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1995 LS400 110,000 miles with history. No reserve auction 29 January

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It must be worth at least £25 ...............  when I bought mine ( from Poole Dorset too )  in June 2011 with 123k miles I paid £1400 with Full Lexus Service History

discount depreciation etc and no clear record of service history, like has the cam belt ever been changed etc ...  deep discount to say, £25 book value

hahahahahahaha ...  she'll probably fetch £2500 or so .......  looks a very fine specimen and same colour as mine too if it's Aspen Green .....  bit difficult to tell tbh

will do someone a fair treat .....  but the existing vendor has only had her since this year, 2020 ....  and 5 owners over 25 years for a Ls400 is quite a few :unsure:


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It'll go for a chunk more than that Malcolm :biggrin: Or it would if anyone could travel!

I've been keeping an eye on this one for a while as it's near identical to mine. Looks like 6N0 Moonstone Pearl.

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If I were a betting man (which I am not, cure of that habit when I was 14 on the penny arcades at Westward Ho!, back in the 70's), I would expect this to go for £3.5K at least.  Looks a ruddy site tidier than my Mk4, and same year as my first LS.

My only reservation would be the ECU, as my N reg was a real pain once it warmed up on  a 15 mile run (or longer) and then would stall at every opportunity.  Was fine on my commute to work, but that was only 10 miles.


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I am guessing 4k£ for the auction car. It looks in good shape on outside.  That is very important theses days.  New or good used external stuff is starting to become very expensive or close to be "nonobtinium".  

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