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soon purchasing the IS 300.. any words of wizdom?

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your decision on the IS300 is already a wise choice :D

I like the EVO7 myself but the build quality won't match that of the superior Jap . It's 2 different cars. One is sports, the other is comfort and "sporty" sedan.

Final choice is up to you and whcih is more importnat to you. If you are thinking of gaining more power, the Evo is the cheaper option. If you intend to keep the car stock, the IS300 for sure.

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Humm, two completely different animals. One is an extreme, hard riding, FAST, manic looking, boy racer image, traditional Jap build (read: lots of plastic) and none too refined car.

The other is Automatic only, silky smooth engine, firm but fair ride, relatively comfy and very able handling car, with all the refinement of a long range car.

Followed an IS300 yesturday who must have just had it delivered and the guy was quite enthusiastic, it had more urge than my 200 manual, very beautiful in black!

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Hi Ricky. Well I ordered it without the bodykit because I don't like the TRD kit and I want 19's on there anyway so i didn't go with the 18 styling pack. My wheels should be here next week from the states, so I will update my pic and I suppose i'll have to change my name from blackmagic to...???hmm any suggestions?

I think in my online travels, i have come across possibly every single bodykit available for the IS / Altezza, the TRD kits are too common now, so i want to get something unique this time round. By the way if anyone is considering an Erebuni kit, their quality is terrible. I have tried to contact japanese suppliers but their English is terrible, i think their Japanese is better. I get replies like this...

Good afternoon, though overseas sending off doesn't do, the mail order of the foreign countries will think inquiry in the near future right now about ELIXIR bodykit ? thank you very much ?, too.

A country name, an address and a name can be done if it is good because a sending off cost is calculated.


3 points of amount of money are kits 14586646 US dollars.


It costs a sending off cost in these others.


Please it is asked.

Now if anyone can further translate that please get in touch, but I think that it might be encoded in braille.

I have got big plans for my new IS 300...wait and see! HAHA!

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I've driven the IS300 manual in Japan and its a totally different animal from the Auto version. Its very much quicker and more of a pleasure to drive.

I just can't wait for the 3.3 litre engine (IS330??) to be released. That must be a really potent engine.

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To my knowledge Toyota doesn't have a 3.3 liter engine for a possible IS330. There is a 4.0 V8 and a 4.3 V8 but the IS300 will be the biggest.

As for IS300 sales there is a thread by me covering this but the IS300 is selling very very poorly in Europe and sales are dropping in the US by 25 % compared to last year.

In Europe the IS300 is overpriced by around 8000 EUROS. In Sweden the IS300 price has been slashed by 20 % due to extremely bad sales. I think Lexus were a tad overconfident.

In the US the IS300 is correctly priced at 30000 USD. It has sold very well but the model is no longer new to the market and interest is fading.

The BMW 330i is up 15 % though from last year in the US. I really see no logic ?!

(Stats from Forbes Magazine)

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bringing out the manual would be a very wise idea and good business sense,why on earth they thought we wanted a bleedin auto in Europe i will never know

if anyone from lexus is reading this............

im just about to put in a special order for a yellow manual..........let it go ahead,and watch the response when this car hits the streets

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I just noticed that the 5 speed manual for the IS300 comes with cruise control. Note the switch inside the lower right hand side of the steering wheel. The IS200 manual doesn't come with this luxury.

Before I thight only the automatics came with cruise but I guess not !


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I really think they should do something about the whole dashboard. The driver's dials should stay but the dash doesn't match the quality of the rest of the car. Feels like someone's sprayed hairspray on a chocolate easter egg.

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HI guys

I realise the US version still comes with the same interior like we have with our 1999-2000 models. I mean we still have a chrome knob on our gear shift, which totally disappeared. We also do not find the metal pedals anymore in the 2002 model, no matter is 200-is300.

Question: Would an IS 200 Supercharg be quicker than an IS 300 manual ?

I still hold the view that a supercharged engine is more crispier than a IS 300. The is 300 has more torque in lower revs I guess due to bigger engine. However, if you want some excitement the IS 2000supercharge is still the better option. isn't it ? What about prices I mean an IS 200 plus comrepssor is more expensive than the standard is 300 I least here in Germany.

What are your opinions ?

Does Mat import the IS 300 manual from US ?

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