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Double Locking

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As far as I know, double locking is automatically activated when you use the remote fob to lock the car.

The only way I can think of single locking the car is if you use the door lock on the driver's console to lock the doors, get out by manually releasing the lock on your door and then turning the key in your door.

Pressing the key fob once or twice does not make a diffence. The 5 flashes you get if you click the fob twice is just an indication that the car was armed within the last few moments.

This is all from memory having FULLY read the manual almost 2.5 years ago (sad isn't it).

Double locking basically means when activated, if you smash the windows you will still not be able to relaese the locks and open the door, I don't know about the boot

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Not sure what the differencies are, but I've got a funny story to tell...

About a year ago I went to my dealer to enquire about headlight convertors for Europe, I got out the car and automatically locked the car, I forgot my wife was still inside so I unlocked it again using the remote. Of course, if you unlock the doors and don't open them again, after about 30 seconds they lock again. By this time I was well inside the dealer discussing said converters while being aware of a car alarm going off outside (didn't put two and two together), went back to the car with the wife giving me a stare (the kind of stare when I've done something bad). She said the alarm had gone off and all the doors had locked and she couldn't get out! Naturally I found this funny but she didn't :cool:

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If you press the fob once it double locks the car. If you press it again within a set period (can't remeber how many seconds) and get the five flashes this deactivates the internal motion sensor. Press it again and it sets the internal sensor etc. etc.

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I also thought that a single click locked the doors and activated the alarm & motion sensors, whilst a second click deadlocked the car,

Time to RTFM methinks. Anyone loafing around at home that could put us out of our collective misery (ignorance)?

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Originally posted by sholao

To check if the motion sensors are activated, open your sunroof, then activate the alarm.

Or you can try djanderso's method!:D

Not recommended - it might ruin a nice Saturday afternoon and result in having to take your wife for lunch!! :D

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IT was sado me that was reading the manual two nights ago .. trying to find out why putting TA on the radio killed all sound...still don't know why. Also as it happens I can't change the TA volume, the manual says hold down the TA button but it doesn't work...

So you can take my comments in the previous post as correct.


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My '99 sport manual doesn't seem to specifially say - it mentions double locking but just "Close and lock all the doors, using wireless remote control".

However it does go on to say "If you lock them with the wireless remote control, the emergency flashers flash once". Indicating one press double-locks as trevorx said. I can't see the bit about disabling the montion sensors, I guessed they changed the manual.

This contradicts what I was also told by my dealer - that once locks, twice double-locks.


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I did read my manual and it said that pressing the lock botton a second time, which causes the indicators to flash 5 times, switches off the interior motion sensor (handy if you wanted to lock your pet or wife in the car).

This may have changed for newer models. I noticed on a loan car I had that pressing lock twice didn't cause the indicators to flash 5 times.

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Ok, I found the page. Trevorx said it how it is - once double-locks, twice deactivates the "radar sensor function" (ooh don't they make it sound posh?).

I'll have to give my dealer a good slapping - I've been pressing the fob twice ever since I've had the thing...

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I think the only time it doesn't double lock (from the remote) is if you don't open and close the driver's door (like if you climb over and get out the passenger side).

The double press is definitely for the motion sensor disable.

Dunno where the sensor(s) are - wondered that myself.

Does anyone know what the 2 "blobs" on the dash, at the base of windscreen in front of the driver are? I know one is for the auto-headlight sensing, but what's the other one do??

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When I collected my car the dealer said one press locks the car and a second press within five seconds activates the dead locks. As Matt said I can hear the locks doing something on the second press. I don't get five flashes , did Lexus change the system on the 2002 model?

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Originally posted by Jimmy Ten Toes

If two clicks sets the deadlocks and also de-activates the motion sensor. That means you can't have both activated at the same time!

This just gets more confoooosin'!

Jimmy - (Pre 2002 it seems) one click sets dead lock and motion. Second click disables just motion, leaves everything else on.

I guess the purpose is for anyone leaving pets, children, or just fancies the contents of their car being nicked - so they can leave windows/sun roof open without the wind (or any of the above creatures) setting the alarm off.

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of my 02 IS200 SE

Double Locking System - Page 38

The Double Locking System is a theft prevention system.

On vehicles with the double locking system there are labels on the front side windowsto indicate the vehicle is equipped with this system.The system is set when you lock all the doors using wireless remote control.

Once set, the double locking system prevents the doors from being unlocked either from inside or outside the vehicle.


Never activate the double locking system when there are people in the vehicle, because all the doors cannot be opened from inside the vehicle.

If locking the doors by accident, press the UNLOACK button of the wireless remote control key.


1 - Turn the ignition key to the LOCK position and remove it

2 - Have all the passengers get out the vehicle

3 - Close all the doors

4 - Push the LOCK switch of the wireless remote control key TWICE WITHIN 5 SECONDS

Hopefully - that answers the question for those of us with the newer model.

Someone else will have to look up the destructions for the previous model.

BTW - same manual - different thread, from page 31 of the manual

You have 30 seconds to open a door after using the wireless remote control unlock feature.

If a door is not opened by then, all the doors will be automatically locked again.


Text is from the relevant pages of the Owners Manual, IS 300, IS 200 for the 02 model.

Spelling misteakes are ALL mine


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