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Help please ... I am on the verge of buying a Lexus NX which is described as follows (see below) it was registered March 2018 and says it is a 2019 model year ... the whole point of the exercise is that my wife wants a 4 X 4 however I have just read that the SE version after 2017 unlike all the other versions, is Front Wheel Drive ... the Lexus specs in true Japanese fashion are completely confusing and seem to change every year so just wondered if anyone could clarify AWD or not? I have scoured the spec on the dealer listing and no mention of AWD or FWD so am assuming it is not AWD - various other place on Google suggest that the 2018 SE is FWD only - keen to know



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As Herbie says its only AWD when it needs to be. If it was registered in March 2018 however I will be surprised if its 2019MY. I took delivery of my NX in April 2018 (2018MY) and have been delighted with it so can thoroughly recommend. 

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8 hours ago, Southgate said:

Thanks for comments have double checked with Dealer and it is AWD ...because it's the MK II - apparently some of the NX's from 14 onwards in SE spec were FWD unless specially ordered with AWD 

The 2018 facelift was also FWD only for the SE spec unless AWD was ordered as an option. Worth checking. 

I'm on my second NX and love the car. A lot!  

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