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Sticky Windows


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I know what your all thinking :blink: but i have some remains from a couple of stickers on the inside of the back window of my IS and was wondering whats the best thing to use to remove it.

Is it a bit of soapy water and elbow grease? Maybe some white spirit!

Didnt know if it made a difference as it was the back window and dont want to damage the heating strip things :duh: (sorry dont know technical name)

Any suggestions would be great thank you :D

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i would also say, you could try heating the glue thats leftover from the stickers with a hairdry and wiping it off with a cloth and water,thats what i did when i first got my car.

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methanol will sort it fella.

apply a little to some kitchen roll and wipe the area clean

if you can't get hold of any, drop me a line and i'll get some from the lab for u :winky: :D

Don't have any that i know of so if you could pick some up that would be spot on mate as long as it's no trouble

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Stop it, it hurts to laugh that much. I need something to depress me again. Hmm, the post has come - a bill for £76 - that'll do nicely! :sad::msn-cry:

That's a plush cell. If it was the Kia owners club or the Daewoo owners club you don't get such luxuries. Instead of nice fluffy green pillows they just get a straightjacket and a load of straw on the floor - like an animal. It pays them back for the old biffers driving them and putting a caravan on the box that ruins my day.

So back to the suspicious 'sticky stuff' on your windscreen. Have you had this problem long? Have you ever talked about it?

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