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Buying An Is200

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Hi guys and gals

Thinking of buying one and wondered if anyone had any advice. I live in the North East (Darlington)

I have recently wrapped a Nissan 200sx around a tree and lucky to be alive!!!

I'm waiting for inspection/money from insurers. Not sure how much I have to play with at the moment but any help would be appreciated



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Firstly, Welcome to the club! (interesting nickname by the way!) :D

As far as it goes for buying advice for an IS200, there are a number of people on here better qualified than myself to tell you what to look for, but my personal advice would be to buy from a main dealer, as they know their stuff.

I'm sure someone will be along in a second to tell you specifically what to look out for!


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just recently bought one myself and the most common thing i was told to look out for are the alloys. they corrade very quickly apprantley, apart from that its just the usual stuff like FSH etc. Lexus seem to have a excellent reputation for good reliablity and nothing seems to go wrong with them. Also check the CD player too as im having a little trouble with mine but they have a 5 year warranty.

good luck in getting one.

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welcome ducky !

i bought mine last year from rmb lexus teesside, it was 1 year old and like the others said check alloys, if its gonna be 1 or 2 year old not much to worry about, all depends how much you got to spend. but if you look on there is a big difference with some dealer prices so worth shopping around before taking the plunge.

also check out the tips from the link in the homepage relating to what to watch out for on a used is200, its full of good advice.


rmb at yarm are opening a new premises in northallerton sometime later this year apparently, nice and easy for you.

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Welcome to the club. Not long bought my first Lex, a 2000 (X) IS200 Sport. Things to look for are as above really:

Go for SE or Sport models for the alacantra/leather interior and 17" alloys.

Get one with CD slot at the top of the stereo as the ones with the slot at the bottom are prone to malfunctions and are expensive to replace.

alloys corrode badly and are £40-£50 each to get refurbished.

Sport model has nice extras over SE such as LSD, rear spoiler, tinted rear windows and alloy pedals.

Good luck looking, you wont be dissapointed with the IS200.

Happy :driving:


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Welcome to the LOC :) , i've had my IS200 SE about 15 months,i bought it from an independent garage, saved about £1300 of the main dealer price, it had full Lexus history, so i contacted the dealer to confirm the service history, then once that was done i had a HPI history check done, this all checked out ok so i bought the car :D .

My alloys had been refurbished before i bought the car, they had been done in silver all over, so no machined/polished rim to worry about, just a silver paint stick to touch up....if needed.

My interior is the beige "oakham" trim, this can look shabby if not looked after, a set of Lexus over mats helps, but they to can get dirty very quickly...other than that i have no complants B)

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My IS200 LE went in recently for its 10k service . Already, at 12 months old, the alloys were corroded apparently . The service manager brought it to my attention and replacement alloys were fitted under the warranty . I got the impression this was nothing unusual ie they were used to seeing this so soon so I agree with whats been said here and be aware alloys are showing signs of corrosion in nearly new cars too.

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