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Hi all,

I'm totally new to the club and the forum and to the concept that is Lexus.

My wife has a BMW 523SE auto, which although has one the the best rides and is very refined, drove like a beached walrus. The steering is heavy and it needed a lot more power.

So, with a twist of fate (cutting the long story short), I traded my K-reg Nissan Sunny GTi for an R-reg (1998) GS300 SE mark II with Sat/Nav.

It's done 60000 miles, has full service history, 3 previous owners.

Paid £10999. My Nissan was worth £700. Was this a good deal?

Drives like a dream, so much punch from the 3 litre and so,so light and easy to drive compared to the BM.

I was just wondering how reliable the 300 is. Japanese cars tend to be more reliable, but does this hold true for the 300?

Ayway, thanks in advance.



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Welcome mate.

You have the same as me - 98 R satnav GS.

I've had mine a year and love it to bits. Talking of bits - you probably are on the 9k service interval? That means a new cam belt at 63k, imminent for you. For goodness sake ring around as many dealers as poss when that comes up, it's a big expensive one I'm afraid. Quotes when I did it ranged from over 900 quid (ridiculous) down to £350 odd, which is what I paid.

Also don't be TOO surprised if the upper ball joints wear out around 65-70k. They might not, but it's reasonably common, happened to me. Again, ring around. Got mine for about £300 I think. Other than that, nowt should go wrong,and once those two things are done there'll be nothing other than standard servicing all being well.

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Welcome to the club, you'll enjoy your GS.

As you have read from the earlier posts, there are not alot of problems with these motors, they take everything you can throw at them and still drive a dream. Had mine for just over 2 years and the only problem I've had was down to a leaky rad, a quick weld later and the problem solved, the the odd rattle here and there.

I normally cruise at 80 on the Motorway, and stick to the limit in or around towns, my tank has an 90 Ltre capacty. I get about 320 Miles on a full tank, that's about 16 miles to the gallon. :blink: have just worked this out. If around town and play with the "Sunday Night Cruiser's" or do mostly town driving, I get between 180 - 250 to a tank, that's Oh Dear, between 9 - 12.5 to the gallon. May need to look at this.

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Thanks everyone for your welcome and info!!!!

Must say that you guy's are a friendly bunch.

I haven't actually got the car yet. It's at present being serviced, chips on the paintwork repaired, cambelt changed, rear parking sensor repaired and the Sat/Nav unlocked.

Will get the car next Tuesday. Still have a week to wait. :crybaby:

Dipstick - I was wondering if you know whether the sat/nav screen shows info on temperature, air ventilation, mpg etc ......???

Again I must thank everyone for making everything so welcoming!!!



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Yes, as Rodders says, the central display shows everything. Faintly amusing to put the climate control on full auto and watch the icons shift about as it does its stuff. Very faintly.

Not sure what you mean by "unlocking" the satnav though - try to make sure you get the latest CD (3.7) in the deal, as they're about £150plus otherwise.

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:driving: Welcome to the GS brigade you will find everyone so helpful (and funny) :D i have got the GS300 SPORT mk2 satnav. You will not want anything else now !

Don't forget to GO GOLD.

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