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My Vip Style Aristo Project


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I'm over here from LOC ( and figured it would be polite to show the project i'm working on with my JZS161 Aristo. You will recognise these as a JZS160 GS300, but it has the 2JZ-GTE engine in it...the same one found in the Supra TT. And so we begin...

I previously owned a 300bhp Nissan 200SX (s14a) which was a fully modified drift car. It had Tein coilovers set to hard. It had a very aggressive Cusco mechanical 2 way diff. It was very loud with its straight through 3" exhaust system, and it had a massive bodykit and sponsorship decals all over it!

Did i mention that this car was my daily driver and that I work as an estate agent? Yes, I did take clients out in this car!

It got to the point that I was clamouring for something a little more sensible, but still unique. I had noticed the VIP car trend in the US and Japan, but had yet to see anything like that over here in the flesh that I could buy. So i was resigned to buying something like an M5 or an RS6 Avant when I reached 25.

Then I saw a thread on Driftworks, when Phil Morrison was putting his JZS161 Aristo up for sale. It style caught my would be the perfect car for me. Tuned turbocharged engine. Subtle bodykit. VIP style wheels. This was a one off opportunity so I went ahead and bought it.




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Since then i've added a whole lot of stuff, mainly VIP stuff from Garson/D.A.D, so i've got a lot of interior stuff such as the front table for the passenger, curtains all round, leather covered memory foam neck pads and such.

Chrome bits that have been added are Junction Produce pillar trims, which make a HUGE difference to the car. I've also added chrome door handles and a chrome boot garnish.

Then I managed to get some Garson Zuenglein DR 302's in chrome in some real "manly" specs.

18" x 10" ET 10 on the front

19" x 12" ET -6 on the rear.






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Obviously they were going to stick out from the bodywork, but I needed to see how much





So Will at has been tasked by me to create a full custom widebody conversion to house the wheels.




He will be fabricating the rear arches out of steel, and they will follow the factory lines and will look something like this...


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Here are a few more pics of what Will did with the front arches.





Two pieces of sheet steel were cut and shaped.

One for the vertical part line, and One for the New swaged top piece.

He used a thinner 22swg sheet for its flexability, as the top piece has to have a subtle curve across its top.



With our steel pieces tacked up on both sides, we can finish weld the pieces in place, Using a 'String of Pearls' technique to minimise distorsion of the panel.



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Front wings are now hella flush and ready for paint.



This picture has an odd reflection, making the wing look bent? This is not the case!


Work on the rears is set to begin over the weekend. Once Will is happy with his mockup, then he will start to cut some steel to build those wide arches...

So this is how she sits at the moment





Look how fat those wheels are!

Once the rear arches are complete and Will is happy with them, we will be creating molds of the rear overfenders, and will produce an off the shelf product that we KNOW is a perfect fit on the JZS161 Chassis and for any wheel 19" wheel with a super aggressive offset. Bear in mind i will NOT be running an aggresive camber setup, just to show off Will's workmanship. So by my calculations, you could easily run a 13" wide wheel with negative offsets by dialling in a bit of negative camber.

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After taking the necessary measurements from our cardboard template, we cut out both sides in 22swg steel.


We also added some cardboard ribs to the centre of the arch to give us the desired amount of flare.

The steel sheet was then temporarily fixed in place to allow us to measure up for the other steel pieces needed to be cut.




In order for the the body to sit low enough with the wheels on, the factory arch has to be cut to allow for more clearance. Note the steel "ribs" that will hold the shape of the new arch.








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Update from the Streetoptions website today (18/4/09)

With this being a Four Door vehicle, It does complicate fabrication a touch.

It was then necessary to form and weld two pieces of sheet to follow the shut lines of the rear door and quarter panel.

These will eventually form our returns, visible when the rear doors are open.



The next stage is to begin to form the Inner Arch Returns, These will bridge the void between the original quarter panels and our new flared quarter panels.

They also taper upwards towards our cut back arch, Allowing the Wheel Rim to run close to the quarter panel, while the stretched tyre resides within the arch return, with plenty of clearance.




Before the new quarters can be welded to the car, They will be fully welded from the inside, allowing the outside wheel arch to be grinded down to a small bevel edge that resembles the factory wheel arch returns.

