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Favourite Feature Of The Ls400 - Whats Yours?

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I think there are many but one thing that sets the LS apart from its rivals is the little details and my favourite little detail at the moment is the way the back door window is one peice of glass.


I defy you to find another luxury sedan that has not gone for the standard two peice window. Lexus rewrite the book on another little detail. Anyone else noticed that?

So what is your favourite quirk, if you will?

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for me it the electric steering wheel. remove the key and the fat old yanks can get their big stomach out. nice touch. also the power between 80-130. forget 0-60 times, i feel the power from 80mph and up, what a pull...... as for colour: boston green, thats what i got.

but it looks black if you dont clean it.

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Not really a feature I suppose but I like : ....Wafting around in a 45 grand car that cost 4 .... simply enjoying the highest quality product I ever bought...and feeling a little smug as all those Focus/Mondeo/Zafira sheep brigade loose more on depreciation in 12 months that my LS cost to buy and service....or clicking the stick into 3 and flooring it and seeing the passengers face as we demolish another queue of serial "non" overtakers...mmmm the smell of the leather after I've fed it with Gliptone....But sad as it is ...the most enjoyment i get from my LS is when I'm pouring fresh oil into that awesome VeeEight heart....its greeeaaat ! :flowers: ..sorry guys but thats just Me ! :yahoo:

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I have a little extra option on mine as it's an import LS400 it's a fender pole a neat little gadget that is fixed on the nearside bumper like a mini telescopic aerial and goes up and down at the touch of a switch ( helps prevent Mr Vandal from realigning it or permenantly removing it) even illuminates at night using light from the sidelights.

Ok I'll tell you before you ask

They are only fitted to the Jap spec models to assist judging the front edge of the car when pulling out from behind a parked vehicle for example or reverse parking into a space apparently because the Japanese are a smaller average height and have more difficulty seeing over the bonnet.

Another thing it has but not in my US spec owner's manual is an effects button for surround sound on the Pioneer audio system that gives you "dome" "cathedral" and various other options which you can then adjust the effect for each one with 2 other controls. Anyone else seen this?

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Best feature has to be the total effortlessness in everything it does. Press or twiddle any control from the Hi-Fi volume to the steering and it just does what you ask.

Pretty damn amazing considering that our MkIV has now done over 70K, it still feels like new. Anyone who reads these things on a regular basis will no doubt remember me raving about the fuel consumption too. Still getting well over 30MPG on a run and the computer thingy shows an average of 29.7!!!!!!!

How can you possibly complain about anything?

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Shaft, does the beemer have an air vent on the underside of the steering column, most people don't even know it is there in the LS (MkIII).

It's cool nuts in the summer for us you know.

No, but it does have a button called "Rest"

If you've been driving in the cold wet british climate and you should happen to stop for fuel or whatever when you get out of the car, press the button and if the car is warmed up, it will blow warm air into the car while its off until there is no more heat and then it shuts off. between 5 and ten mins...

Not sure if you can do that in a Lex...

Stops the car from misting up if you leave the kids in it on a wet day while you refuel. or if you left animals in the car etc.. or if you just want to come back to a toasty warm car!

anyway, straying :offtopic:

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nice feature for the beemer.

No kids allowed in my car if they are wet. No wet animals either.

They all know about the boot, I keep it empty and they have no control of the sound system from in there.

They cah nick your Sat Nav disc though!!!

At least they will be kept at the same temperature as if they were in the car, nice touch the boot and glove box being air conditioned. :D

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I like the seats, I dont like the huge glovebox flipping up backwards.

I love the vrooom when you put your foot down.

I love the kids not getting ratty on long trips

one of the kids really rates the cup holders!

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They cope quite well, after all the car was designed specifically for the US marketplace. The latest BMW mini was initially rejected by customers because owner's couldnt fit the largest takeaway lattes in the cupholders. Don't know if BMW redesigned the cupholders or not.

Yeah, Weatherman is a cool movie. I want to take up archery now ;-)

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Was reading post on LOC usa.... and the guy was asking if there was enough room for a baby seat in the back of a new IS...... must be one big fn baby.... :lol:

BTW the LS sounds real comfy...

might get one when i'm old ... hehe

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