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The Wheels Have Been Painted (gunmetal)

sorted vti

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yeah pics are pretty crap. thats a new nokia for ya. my old sony knocked socks off my new one.

yeah centre caps are the same colour. actually looks really good with the chrome lexus badge on the gunmetal finish.

also going to take off my rear lexus badge on the boot and hes going to spray that tommorow aswell the same colour as the wheels.

he's only a sprayer so the job only goes as far as rubbing them down and getting rid of the flaky laquer, then blowing them over in a colour. but for £120 i dont think its a bad deal.

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cool. you got any pictures?

how much did it cost you to have them done?

just off to have the tyres put on them 2. will post a pic up

No. 1. Go Back to a Sony Ericsson mobile phone because there great!

No. 2. They will look great on a black car, seen it done before on an IS.

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another shot


I didn't like the strip in the grill in the first pic but that's probably because it looks a faded pink it looks good in this picture though. not sure wether It looks better or worse than just plain black in my opinion. it certainly doesnt look :sick: though. :D

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Very nice!I want mine like that but they need too be refurbed as well as painted. A guy on ebay does it for £170+£45 p+p. Do you have a paint code that you used for yours? He says he has a set of black sparkle ones but i definately want anthracite.

The pic below is the black sparkle, looks more like anthracite in the pic but they guy says its very black


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what u mean refurbed and repainted? just rub them down and get rid of the marks then repaint them.

no havent got a paint code. he showed me some paint, i liked it and he painted them. hehehehe

this pic ok of the front?


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