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Modifying My Is200


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depends what you want, i bought an exhaust first because one was on sell at a good price and had to have it!!!

are your wheels corroded? could get a new set?

Sport grill, always popular mod?


Induction kit?

the list goes on........ all depends what you want? :P

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personally i would change to a trd quickshifter gearstick, £200 ish from prolex-uk.

its subtle to say the least, in fact only you will know you have got it, if you want others to see your mods then it needs to be something cosmetic like a spoiler or full bodykit, eyebrows, painted calipers and stickers etc...

obviously depends entirely on funds available, if your like me with limited funds go for things like painted calipers and stickers, eyebrows, etc. if your well flushed then the worlds your oyster and anyhtings possible.

go to the garage and see what the guys have done :ohmy:

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Have a look through peoples garages and see if there's anything you like. You can then always pm the person involved and ask about the mod further

Alternatively, come to a meet. Most people are more than happy to flip there bonnet and show off all their shiny bits.

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I would do the following:

- Sport Grill

- Drop in Filter

- Exhaust

- Quick Shift

- Lowering Springs

- Anti-rolls

- Rear lip spoiler

There is a mix there of body styling, handling and performance. All that lot should be under £1k.

A good way to transform your car IMHO.... :)

You have things like eyelids, short aeriel, bulbs and other bits and bobs too!

All depends on your budget and what you want out of the car!

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I have been on a budget with my modding, but little subtle bits here and there have done the trick, in 18 months of owning the car, i have only spent £2.5k on it, and have got quite a bit for that!

Check her out if ya like bud, she's in the garage! (link below)


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If you want it fitting come round and I'll do it

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Cheers Chris will take you up on that offer mate. good to have a proper chat with you. just didnt want to fit it yet though just incase the little rascals that 'aquired' my efront emblem were still around! i reckon they could do a bit more damage if they try to remove this logo! :D

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the first thing i did was the exhaust, which freed up the engine considerably, and made it feel much faster.

After that, i fitted lowering springs, to tighten the handling..

Definately agree, with maybe the addition of a new air filter too.

So -

Exhaust and sports air filter/induction kit (look up prolex uk)

Then lowering the car will help use that extra power!

the car is much more fun afterwards - trust me.

But if you go for the supercharger at somepoint! then it NEVER EVER EVER stops!

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hi guys

Just seeing what you lot reckon the best modification is for my is200!

Never added anything to my other cars before so dont really know wher to start? :duh:

First for me was suspension and strut brace, not that the handling was bad but has tightened it up no end, much more predictable now, eibach springs 30mm drop and a cusco brace, looks much better too, :) want to up the power next!!!

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