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O/T: Whats your blast from the past


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19 - The Adventure game (Gronda-Gronda your highness..- a talking green bush was a king - bizarre program..)

33 - Chucky's Children

31 - really bugging me now - it had 2 "Knight Rider-like" talking cars I think?

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I still watch the A-Team on cable here.. makes me laugh... also saw dukes of hazar the other day .. first time in about 20 years.. wow that was a blast from the past.. and yes! Dixie was lubbely :smilegrin::smilegrin::smilegrin:

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hmm i may be a bit younger than some of you... but how about these

Super Ted

Dr Snuggles

Ready Steady Go

Old Grange hill.. with Rolie! :)

the saint

the professionals ( coooool)

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magic box

potty time

basil brush


charlton and the wheelies

button moon

finger bobs

itsy and bitzy


bag puss


stig of the dump

ahh man.. Tizwas rocked... that was such a cool program.. what about number 10

really getting blast from the past here

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My favourites were:

T J Hooker

Street Hawk



Sport Billy

Pigeon Street

The Fall Guy

The Dukes of Hazzard

When I used to watch the DOH, I knew I liked staring at Daisy but was never sure why (I was only about five) but I saw a repeat on Granada Plus the other month and WOW!!! Those are the shortest shorts I have ever seen! What an A*se that is...:yes::yes::yes:

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justswitch ofthetellyanddosomthinglessboringinstead!!!!!!!!:D

ahhh i was trying to think of the name of that tv series yesterday! ... we all wanted to be on that show!

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