Two small returns need to be fabricated for the areas where the quarter panels meet the Rear Bumper and Sideskirts.


A few more pics. I got sent these this morning (25/04/09) but I'm pretty sure they are from Wednesday when I last saw him. His note in the email said that he had completely finished welding the entire arches and he was going to finish off the arches with some filler before priming them, so expect a complete rear arch picture early next week!



Nice smooth edges :D






Door shuts taking shape.


Door shuts effectively complete :)

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New pictures from Will...Rear arches are taking shape now!

These pictures are definately over a week old as I saw the car on Wednesday 29th April, and there was fibreglass applied to the rear arches so that he could sand them into shape...but I digress!














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Great job mate, those wheels are seriously wide! Not a big fan of the stretched tyres, but the rest is looking awesome so far, can't wait to see it finished!

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New pictures of the new rear arches!




The rears don't look quite as aggressive and "in your face" now that they are in primer and have been shaped and smoothed.

Couple more pictures, this time from the offside.




And finally, the rear bumper and sideskirts need work in order for them to flow with the new arches, and you will be able to see what is required from this picture.


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Just a brief update from Will:

He decided that the stock indicators on the wings, and any aftermarket replacements would just not cut the mustard for the look that we were going for as they were too bulbous. So he sourced some Audi A8 LED indicators and modified the wings to fit them. He was saying something about creating a bevel edge so that it would sit flush and look really smart.

He has also removed the inner LED rear lights from the bootlid and smoothed them over. This look really does change the rear of the car. Not many people have done it, but I've seen a picture of one and it does catch your eye!

The car will be fully prepped in the next week. I an going to see him as he will paint some test cards for me this evening so I can look at some different colours. Black Kandy with a blue pearl, black kandy with a bit of blue metalflake, or cherry black with a subtle rainbow metalflake are all possible options

We have less than 3 weeks before the 1st major show of the year (Japshow, since we've missed Japfest) . I've resigned myself to the possibilty that only the exterior will be finished by then and I will not have my fridge/rear cabinet ensemble ready by then, but heres hoping!

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Wow I bet that's going to look amazing when finished ! I'll be at Japshow, so look forward to seeing it then !

Those tyres don't look right to me, they're too narrow. Or is that just my ignorance, is that part of the VIP look ? (sorry that's a real question, I genuinely don't know :unsure: )

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That is a quality job on those arches B)

Have to agree, I'm not into the look of stretched tyres myself, much prefer a "proper" sized tyre for the rim, but I guess the arch work would've been much, much greater without the stretched tyres.

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Wow I bet that's going to look amazing when finished ! I'll be at Japshow, so look forward to seeing it then !

Those tyres don't look right to me, they're too narrow. Or is that just my ignorance, is that part of the VIP look ? (sorry that's a real question, I genuinely don't know :unsure: )

The tyres are narrower than the width of the wheel and are stretched on. This is a popular thing that is done in the drift scene and VW dub scene as well as the VIP scene. I think the reasoning behind it is that it accentuates the wheel even more as less rubber is visible. Ideally, I'd have wide wheels and wide tyres for grip but 335/30/19's are rather dear! haha!

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Couple of teaser pics from the weekend...



The bootlid is just a mockup as you might see some ripples where the lights used to be. I'm also keeping the spoiler off. I also now know why the arch follows the line that it does, as opposed to the suggestion that BlkonBlk made. There are 2 factory swage lines that run straight on the body. The new arch emulates these straight lines, so now it looks like I have 3 swage lines. Making it more bulbous ruins the factory lines completely. As does putting the spoiler back on.

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I picked the colour yesterday, and its a lovely colour. Nothing too garish of course, but I'm not going to let anyone in on the colour until its on the car. Needless to say, its got a strong pearl in it, and just enough metalflake to be a show winning car, but not be too outlandish ;)

But I digress, more picture provided by the main man at Streetoptions!





Brackets for new indicators.






Comparison of the stock indicator against the new Audi A8 LED indicator. The curve of the arch actually follows that of the angled side of the indicator! Its little touches like that Will ahead of the rest.




Full despoiler




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