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And The Moral Of The Story Is...

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...never buy a new model of car in the first year of production. :crybaby:

Sorry, guys, but it doesn't matter whether you are buying a BMW, an Audi, a Merc, a Ford, a Jaguar, an Alfa-Romeo or, G*d forbid, a Lexus. If you buy any car in the first year of manufacture, expect teething problems.

It is a natual part of exapnding production from prototypes, to pre-production models to full production capacity. Let's compare the launch of the IS to the launch of the much vaunted BMW M3 coupe in 2000. It was given probably the best write up of any new BMW ever, receiving five stars from just about anyone who tested it.

Instead of the curse of rattling seats, the much more serious problem of the big end design on the engine caused a recall that wasn't discovered and put right until two years after production. And no extended warranty was offered on the changes made. The programming on the SMG ii semi-automatic gearbox was reconfigured several times in the first year alone and even in the last year of production, changes were still being made.

The Audi A2, just about most expensive supermini ever, was launched with a faulty tailgate design. The suspension was so hard that certain potholes would visibly cause the aluminium chassis to warp. In fact, the flex in the body shell of the previous Audi S8 could trigger all of the airbags if the car became airborne over a bump, but that may be stretching a point.

The Mercedes-Benz A Class is perhaps the most famous example of all. Who hasn't heard of the infamous Elk Test. This was probably the only time in Mercedes-Benz illustrious history that they didn't talk about their high turnover.

The difference between now and when these cars were launched is about 8 years. Has car technology advanced significantly since then? No. Not really. But what has changed is this: the Internet. We can all share and exchange views more easily than we ever imagined. So things may look a lot worse than they actually are.

The first time Lexus launched the IS, it was a bit of a dog - at least if sales figures were anything to go by. They sold a grand total of 3, I think. So it was easy for dealers to provide legendary levels of service. They had nothing else to do.

Things change. Lexus now has a real winner on its hands and suddenly its dealers can't cope with the interest the IS has created. In the meantime, the biggest complaint seems to be that the seats on some examples rattle! Good grief! If that's all there is to complain about, then they must be doing something right. So I say, well done Lexus, keep up the good work. And for those of you for whom this is real evidence that the "crown is slipping" I suggest you sell your Lexus and go and buy a 3-Series immediately. Because you'll find a much bigger bunch of moaners who'll sympathise with your complaints on their forums than you will here.


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They have probably amended the production process to address these niggles by now but where they fail is in the feedback to the customers and the sort of half baked answaers weve had on this board from the lexus dealers as to the where is mister mole who was so vocal prior to release and has now dissappeared down a mole hole!!!!!!!! :)

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i dont think the problem is the fact that teething problems are occuring

its how dealers deal with them

for instance the seatbelt locking seems to be a problem

a problem that makes the car unsafe to drive

to make a customer wait up to two weeks isnt good

they must have loads of these belts being made somewhere

get them boxed up and sent out, my experience is that items from japan can be on our doorsteps in a couple of days, so send them to all dealers, with a few spares for future use

problem solved !!

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Moral being dont buy the first production line of any make which i said all along. Wait till all the 'bugs' have been ironed out and let the poor people who have rushed out to buy deal with the problems.

Sorry guys.

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The moral of the story is not to buy anything when they are new, not just for car. Anything first release contains heaps load of bugs including the Windows that you're running now. But if no one gonna buy the initial product then there will be no improvement and someone somehow will have to buy it eventually.

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I think Bazza sums this up the best. Everyone who has ever bought a new car before expects things to go wrong - especially a new production model. But it's how the dealers and manufactureres treat you which is key.

My car hasn't even arrived yet, but I have issues with the dealers as long as my arm on micky mouse even when (!) I get the "expected" issues on mine, I have low confidence in the dealers ability to be empathetic! They have an opportunity to prove me wrong!

I've said it before, when you buy a BM or an Audi, the dealers meet your expectation - you know they'll be crap, and so you buy with your heart.

Lexus have set the bar quite high. Lexus has built this legendary customer service ethos. I bought the Lex not 'cos of this, I have to say, but it was a perk (the car is better than the opposition).

Well from my experience I have to ask where it is, and I appreciate that it could be the dealer that I am dealing with - but hey come on, I thought Lexus were expecting to sell just a few thousand extra cars this year in the UK, even with the new model? That's just 100 or so max from each dealership Maybe a few more? Over a year?...surely they're not so busy that quality and quantity is being so badly traded?? And even if they are, where are the new resources to deal with it all? Bad planning?

So yes (and sorry to waffle), I agree that teething problems are normal, but it's how the dealers deal with 'em that gauls you.

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I am a bit surprised to hear how you seem to be treaded by Lexus in the UK. I got very well treated by Lexus here in Sweden, not perfect but easily the best treatment from any car dealer. No problems despite me changing the specification of the car after ordering it several times.

Oh, and the car runs perfect so far, no problems, no nothing except lots of handling, style and luxury ;)

Now, if only the snow would melt...

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I probably bought the first 30 IS250s in UK. so far running perfectly and smoothly. No rattle, no roll and no teething problems. almost hitting the 3000 mile limit. Auto is smooth (if not possibly becoming smoother) with a nice rev growls from gears 1-4 these days (maybe my foot lies a bit accelerator heavy these days, compared to the first weeks of driving like a nun :)

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Yes I agree about new models but:

Lexus pride themselves on Excellent PDI and none of the rattles were detected or fixed NOw these are not minor rattles but dash out jobs. The main reason that I bought a lexus was its gold standard which now as was pointed out is not any better than any manufacturer


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