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Full Leather Re-trim


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Hi All!

Does anyone know where I could get the half leather seats retrimmed to full leather for a rasonable cost?

I've had one quote over the phone for £400 + vat, is this reasonable?


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True! The colour match will be hard in the Oakham but I have seen the work and it is good.

Looks like it may have to wait for a bit though if £400 is about the mark.

Ive just had the RAC bloke on the phone giving me the inspection report and apart from needing front pad its all ok :D

Plus he valued it at £1,500 more than I'm paying so it's all good really!


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Suede inserts much nicer - I think the full leather seats look a bit naff, but of course just my own humble opinion! Trump absorbing much beter with suede - hee hee!

Scott - got any more short aerials. Ade won the last one you had on ebay :angry:

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having come from full leather to the suede centres i much prefer the suede.

your bum doesnt stick to the seats or get so sweaty in the summer, plus the burning sensation to the back and legs after its been in the sun for a long time isnt there with suede. leather is freezing first thing on a cold morning.

Also the suede grips you much better and stops you and your passengers sliding about all over the place. stay with the suede. or re trim to new suede

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That's exactly what one of my mate was saying 2 me 2day.


Now I don't know if I should do it or not?

I could spend the money on some headrest screens! :P

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