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  1. Unfortunately the apple operating system IOS does not allow to do the transfer on that version of Bluetooth and satnav , it is the same in my LS. The best suggestion would be to see of you can transfer the numbers on an android phone . Either transfer, borrow an android phone or manual input in the phone and connect that to your Bluetooth as that will allow you yo transfer the agenda . I have attached the Satnav manual and you find information there about how to set it manually from page 139 pf the manual and 151 of the pdf. OM50715U.pdf
  2. Also as far as i am aware if you do your annual hybrid health check at Lexus you get an extra year warranty and it only costs £36 . I am doing mine on 25th this month for a peace of mind but to be honest even if i would actually have an issue and not be covered by the warranty i would use Richard from Hybrid battery solutions who is present on this forum and sorted out my previous GS450h .
  3. Hi Steve , I am glad to hear your story and congrats on all the effort on your car. The steering wheel definitely was a good price . Almost all their parts have a good price and you can always haggle a bit . I have cleaned my car as best as i could but it is prepared for a proper detailing session when i go back to Romania and i hope to bring back its shine and former glory . The repairs were a bit expensive with time and nerve consuming but definitely well worth it so i am happy man now . I would have liked for mine to be the 4 seat version to but in the end i am happy with this one too. If you will ever be in the are give me a shout and we will meet for a chat . I don't know when it is the next Lexus meeting but it would be nice to get as many as possible LS owners as usually the meeting is dominated by the IS-f owners
  4. Hi Steve, You are correct , that is the company that i have used . There was another one in Lithuania but the language barrier was even stronger there so that's why i decided to go wit Germany at that time . I have seen you asked a question about one of the handles and i know it can be quite tricky to take one out as you have all the blinds and controls between . What is wrong with yours ?
  5. Hi guys, For the winter trip i have decided to use some rubber mats as i will ruin the current carpet ones in the romanian weather . Does anyone with a Lexus LS600h L bought some decent rubber mats for winter and can recommend me a place ? Or what do you guys are using in the winter ? Carpet , rubber ? I have bough some from ebay but the rear ones were to short , they were for the swb version and also until now i have found only one car mat website that does it for the Long version and i am waiting for their reply .
  6. Yes , it can get pretty cold . I think the lowest was about -24 Celsius Degrees last winter and that was down in the city . In the mountain it must have been colder but there is quite a nice feeling driving through snow in the mountains . These are 2 videos that o have done while i was there .
  7. Thank you Denis for the kind wishes and i i hope the same . We will see how it will behave in the frozen and snowy Romania . Here is a photo with the A8 last winter back home.
  8. Something else that i forgot to tell you about is the vibration from a standstill when going left or right . The issue is known in the Lexus community but mainly in the US . Solution for this is to replace the transfer case oil 3 times with Amsoil Redline severe gear 75w - 90 and the vibration is gone . There is also a TSB for this which i have attached . All you need is 3 litres of amsoil oil and that's it , job done . Transfer case TSB.pdf
  9. Thank you all gents and yes , the car is quite rewarding now that everything is perfect mechanically , there just some aesthetics things that need sorting but that will happen in december when i go back home . Wheel refurb , front bumper and rear bumper paint , followed by a full paint stage correction and that's it . Regarding the bluewater meeting i am more than happy to come as long as i will be in Uk at that time.
  10. Hello my Lexus friends, Its been a long time since my last post and update about the blue whale , which might have been because of good news or bad news . You will find out in the next rows . Actually is a bit of both . The car worked as it should , everything was ok , but ... i have the car noise and creaks disease and something in the front right side was keep making a noise . After my garage inspected the car we have found the droplinks , bottom arm bushes and lower ball joints had to be replaced . Ok , no problem , ball joints and drop links had a decent price but the bottom arm as we all know on the lexus were quite expensive and on the 600h even more then on the 460 because the 600h is AWD , so Lexus had to redesign them to make space for the AWD system . They are not available aftermarket , only from the dealer and the cheapest price was £269 from Lexus Birmingham ebay store so the price of the arms + droplinks + ball joints + labour as coming close to £800 so the greedy gypsy in me activated and started to look for easier solutions which came in the way of finding just the bushes for the arms from a company called Febest in Estonia for a lower cost £150.38 including shipping for all 4 bushes TAB-575 & TAB-576 on their website but in the end the TAB-576 was not required and it was returned so for anyone that will have issues i suggest you to not buy it , this is the bush that the droplink screws in so no stress at all . The droplinks have been bought from them as well as they were cheap and the only location other than the dealer where i could find them 0123-USF40FR & 0123-USF40FL for £14.21 each . My good mechanics started the work on the car but after 2 hours i got a call that the camber screw that goes into the big bush has corroded and spins together with the bush in the arm and despite their effort and all the heat that went on the screw it just wouldn't move and they didn't wanted to go further because the camber screw is specific to this car and i need to buy another one . On the phone with Lexus Birmingham and i managed to get the parts from them for £96 so a few days later they arrived , my garage sorted the job in about 3 hours after they have burned the hole bushes , drilled and chiselled the hell out of them so happy ending . Nooooo, no happy ending , the noise was still there . Yeah , the car was feeling better , tighter, better steering but the bloody noise was still there so after the little hole in my pocket i left it there for a while . It was time to change the tyres for the winter ones as i will take the car back home for my winter holiday and is kinda good idea to have winter tyres at -20 degrees and loads of snow . I have put Nexen Winguards on it as this is what i have used on the A8 last winter and they were quite good . The noise was making me hate the car a bit so Monday i started to research again on forums and someone suggested that it might be from the brakes as our calipers have a complex system of springs and plates so some might miss . I have done the test with the brakes applied over small speed bumps and voila , noise gone . A caliper kit has been bought from ebay , fitted today and finally the noise is gone so i can enjoy the car again . Here are some photos that i have done last weekend . P1030637 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030635-2 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030635 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030629 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030623 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030621 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030615 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030606 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030605 by DmaCars, on Flickr P1030602 by DmaCars, on Flickr
  11. Ebay says 275 people bought them so they can't be that bad . I would say give it a try and it is not ok you can always return it . When mine went on the gs450 i have bought some osrams from for about £60-70 i don;t remember exactly .
  12. I have 3 more documents that explain even more about the hybrid system and even a dismantling manual . 7 Lexus LS600h.pdf EVALUATION_OF_THE_2008_LEXUS_LS_600H.pdf LS600H.pdf
  13. My research never stops, so i have found a very informative document about the LS600 released before its launch and it details everything is need to know about it . 20070330_LS_600h_final_tcm316-564334_ Global_Dynamic Press_Launch.pdf
  14. Thank you all and hope to see you all soon at a Lexus meeting .
  15. Denis, Neighbours haven't said much as we don't really talk to each other so much . Just one good neighbour that has a Mercedes CLS showed his jealousy a bit but we are friends so it was more like a bit of banter . He could not believe the amount of kit . As promised please find attached a few photos and i will do more in a few days and also 2 with the mighty tigra. If you have any questions about the car or anything else let me know and i will do my best to answer them . Have a good day all .