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Blueprint Vs Mintex


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Its time to replace my discs and pads on the front, i've been looking on internet (mainly ebay) and ring round car part dealers.

Mintex seem only to be available online,

Blueprint and Apex are all in stock at my local car part dealers.

Apex come in at the bargin price of £93.33 for full set front (discs and pads)

Had a quote for set of Mintex pads and Quinton Hazell Discs £102.10 for a full front set.

Blueprint come in at the price £160.00 for full set front.

Not sure what to go for, any suggestions?


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Blueprint seem a bit pricey at £160 to me. I paid £180 for OEM front discs and pads from For the sake of £20, I'd go for OEM items from

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Quintin Hazel are a totally reputable brand in the same way Fram or TJ are for filters etc.

They tend to make Brakes or Clutches.

As for Mintex, running just OE discs, Mintex Pads all round, and braided hoses, very happy am I indeed :D

Should be able to get Mintex pads & front discs for less than £100 from ebay. Just make sure they actually

say they are Mintex discs, not Mintex equivalent etc.

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Kool, cheers for the advice guys...

I evenutally went out and bought 2 Blueprint discs for £57 each from Davmac and a set of Mintex pads for £24 from Sutton Auto Factors.

I'll let you know how it goes. :driving:

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mintex and apec are very similar in quality, they rarely fail and are good quality for money.

Q.hazel are an older company that dont get used as often as competition from other sources are forcing them out. yet still good quality for money.

blueprint are the closest you will find to OEM. good products at good prices.

OEM parts are best and always will perform how you would expect. although more expensive then the others.

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Blueprint basically make the discs from what is essentially the "blueprint" of the OEM product from what I have gathered. When i was shopping around for droplinks the motorfactors i was talking to said they were just repackaged Lexus parts when i asked why they were priced the same - though i took that with a pinch of salt.

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