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Another Newbie Saying "hello"


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Hello to you all from a South of England, R reg GS300 (occasional) driver.

Found the forum whilst looking for a cure for the dreaded "Radio LCD display" problem.

I've now got a service manual for the KEX-M8176ZT radio, as fitted. Identified the part CWM4932 only to find out that virtually no one stocks it :tsktsk:

Have emailed an American spares company & am still not quite sure what the lady is telling me.

One day I might get lucky (finding the part of course :o ).

The good thing is that my wife is the main driver & only listens to 1 radio station so doesn't see any problem.

I've read almost all the threads relating to the GS300 & am amazed at the level of knowledge & expertise shown by some of your regular posters.

Thanks for a great board, keep up the good work,



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Thanks for all the kind words, guys.

@gs-ireland, thanks for the info. I emailed Pioneer UK & they had already put me on to Semenedis.

As I posted on the Audio.... section, the radio is now repaired & fully "visible".

Providing my wife doesn't put any more "little marks" :o on the front, the wheels are next in line to be refurbished.

Can't be too expensive as Lexus Brighton have an offer of £70 per wheel. Now if only I can find out where they send them.......? :P

regards to all,


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