybrid before then having someone to explain how it works maybe a good idea. If you then like what you see you can ask to have a longer test drive. It does seem to differ in how you are treated if you are buying new as opposed to second hand.
  8. I had Gen 3 glasscoat put on my ex demonstrator at about 4 months old. After two years the paintwork still looks like new and I would definitely have it done again. I did get someone open their car door into mine and it scratched the paint. The smart repair got the scratch out completely and they re applied the glasscoat to the door. The smart repairer said that because I had the glasscoat he did not need to repainted the scratch and it just polished out. I get lots of comments on how nice the car looks.
  9. I find normal mode is better so stick to that. 50+ mpg in summer. Eco mode seems too slow and when you are used to normal using eco mode needs more gas so you are not as economical. When I tried eco mode for a week mpg was worse. High 40 s in winter low 50 s in summer. Mainly urban driving. 7 mile commute to work.
  10. Better picture with clean lens If I clear the condensation off the rear window I do the camera too.
  11. I think dealers are missing a trick with curtesy cars. When you go in for service, treat it as a potential test drive. If you take an IS in for service and book a curtesy car they should give you the option of a GS or similar, the car they would hope to sell you next rather than a CT.
  12. I got some Bosch aerotwin from Halfords (because they had a good review in autoexpress) but they are a bit smeary. Would not particularly recommend them.
  13. Likes 1) Exclusivity 2) Styling 3) Refinement Dislikes 1) Flimsy boot lid 2) No spare wheel 3) can't think of another one
  14. Mine does the same. I don't use the flappy paddles. They are a bit daft on a CVT anyway where there are no gears. I suspect they are only there to keep up with the Germans so you can say it's got flappy paddles. May be useful to downshift for an overtake but in normal driving just let the car do its thing and enjoy the ride.
  15. That's when man maths comes into play.
  16. With that sort of driving you should get 45 to 50 mpg around town. Similar on the motorway unless you cruise at 80 mph, in which case it will drop significantly (its a 2.5 liter engine carrying a big battery in the boot). The battery will only do about 1 mile before becoming discharged and is not used at speeds over 40 mph, but if you are slowing down to stop in traffic this will charge the battery up again. That is the whole point of a hybrid, you recover energy to the battery when slowing down and use it again to start up. My average is 46.6 mpg over 15000 miles. All mpg figures are real world not on board computer which is about 5 mpg optimistic.
  17. How do the GS and IS compare in size? Is the GS noticeably bigger or do they feel the same size to park, inside, boot etc? The GS could tempt me in waftyness and build quality, but not sure if I would find it too big. I think the IS is a big car.
  18. Similar story, Passed my test in my mums fiesta, then had that for a few years, passed it on to the wife. Escort 1.4 LX Rover 214 SLI Civic Aerodeck 1.5 Accord 5 door Stream (Honda mpv) 2.0 auto Accord tourer 2.4 auto CT advance Current car IS300h advance I sort of miss the CT in a funny sort of way but think the IS is much more like the Accord. I think I should have bought the IS instead of the CT but being the first saloon and rear wheel drive car and not a Honda it was a step to far. I went into the Lexus dealer to test a CT if the salesman had tried to sell me an IS I would probably have thought he was too pushy. What next? Some sort of electric car probably in a few years time.
  19. News just in from Lexus HQ..... They are not dropping the 200T after all, due to lack of server space on the forums! 🙃
  20. Sorry, can't help have no experience of RX. Try posting in the RX section of Lexus Models. I am sure you will get help there.
  21. When and where can you drive for fun these days? During the daily commute its busy traffic and on Sunday's the roads are full of cyclists.