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Front Centre Armrest

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Heres the one I got from the US in a group buy last year.

I think they were purchsed from Carson Toyota.

The picture is of it fitted to my car.

hi m8

now thats the 1 i want how much was it is i`m not being 2 cheeky lol :zee: :o

I think it worked out at around £180, not too sure though. And it was a group buy.

Try and contact Carson Toyota direct. As far as I remember Steve Gantz is the guy to contact. Minimum numbers also required. (10 I think)

Hope this helps you out.


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I tried PM'ing Steve Ganz about armrests just the other day. There was a group buy attempted in August. If there are enough of us, we could see if it could be resurrected.. Ive been thinking of getting one. Perhaps Alex could do a GB on the OEM one? GB mod intervention required perhaps? Mr McNally?? I've not had anything back from Mr Ganz...

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I guess it depends on whether you'd miss the storage too. The OEM one loses half the small storage comparment at the rear of your console, and removes the ability to close it. The other armrest effectivly appaears to double the storage.. looks like you could probably stand a few cds in there. You pays your money and makes your choice... or whatever the old saying is..

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Ooops, an extra 't'.. I spelt it right when i contacted him :)

Freds: Steve Ganz has said that if we want the armrest featured here then we would need to order a minimum of five to have the RHD version made up. If you want an OEM armrest, the contact Alex (jdmparts_guru)

I'm still waiting for Steve to get back to me with a confirmed price. Mods.. I am not wanting to break any club rules here, I did send a message to Mr McNally.. I'm happy to speak to Steve about price etc, just don't want to step on any toes

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