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Bizzar Indicator Popping Incident!


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Well, drove up to my two day meeting in the East Mids yesterday, parked the car in the car park at the rear of the building I am working in.. folded the mirrors and walked in...

...came back out at about 18:00 last night to find my n/s wing indicator hanging out of the hole!

Had a good look around and there is no damage to the wing or the indicator. Popped it back in and it is a very snug fit, certainly not lose enough to have fallen out by it self....

So what gives? how did it happen. There were no signs of anyone prizing it out (screwdriver marks or the like!)

Anyone else had this happen before.... ?

I do recall that a way to steal cars a long time ago was to blow the alarm up buy shorting out the indicator.... any ideas about if that is still a common method?

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Most alarms these days would have a fuse to protect against an indicator circuit being shorted out so they wouldn't get very far.

Indeed this is usualy the case. The indicator still worked when I popped it back in to place so maybe if the car was being attacked, they were disturbed.

I have just checked the CCTV coverage which is inconclusive.

I find it hard to believe the indicator popped out by itself as it was fairly firmly in when I washed the car on Sat morning, and was fine when I set off yesterday morning.

Puzzling..... :question:

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Well I had chance to take a closer look, the indicator is moderatly easy to pop out if prised with fingers from the front... after I took it out, I wiped away a bit of grime and noticed a screwdriver mark on the bodywork.

Looks like it was deliberate, why is unknown of course, opertunist (sp!) or whatever, why go for a car with deadlocks etc on instead of the other cars there I dont know... maybe they had a broken bulb and were going to nick mine.... I dont know tbh!..

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