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Lexus LS600H chassis control unit 892A0-50010

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2 hours ago, Malc said:

what on earth does it do please

aha, the suspension control unit no less:unsure:

whatever that might do !


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1 hour ago, Beamish said:

Try this German site.

It's an old listing but still comes up as available.


thank you ive been onto that guy he hangs up the phone and tells you not to call him ever again i even had a german friend try to talk to him and he was rude to her also strange guy 


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It looks like this is a regular failing part on the 600h - I've seen a 07 plate ls600h advertised as spares or repairs - after asking what was wrong with it I was told it needed the same part as above

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I’m not surprised given the use of lead free solder these days, chewing gum would probably provide better joints!

The original lead solder is still manufactured but it’s use limited for one to military applications but I would imagine this extends to civil aviation and nuclear.

Thankfully I still have adequate supplies of MIL grade leaded solder and a trusty fume extractor.

The other problem is there is unlikely to be any third party companies like BBA reman offering a repair service on these and other limited production modules and of course no circuit diagrams to aid repair.

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12 minutes ago, Tulpen said:

Have you asked Lexus what the price of a new one is?

Sit down before dialling the number, I can’t even find the part number.

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