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Found The Ultimate Topping For A Kebab


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Last night I found the ultimate topping for a kebab - proper mushy peas and cheese - that's right, cheesy peas :D

Would definitely recommend trying it, it was proper lovely!

Think cheese, think peas, think Cheesy Peas :D

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Fast Show style eh? :D No, that's wrong, you'll ruin the donor by doing that lol. All you need to go with a tray of roadkill is bucket loads of garlic sauce. Oh wow, must go get myself one now.

This is an old photo (as you can tell from the SE K700), but I'm sure a few of you will have induldged in this before. Known in some fine food parlours as a Calzone, it's stuffed to the brim with roadscrapings and packed with garlic mayo as well. 14" of pure filth :D Oh legendary:


Sorry Aido, don't mean to Hijack lol. From what I've gathered though, you won't mind :P


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That Calzone looks scary, 14 inches, that's wrong!

I don't eat much, might not look it tho, I just drink beer :D

Calmed down my beer massively this year and I've gone and put bloody weight on!

Bugger :o

Word of the week "Proper Mega" :lol:

You know it.

You've got to say it at least once to someone today, we've been getting everyone round here to use it, love it, it's so simple, and what do they do, they rerelease Transformers with the Megatrons :lol:

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You've got it all wrong... this is where it's at :D :D


A Brief History Lesson on The Parmo

Parmo, short for parmesan, was invented by a chef at the Europa Restaurant in Middlesbrough in the 70's. Originally made from veal it is now more common to find pork and chicken parmesans. Found in restaurants, pubs and takeaways alike, it is normally served with chips and a choice of salad, coleslaw or creamed cabbage.

Making a Parmo involves deep-frying a flattened chicken or pork fillet in an egg and breadcrumb batter, then smothering it in Bechamel sauce, topping off with (usually cheddar) cheese and then grilling or baking in the pizza oven. Parmo's generally come in two sizes: Regular and 'Ladies' and many a burly Teesside bloke has been humbled into admitting the Ladies parmo is for him when the waitress arrives at the table!

At some point customers began to ask for toppings to be added to their parmo before cooking, following which local takeaways added a variety of 'topped Parmos' to their menus. They are usually named after pizza toppings and vary from shop to shop and include:

Parmo Hotshot - Chicken or Pork, topped with cheese, pepperoni, peppers, garlic butter and chilli

Parmo Kiev - Chicken only, topped with cheese and garlic butter

Parmo Italia - Chicken or Pork, topped with cheese, garlic butter and ham, with a further topping of mozzarella cheese

Parmo Bolognaise - Chicken or Pork with Bolognaise sauce

Meat Feast Parmo - Chicken or Pork topped with pepperoni, chicken and ham

The full Parmo is usually served in a pizza box along with its chips and side order due to its large size, though a large round polystyrene tray is becoming increasingly common.

As parmo's are now so common, the quality varies greatly from fantastic to inedible. aims to let you know where the best Parmo's are and who's serving them.

There great :D

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sounds interesting and i'll try anything once :winky: :lol:

Mate too much info, does that mean you like your girlfriend sticking her finger up your bum?

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