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Looking For New Music


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Hello guys.

I left my job as van driver a couple of years ago and I now work in a factory. While I was driving I used to listen to the radio all day and get to hear all sorts of new music. We are not allowed a radio in the factory and so as a consequence I don't get to hear any new tunes.

What I am asking of you chaps is to post your favourite 3 songs to give me some inspiration. They don't have to be new songs and I really don't mind what genre they are, I have a wide taste in music.

I will start the ball rolling with my favourite 3.

Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay - Otis Reading

Nothing Else Matters - Metallica

Take What You Take - Lily Allen

I look forward to hearing your choices and widening my musical library.


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I have a playlist of my favourite tunes on my ipod. They currently number 309 and go on for some 21 hours!! One of them is In a Gadda Da Vida by Iron Butterfly...that goes to 18 minutes!!

OK three it is then

1 Marrakesh Express - Crosby Stills & Nash

2 Lily, Rosemary & the jack of Hearts - Bob Dylan

3 Real Real Gone - Van Morrison

and as a back up/reserve

4 Too Rolling Stoned - Robin Trower

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3 for the moment as its too difficult to choose and it depends on the day, time, etc

1 Morricone: Chi Mai - not sure of the artist but if anyone knows of anything similar let me know

2 Free Bird: Lynyrd Skynyrd

3 Breakfast in Spitalfields: Juan Zelada

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Thanks for your ideas guys.

When I finally get a day off work I am going to perch myself in front of the PC and spend some time on YouTube listening to your suggestions.

Keep em coming.


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The way to this for me has been internet radio, if you have an ipad or touch stick it on a player or through your stereo, and it opens up thousands of free stations. many of them are music only (but have playlists so you can see what the music is) many of them eclectic. My current faves are :
FIP radio (radio france)

Blues club (german...blues R&B rock)

10 Radio (community station with folk/blues/R&B/world)


At christmas there are loads of stations streaming continuous christmas music....anything you want even american country music if you are desperate!

You need the 'Tune In pro' app for this (not expensive, and there is a freebie)

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ATM im listening to these three songs alot! a bit different but you said you all for that! so here

1. Rodney Atkins - "Cleaning this gun"

2. craig morgan - redneck yacht club

3. Craig Morgan - International Harvester

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Hello guys.

I sat myself down in front of YouTube to have a listen at your suggestions and I was impressed by your tastes.

Some of the tracks you listed I already listen to and own but most I had never heard of.

Normski - I really enjoyed Real Real Gone and Too Rolling Stoned from your first post and Running Down A Dream and Guitar Man from your second post. Nice laid back music, ideal to listen to when you want to unwind.

RayKahn - I have been looking for the title of Chi Mai for ages, I have always loved that music but never been able to find it without knowing the title...many thanks to you for posting that one. I have been listening to Freebird and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd for as long as I can remember.

The-Acre - I like quite a lot of the Jimi Hendrix stuff, I think my favourites are Red House, Hey Joe and Killing Floor. I have never been that keen on Pink Floyd but I did give it a listen and followed a few of the links on YouTube and came across The Dogs Of War which I really like so thanks for steering me in that direction.

Janet - I don't have an I Pad or Touch but I have no doubt that I will find a way to hook up some digital radio to listen to on the move in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.

PetayV8 - I liked all your tunes, they all made me smile. I am partial to a bit of C+W. The C+W artists seem to have never ending lists of songs, they must spend every waking moment writing and recording them.

Matt-c - Dead Sara reminded me a bit of Evanescence, I will definately be keeping an eye out for them in future. There is something I like about a heavy rock band with a female vocalist, not something you see every day. A good find, thanks.

ChrisIS200SportTTE - Layla...classic...nuff said. The Foo Fighters are a great band to listen to in the car, you just have to keep strict control of that right foot!

Once again, thanks for all the suggestions, feel free to post any other stuff you can think of.

I have been listening to Imelda May today, if you like Rockabilly and Blues give her a listen, you won't be dissapointed.


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quite a mix really. Dont listen to much modern stuff,all from my younger days.

macc lads..bears head

clash..... bank robber.

random one creedence.... pale moon

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