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Check out the forums at Detailing World, where as well as a mind-bogglingly large range of different cleaning/detailing products being discussed, you'll also find some very handy guides. Be warned though, you might end up spending a fortune ! :lol:

Also don't forget the Cleaning/Detailing forum on our own LOC site here.

You may want to look into use a clay product, something like Bilt-Hamber Auto-clay soft is especially designed to be easy to use. It's something that you can use occasionally after cleaning, before polishing, to get rid of lots of impurities in the paint and can make things look miles better than just polishing on its own.

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You really got to use some quality wax for it to really shine. Don't get me wrong.I'm not a clean freak, but if you want that high gloss looks then you have to use something professional (as has been suggested above).

Black, when polished and buffed, will look absoluely gorgeous. You just got to keep it that way :)

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I have used nearly all the stuff on the market and like Kam I tend to think that Meguirs is the best out there without going over the top on prices.

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Hi .

Everybody has a favvv polish . I use Mer with a damp/moist sponge to apply , which thins the polish right down to a light bloom and then with a cloth it just whipes off really easy peasy with no effort .

If you are feeling lazy and your motor just has light dirt on it use the method above as the damp sponge cleans while polishing the car . I have done it this way for years and the motor always looks good :winky:

You can use any polish , i tend to use Mer as it can be used with water .

Good luck .

Jon .

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Okay spent an hour polishing an Astral Black RX400h and it looks good but wondering if it could have looked better

Used turtle wax liquid and Im seeking advice on any other polishes or specialist sprays, liquids, wax to use

I have a GS450h in Velvet Black (same as Astral), and twice a year have the car valeted using Zymol wax. Whilst not cheap (about £300 a time) plus any of the products bought for general up keep such as shampoo etc etc, its is beleived to be one of the best products available. If you go to and look in the gallery section there is a photo of my car taken over 2 years ago, but the car today has if anything an even deeper shine - a result of continued application of the Wax. Unusualy the product is applied with the palm of your hand!

One thing that is impossible to stop is the light surface scratching visible under strong light, short of machine polishing the car continualy its impossible to avoid. But certainly black is one of the worst colours to maintain, at least as its non metallic any dreaded stone chipping touches in well.



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Er, I use Mr Sheen.

It takes about 15 minutes to do the whole car and stays visibly water repellent for two or three washes when I do it again.

Lovely and shiny and feels like its just come out of a showroom. Any tar spots come off in no time with a drop of petrol on a bit of kitchen paper.

Do the same on my Merc SL320 and my BMW bike too. Have for years.


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