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New to me RX300.... Mint

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Well I've been looking for an LS460 or 600 for months now and can't find one in the colours I want, very few about and silly inflated prices...

I've been driving around in an old Mondeo but it's manual and I have replacement hips and knees and a car with three pedals is just painful...!!

So I've been looking for a run about that is automatic and came across this beautiful RX

2003 RX300 SE-L 129,000miles in Light Blue Metallic with Grey leather in absolutely lovely condition. It has also had a BRC LPG conversion done.

The previous owner is even more fastidious than me...!! The rear subframe has been removed, sandblasted and powder coated, all rear suspension arms have been replaced along with new nuts and bolts, all front arms have been replaced along with the droplinks and track rod ends. All four callipers have been professionally refurbished, new dics and pads all round with new genuine pad fitting kits. The underside is as clean as the top and in stunning condition for a 19 year old car. Wheels have been refurbished and fitted with new Michelin tyres. Fitted with a Westfalia removable towbar.

It has a service portfolio that is inches thick...

The only thing I'm not to keen on is that the air suspension has been swapped for conventional springs and shocks although it does ride quite well...

I've had it a few days now and I must say I love it, it was supposed to be a fill in car but I can see my self keeping it for a while... 

Everything works just as it should, it even has new wipers and two new flip keys... Runs perfectly on LPG and with LPG around 74p a litre it must be returning the equivalent of 50+mpg...

Below are some pictures and although cars always look better in photographs than real life it really is in this good a condition...

There are a few small areas that can be improved and I will be sorting those soon..












I have a Lexus, I am happy again.....



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Looks fantastic for a nearly 20 year old car ....says a lot about build quality.....I notice on the reg that its originally a north east car so guess it's remained in the area in its to be better than the Mondeo surely.?.....enjoy

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Be thankful that the air suspension has been removed. There was only a marginal gain in ride from having it and the cost of repair if it goes belly up (which it may have done hence the coil overs) would have been eye watering on a car of that age.

Looks a well cared for example by the way.

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