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My F is up for sale

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Begrudgingly my F is up for sale (see cars for sale).

Myself and the wife will be working from home for the foreseeable, so decided to move house and planning on getting a dog now we will be at home in the day. Looking to swap the car for an interesting dog mover/tip runner/winter hack (thinking forester turbo but suggestions welcome) and something for the weekends since I will have lots of space for cars (chimera, elise, cayman?).

Feeling ambivalent being honest, I love the car and have complete faith in its reliability. If it doesnt sell in a month it might just stay in the weekend car brief thanks to stamp duty being extended.

With so few for sale and no desperate need to sell, its difficult to price. Its a 59 plate but low mileage (47k) with full history. Asking for £17.5k.

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We went from the Mrs being in an A1 to an NX to accommodate our new dog and hopeful first kid... had an Abarth 695 Biposto Record (mouthful) as a run around but she hatedddd it, now trying to get a GR Yaris but with test drives not being available for a little bit, just waiting!

Bloody dogs and kids hey! 😆

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We diverted from the usuall Toyota, Lexus line and got a Dodge Nitro as the family wagon for dogs and camping, absolutely crap it was, cheap plastics, electrical faults, eats brake pads and tyres for breakfast. I was tricked by its looks.

We recently got a 65 plate Toyota rav4 hybrid excel awd and it is a great all rounder for the price. We live on a hill and it was great to see it climb it through 6 inch of snow, it averages 40mpg with my gentle right foot. Compared to my isf it is very cheap to run. 

I miss my isf, it's been locked up since November for winter and probably wont get out until April.

I'm going to start crying lol

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I started looking at cheap UK Forester XT's at £4k and now find myself reading about sti's 🙃 if I do sell the F then it might be an sti and bide my time on the weekend car, otherwise it will need to be of the shed variety since it will literally be for tip runs and taking the dog to the woods 1 mile away, really this shoudl be a £300 fiesta but I just cant buy a boring car!

I've love an S2000 but I'm 6'4 and dont even fit in 😞 

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Shove the boring car onto your missus, keep the isf and then get a weekend toy, best solution. My missus isnt bothered about cars so has a Volvo V50 as a daily, then i've got the ISF and summer/ weekend car.

Unless you just fancy a complete change up then fair enough! Caymans are great and wipe the floor with everything else really unless you want 4 seats.

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Hi, I'm in the market for an IS-F. I had a 2008 model for a couple of years, stupidly let it go and have missed it ever since. Not a million miles away from you ( NE ). If I'm right, this is on PH with a contact number, so I'll get in touch.

Cheers, Andy.

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We already have said stereotypical family SUV, its just a bit too nice and full of child paraphernalia to become the dog mover. The F is just for my (now a rarity) commute and days when I do the school runs, but is also far too nice and not particularly suited to becoming a Labrador taxi!

Now that stamp duty extension has been confirmed and since the new house has room for 6 cars on the drive, I am going to drop it £500 and keep it up for sale till the end of the month and then keep it a while longer if it doesn't sell and live that £300 fiesta dream for a while instead.

@moneypit feel free to give me a shout if you are still interested.


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