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Prison Break


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Well i borrowed the first season of my mate as he was raving about it.

Must admit i think it's a really good programme, some things in it are a bit hard to believe but still cracking story and the escapes brilliant (especially when the fat guy grabs the cable).

Do feel sorry for Michael though having to tattoo all his upper body, getting himself put in prison, losing his toes and burning his back.

So anyway i finished season 1 and rang my mate up and asked to borrow season and he hasnt even got it what a :tsktsk:

So now i'm trying to find a friend with season 2 as i cant buy it at the minute.

But just wondered who else liked this programme??

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Fancy letting me borrow season 2 :D

It can be my prize for tasting the Naga :lol:

yup, no probs

Thats spot on mate your a top chap. I'll pick it up at the meet.

@Damer - you might as well wait for the dvd just in case you miss any episodes on tv.

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Alwas end up missing episodes and then weeks worth then catch it a bit more and it's like the circle of life.

When I do get to watch it though, I really enjoy it! Must get the box sets :)


Skyplus my friend!

Its good but not as good as Supernatural or Heroes

Heroes was awesome watched the first series on SciFi, mmm save the cheerleader!


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