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Are Is300 Springs Tha Same Ad Is200 Ones?


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Good question!

When I was buying my Eibach Springs, I too wondered the same thing.

However I did notice that the IS200 and IS300 springs had different part numbers, so they must I assume use different springs.

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Yes. The IS300 is heavier than the IS200 in the front, therefore it has heavier front springs. Same thing goes for Sportcross models for the rear springs as the SportCross is heavier at the rear. No fitting problems, though, in that respect they're all the same.

Spring/damper combinations are made to match the vehicle's weight. if you change only one of the three (weight, spring rate or damper), you might get undesired handling effects. So ideally, if you change the spring (rate), you need to adjust/change the shock absorber as well.



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Don't know about the stock springs, but aftermarket coilovers or such are completely same for the IS200 as for the IS300.  ;)

Not such a problem for coilovers as you can alter the height to compensate for different weights.

If you were to fit IS300 springs (OEM or aftermarket) on an IS200 you may find the noise sits a little high.

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The question it's for aftermarket springs. So what i have to do? I'd like to buy eibach springs fon IS200 but i've found various sporty IS300 springs very cheap!

You usually get what You pay for. Serious development and testing cost a lot but results in a solid product.

Eibach is top notch.

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