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Ikon Wheels And Nankang Tires


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Hi, I've posted this topic because i recently found a set of Ikon alloy wheels dressing 4 215/45/17 Nankang tires at a very low price: in euro, for both rims and tires, the price is 550. Incredible. :)

Look at them:


And tires:


They will fit any of these Lexus models:

Lexus ES300

Lexus IS200

Lexus IS300

Lexus LS400

Lexus LS430

Lexus SC Coupe

A friend of mine told me that Nankang is a pretty tire, expecially good on wet but not very durable. Need a change after 20.000km... :driving:


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I love chrome. Someone chromes me!

I love chrome 2!! :)

do you think does will suit the car?

anyways i've got my heart set on nice set :) just wait for funds :angry::crybaby:

Unless someone wants to gimmie £3k for my standard 17"s? :winky: any takers? :whistling:

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nankangs nearly killed my motor... they are no good in the weat at all and often I ended up fishtailing the car.

I bought Hankook Sports which are a middle of the road tyre and the backend is now better

guys in the tyre place used to laugh at the nankang tyres

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Ok... Nankangs are not good at all. Message received...

Now I'll search an ulr, the seller has got many models of 17" and 18" wheels.

Has got a set of chome 20" too, at the "chips" price of USD 999! Wow! :hehe:

Wait for a new post... in a few hours.


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Ok, here's the link:

This is "rimdealer's" EbayStore. Note that, usually, he doesn't ship outside America. But I've asked him, and for a set of 17" wheels he will ship for 250 dollars to Italy. Not a cheap shipping, but chips wheels...

And if i remove tires from the auction, i save a bit money... just because Nankang are not very good, you told me. Probably i'll head for a set of Michelin or Pirelli.


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