Warped Hubs?

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Quick update from me for those that requested I post back ...

I have now done just over 1000 miles since my last posts on this thread and all is still good since the work that was done on the car in August, with no return of the dreaded steering wheel wobble issues under braking. 

In fact the car is driving just as good now after 112k miles, as when I first got it with 12k miles on the clock..... That said and fingers crossed, I hope this post doesn't put a curse on it!!

As an FYI - the last 1000 miles undertaken have been a mix of distances and duration, including both local and motorway miles.

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Good to know, glad you're getting somewhere with yours.

Quick update from me too- I've managed to fix my brake wobble without spending any money. I took the caliper carrier off and sanded the slider pin bores, by using a tight roll of sandpaper (pencil thickness) shoved into a cordless drill and then spun inside the hole while moving it around a bit. This sanded the inside surfaces of the bores, and then they were cleaned out with brake clean. I then re-lubricated the sliders with this stuff (sadly no longer available from that seller) which is the correct Lexus-specified grease (lithium glycol soap-based) for slider pins. Put everything back together and after a week or two of normal braking, the wobble has gone.

I believe the bores were slightly dragging on the slider pins which causes uneven pad application on the disc, which leaves uneven deposits on the brake disc and then makes it feel like the disc is warped. Thoroughly cleaning the bores out so the pins can move freely has helped a lot, and the deposits I assume have been removed from the disc through normal use. I believe my discs have a tiny bit of runout anyway so I might slap some new ones at some point but everything's good for now so I'll probably just leave it alone.

Hope this helps someone.

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Discs themselves - DO NOT WARP, unless there are very poor manufactured items

the Warping comes from small amounts of built up pad material deposited on the disc surface, subsequent brake applications deposit pad material in the same place, until it starts to feel to the driver as though there is an issue with the disk

i suspect that many of the replaced disks have been with Ebay products, Ebay and some motor factors are flooded with Fake Mintex discs

the possibility of a hub issue are very real, however as some have done, using a run out gauge on the hub, and then with the disc fitted will identify this issue

more often than not the issue is with the caliper, either corroded sliders, corroded pistons or crap build up on the caliper parts that the pads are located within.

most caliper rebuilds ive seen have been very suspect, and short of completely refurbishing the caliper, have never solved the problems, always consider other causes before you believe what a parts fitter in a garage tells, you, the suspension on a modern car is quite complex with finite tolerances which wander as the components wear

there are many reasons for shudder or breaking issues, non are really caused by warped disks

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So here I am back here again....... I went online originally to check my thread on a car I bought back in 2010 with hardly any miles on it as I bought it off a mate and it was his wife's ride...

It is now my daily ride and I have personally put 100K+ miles on the clock  since I bought it....

I have had some issues since then, so see my related posts, but all is good now...Touch wood as they say...

The wheel wobble, steering, brake issue. brakes and hubs??? seems to have all been down to LCA's... appreciate that was my cars prob and not yours..... but my advice is to still check out any suspension parts before or part of brakes renewal. I have now done 3K on the car since all the work I had done last year and it is a joy to drive... Like Brand new!!

Best wishes to all on this thread.. it has been very helpful and def helped me to narrow the issues down..

Have a great 2018 all..



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