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4 Warning lights cycling when engine cold?

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Hi all 

I am really hoping this problem isn’t soon as the weather got cold the very first day I de-iced the car it started flashing the following warning lights in a cycle - ‘Brake malfunction’, check ABS, check VSC, check EBC. The lights stay in that cycling mode till about 40 mins after the car has been running  and then go off and it’s all fine till the next day when it goes through the same rigmarole. Have payed a whopping £300 to the dealer already just for a new Battery after Kwik Fit advised cells were gone in the previous one but problem came back the next day.

i just don’t get it... 

ps whilst the lights are cycling I literally am having to press very hard on the brakes to stop...and just before the warning lights stop cycling I hear and feel a bit of a click and the brakes then go back to normal, the second the warning lights come off?! 

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Hi Ninz, I'm sorry to hear that you are having issues and paid top dollar for a new 12v auxiliary Battery that didn't resolve the warning lights.

Have you have any error codes retrieved from the vehicle?  For instance, whilst at the dealer?

Reduced braking would be a serious concern for me and I would be very reluctant to drive the vehicle until the issue was understood and not deemed dangerous.

Has the vehicle been serviced regularly?  By a Lexus dealer or independent?  

Have you had a recent hybrid/traction Battery health check? - they are standard during a Lexus service but can be requested independently. 

On the US forum I do see numerous reports of the brake booster failing, I hope this isn't your issue as it seems expensive to repair.

Cheers, Lee

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Hi Lee

Thank you for replying first and foremost! Yes, a lovely fella hooked the car up to a diagnostic tablet when the problem first arose and couldn’t find any errors coming up - in fact he was the one that suggested the Battery may be an issue which is why I had it checked at Kwik Fit before being forced to end up at the dealers because no one else would touch the Battery in a hybrid. Actually love the car to bits but beginning to see why people get put off hybrids - Lexus offered to run a diagnostic for the pleasure of a further £110 which they would knock off only if I agreed for them to rectify the problem they find... 

Not sure of service as only bought the car this year... 

Brakes are a bit worrying but luckily living in a village means not having to drive fast or quick so have managed quite well thankfully. As mentioned it’s only occurring when temp comes below 2 degrees otherwise it’s spot on... hence why I’m so puzzled! 
Think you may be spot on - will try and arrange a diagnostic so I know once and for all... unless there is anything I can buy and test myself? 
really praying it’s not the brake booster now 😓

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If it only manifests when very cold I'd suspect icing somewhere - possibly in the vacuum pipe to the brake servo. Take it off and see if it's damp - the valve in it may be freezing up.

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  • 2 weeks later...

So guys ... the update after all that drama turns out to be because the brake fluid was literally on minimum. Would’ve checked that first if the dealers hadn’t checked and confirmed all was ok less than 2 weeks ago! Really annoyed as paid a small fortune for a new Battery which wasn’t necessary. 
thought I’d post on here in case anyone else ever gets caught out with these lights.. check the brake fluid is at max before you do anything else! Hard to believe the car brakes malfunction due to low brake fluid but they do so be warned. Thank you to all who responded and all the best! 

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Hi Ninz,

Glad you got it sorted.

As the fluid level had dropped to the minimum level this would suggest to me that you either have significant brake pad wear or possibly a leak in the system.

I would suggest that you check the pads for peace of mind and if they prove to be OK then keep an eye on the fluid level over the coming weeks to monitor for a possible leak.


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I definitely plan to take it back to the dealer - flipping farce and cheek of charging so much for a Battery that wasn’t even necessary. 
Messi - the car never went to Halfords or Kwik fit for a diagnostic, i only went to Kwik fit when I was told to get the Battery checked and replaced but although they tried - only Lexus dealers stocked the replacement Battery hence me ending up there. 

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