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  1. Not so easy to find a job to be paid telling BS.
  2. I have a GS300h top version (Luxury here in Italy but Premier in UK) and absolutely love it. The main difference about driving style is in having adaptive suspensions or not and different wheel sizes, you can verify if in version you would choose you have sport+ option or not. Servicing costs are less expensive than BMW's and reliability of hybrid is good also in electric side; compared to usual cars brakes last more and no clutches to change and starter engine, and eCVT is mechanically simpler than a automatic gearbox.
  3. I use it sometimes for playing MP3s or making a phone call, but most of times it does not work well, I thought that in english it worked better than in italian, but it seems not so.
  4. To have a list of commands, try saying "help" so you can see what it should understand...
  5. If you give a look to my certificate in .pdf file you can see the old and new one calibration data; to verify the only way is to connect obd using techstream and reading the calibration data number for engine ecu: if you read "old" cal data you can ask update to your dealer. If you have not experienced vibrations accordingly TSB at about 2000 rpm and only in some circumstances (or you have not noticed or also you don't care about them), no need to have update done.
  6. Start from here: https://www.lexus-tech.eu/default.aspx then, after registration (for free), go to "owner" section - ECU updates certificates , input VIN of your GS and you will see if some update has been made or not. Searching in whole site you can verify if there are updates to do for your car: remind that update is NOT a recall, being a recall strongly suggested, while a simple update is often only made if owner finds some anomaly (indicated in corresponding TSB) and he asks to be it done. Here my certificate indicating fw update: img002.pdf
  7. Giving a look to tech site you can verify if the update has been made with you car VIN. I had it made on my GS 300h and while in IS 300h the update needs also a mechanical modification in GS it's only software, after it the slight vibration issue disappeared even if it was not so evident also before.
  8. Arkviz ,Have you made the firmware update to engine as described in this forum?
  9. No, but be careful to have all electric circuits off, as Xenon works with high voltage.
  10. 2008 gs450h

    I had a 2088 GS 450h, great car. The only recall I remember is for spring of valves, (for free), and make a hybrid battery control to be sure the cells are in good state.
  11. Surreal topic: what is the sense to say that a BMW 520d is not like a M550d and the last one is far better? I had a GS450h and I traded in for a GS300h, obviously 450h was faster, but for daily use GS300h is more than adeguate and less thirsty of gasoline. (and taxes here where I live). May be my next Lexus will be faster, if i will decide to waste more my money. About GS 300h; a nice review of same version I have: http://carproductstested.com/cars/2014-lexus-gs-300h-premier-review/
  12. For such a light damage a replacement is a waste of money.
  13. The procedure is this: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bwy2I6j5aaEESVRMUEdmaHREcms You can ask to dealer and he will do all, but i agree it's rather expensive.