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Ok on another forum,, each member has a Rep counter (where our warn level is).

What happens is that if a member gives good advice, then the other members can 'give' a Rep point.

I think its a good idea as it will encourage members to help out more (good advice, help etc) should raise the club up a notch with the amount of MORE helpful info..

So what say you guys.. please vote and give you reasons for or against..

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but you've never got anything good to say ? lol ..... just kidding ... seems like a good idea to me ...... so long as people don't just start giving each other points for the sake of it ! :P

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i think it is a jolly good idea

i actually suggested this ages ago but to no avail

i think the idea of all trying to get points would encourage the people to give answers and try and help others

and when they post something bad or derogatory then the points would come off

with the post count, it was more of posting as much as possible, and generally created crap or useless posts


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thats my thinking bazza..

i think with any of it, its open to abuse, but if it is abused then the facilty is gone..

perhaps a trial period would be good.

id also like to know why its nto a good idea from the people that have voted No..

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i think its a good idea,

much better than how many posts you can rack up, it should lead to better quality posts not that they are good at present but you know what i mean.

trouble is my head is full of useless information so im gonna lose out bigtime :duh:

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lol i also cant believe that 233 views and only 12 votes.... thats funny.. if not indicative of one of the reasons WE as a club need to pull our socks up generally and take it up a notch.... seems to be just a bunch of people that will put back into the club whilst others may feel less enthused.. just an observation..

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I like the Idea, But It will get abused if left upto the individual to monitor, and I doubt the mods have the time to watch over it. :(

Off Topic, But where did Bazza get an IS body kit for a smart car from? hehehe

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I voted NO only because I think it will be abused. I don't think individuals voting for each other will be done in a fair way (strictly speaking). Mates voting for mates etc. Although I do like the overall idea I just think it wouldn't work.

Also if someone didn't like someone else then they may add a negative mark against them even if they didn't deserve it.

How will you know the whole process is done in a fair way? Also it may create competition amongt each other, which can be a good thing but alternatively it can be bad.

I would love to be proved wrong though so a trial period maybe in order.

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all valid points there ifraz,

maybe a rule (software) can be built into the system, ie:-

The person receiving the Rep can only get 1 point per Post, so if say i start a thread which is helpful to all and someone wants to give me a +Rep, then the software will only allow the 1 point from the first person to give me that point,, any additional points people try to give just will not work.

This same rule would apply to a good post in reply to a thread (as opposed to the above where i have started a thread)

Or each member can only give X amount of Rep points in a week.

Some TOC of the Repometer could be:-

You cannot ask for a Rep, it can only be given.

Only 1 +Rep per thread/post (if it warrents one)

A rep point can be given for Technical help, informative posts or bloody funny posts.

Colin is excluded as he IS the fountain of all knowledge, he already gets +10 lol.

Not quite sure if we should include Negative Rep points, after all what would they be given for ?..

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In theory....

A great idea

In practice.....

As Matt says, just another p***ing contest

It wont be used by the people it should be (the newbies)

The system will be abused

Friends will vote for each other

Negative votes will be done out of spite

It will be impossible to police

I wont get any votes

Will it make any difference to the forum or how helpful people are

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