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  1. Hairdryer works well for getting bird poo etching out - the theory being it restructures the molecules back to how they were before it happened Of course it only helps in terms of fine swirls Sonax perfect finish works very well for me.
  2. As far as I am aware, petrol stations are still open and it is still permissable to buy petrol from them
  3. Yes you're correct. See I think the whole situation has been mismanaged. The vaccine is still a long way away, the latest estimates are the end of the year. So really instead of discouraging or banning large social events they should be encouraged and the vulnerable I.e over 70s, immunocompromised encouraged to stay indoors. That way herd immunity develops quicker in the population not at significant risk What's actually happening is that we're delaying the spread so therefore it takes much longer for this immunity to become useful in the community. We know most of the population is going to get COVID-19 at some point but I think the main reason for delaying is to reduce the peak of it in healthcare provider settings.
  4. COVID-19 has similiar symptoms to influenza. The issue is we don't have a vaccine so the vulnerable i.e. older people, immunocompromised are unlikely to do particularly well. The majority of people will fight it off within 7 days. Remember that children are carriers and are asymptomatic so limiting the spread of COVID-19 is actually quite difficult as theyll be the ones spreading it more than adults. Personally, I wouldn't put any restrictions at all and establish herd immunity quicker.
  5. The high beams are automatic units which can be turned off in the menus. The parking brake is electronic and turns off automatically when driving, you shouldn't have to press anything I think a lot of that is to do with the engine. Ive recently driven the C300, petrol turbo. Didn't seem to suffer from much turbo lag I think some of the issue is with driving a hybrid for a while, the ability to drive a normal automatic is impaired. For example in my son's C class I can change gears by modulating throttle pressure. Worth remembering these gearboxes are "smart" too so if you drive it like you stole it, it'll hold lower gears than previously
  6. Thats Mercury Grey Its just the lighting which makes it look a bit unusual
  7. That repair looks very good indeed. Glad that its sorted out in your favour As for Merc, my son acquired a 15 plate C Class Coupe last year. I've grown quite fond of it actually. One thing to remember is that Merc and diesel don't go together, unless its a 6 cylinder, and they need to have all the options on. The base models, much like Lexus are utter crap.
  8. You can use a site called deliveryquotecompare There are plenty of car delivery companies with reviews on there
  9. I believe the next NX is going to be a PHEV too. It should be released in the next 3-6 months
  10. Well I mean it's been a few months since the UX300e was revealed and is actually available to order from March onwards. And it comes with Android auto so it seems you're slightly behind in terms of what's actually going on
  11. There is a new IS coming next year, and yes, it is RWD but is expected to grow slightly to BMW 3 series and upcoming C class size
  12. The Michelin LTX premier is an all season tyre which is available in 4RX size. However, its £260 each. Ive had the Bridgestone duelers on from factory and theyre also very quiet. No complaints bar the wear rate and only about £150 each The fronts were gone after 16k miles, The rears are on 4mm at 30k miles currently, the same as the new fronts. So they tend to last anywhere between 15k-20k on the front which is reasonable for the weight of the vehicle.
  13. Road tax will be in the 5th year on that particular plan so will be £450. From year 6 that will no longer apply and itll pay the £140 or however much the standard rate is. I suppose you could say that for anything though. Is £120 on a bottle of Aventus Creed worth it compared to another fragrance at £40-50?
  14. On most deals they appear to be built into the monthly payments though For example the NX300h F-Sport Takumi Pack/Panroof deal is £4263 + 47 x 453.70 inc vat. Road tax is fully included.
  15. I also had one recently as a courtesy car when my RX went in for service. Was pretty pleased with it, handled better than i thought it would whilst retaining a lot of comfort. I think people are getting hung up too much on the £40k list price. Pretty much all cars are on lease nowadays and its built into the monthly payments. Additionally, the competition are similiarly priced anyway
  16. Ive had 3 RX's none with any sort of waterpump/coolant issues
  17. Should be a little compass in the corner of the screen which you can click to change the view of the satnav. Most likely its just being tapped by accident or something
  18. The easiest way to remove is use a hairdryer and dental floss, then remove the glue with some tar/glue remover. Should take less than 5 minutes in total. No entirely sure if it would help though as usually the people targeting cats will probably know which cars they need to target
  19. Yep theres no difference between the GS-F mirror and standard GS-F Also the IS and pre-facelift RC have the same mirrors
  20. Spotted a Red Lexus RC-F today on the M61/M62. Reg was AMA70N i think Looked absolutely epic with what appeared to be aftermarket wheels. Anyone on here?
  21. Although most manufacturers do recommend winter tyres which removes the problem during the winter which is when it happens most.
  22. My RX did it too. Essentially a car wants to go straight when the accelerator is pressed even if the steering wheel is turned full lock. On the RX the front tyres had <3mm tread, bought new tyres and it resolved
  23. Well they do it's called the UX300e and order books are open so.....
  24. I think the ES looks brilliant in F-Sport guise. Remember that you can actually add the Takumi pack to the F-Sport in order to get you the best of both worlds. Having said that, for what you are looking for in terms of comfort, the Takumi will probably be the better option
  25. C Currently it is cheaper to run an EV not taking cost of purchase into account. I can imagine as more people jump on the bandwagon, the government will start hiking road tax as well as duty on electricity