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    To all you patient people the 'F' car 10 year meet is confirmed it is the weekend of 21st/22nd April 2018 and the venue is going to be at Lexus Cheltenham and not Coventry. I know this not as central as some may have hoped but the event is going to make up for the extra travel some will have to do. The whole shared Lexus/Toyota site will be turned over to the event so as well as the Lexus performance car angle there is also going to a large Toyota performance input of vehicles from the past and the present. The LFA is confirmed for the event, an unknown Gazoo race car or cars will be present as well as GSF RCF and isF Gt86 and so on, it's being held over both days to enable those who can't just fit in a one day event. Much work has gone into this by the DP at Lexus Cheltenham Tim Huxley and his team there and those of us who have been to previous events they've organised know these guys are about the cars as much as any of us on here, as a far few members of staff have or do own the cars we drive as well as partaking in various forms of motorsports as well. If it's possible MOD's @Steve that this post could be stuck and remain at the top of the page until after the event and replicated on the events page ? Looking forward to it and also putting some more faces to names I will be there for both days myself. Big Rat
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    To all fired off an email to Tim at Lexus Cheltenham yesterday with all the point you've raised regarding times parking etc will report back as soon as I receive a reply. Big Rat
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    My ISF and Simon Pinkstones GSF getting acquainted... I'll be holding onto my F until I can get myself in a GSF for sure! Now I don't do silly miles to work everyday the F is now ny daily driver too!
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    Had my Is 250 for about 18 months but was never a fan of the wood interior. Decided a few weeks back to get some test sections of wrap to see what looked ok to me. Went for a 8dm black carbon fibre wrap from an on line company. Did the work today and I'm very happy with the outcome. Had to take all the switches off the back bit it was quite simple just best not to rush it. Know it's not to everyone's taste but I much prefer it to the wood. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    After having a near miss in my IS where I personally found the brakes wasn't there when I needed it. I have decided to experiment with 4 Piston calipers. Yes I know my previous post contradicts myself however (Yes I will eat my hat) I decided to upgrade on a budget. This does not foul under the standard f Sport 18's I bought the following for this conversion in which some things may not be necessary. 2 x GS300H recon'd calipers. (these are GS/IS250/IS300 (MK2) also) New IS350 Dust shields as the IS300H are too small to clear the calipers New bolts - Carrier, Hub New shims New Pad plate and pins Brembo pads (18 quid on Amazon) ATE discs (from Mr Auto) New IS350 Brake lines *however I think standard IS300H will fit Techstream to bleed the system VHT Matte black engine enamel VHT Laquer Fleebay Lexus Decals. All in all with all the genuine parts it costed me around £500 - From a 296mm with 28mm thickness to a 334mm with 32mm thickness I can say the brakes are extremely sharp with less effort from the old setup. Old brakes still was around 27.8mm thick and pads has plenty of 'meat'. Bang for buck for a piece of mind safety aspect I found it well spent in which I am sure other forum members disagree and could spend that elsewhere. Happy to help with part numbers etc I have this documented. However I did not buy from Lexus UK for any of the parts as they were 30% more expensive.
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    Finally Royal (mess-up) Mail delivered the studs. So we got them pressed in, assembled and test drive complete! Car drives normal with some pulling to one side during braking (which is to be expected). Quick picture fitted, sorry for poor quality, was in a rush. But this method CAN be done!
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    Number 3 Messa>Pearl>USB Just love an ISF :) Had this one two years and changed a few things along the way to address a few small issues I've always had; Noise (lack of) with a H&S, Seating Position with Recaros, Steering Wheel (Now Alcantara) and ride height with Bilsteins. The only problem is, I've now spotting a beautiful Pearl White car with ultra low miles with even lower mileage than my own and I'm in a real quandary as to whether I should buy or not due to having my current car exactly as I want. Blast that bloody Auto Trader! I only went on to show my wife FC300hs! Stevie
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    Picked the RCF up on Saturday Managed to get my brill ISF in the pictures as well, which will be greatly missed!! I'm sure a few of you will recognise the dodgy character in the background Many thanks to Paul @Big Rat for taking so much time out of his weekend to meet up a few week back & for his invaluable advice. As far as the RCF goes - its bloody brilliant!!
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    Ooh, I think I’m around, just need to check with the “insignificant other” and check dates, but I’m 80/85% I’ll be there, sure the holidays the following weekend, it’s 3hrs for me, can’t do both but think Sunday would probably suit more, will get a new bottle of waterless wax and park round the corner first......in a que behind the black F’s 🤪🤪🤪
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    I didn't want to post this until resolved but Lincoln have told me it may be possible for them to order the steel spare for about £62 - however, in the short chat it wasn't possible to confirm 100% so I am hoping to find out Wednesday when I go in for my new pumps.
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    Hi all .. This is more an exercise in uploading photos than anything else but .. this is my latest acquisition .. did everything wrong and bought it off the Lymm Services car park from a guy who brought it up from Birmingham .. as it turned out he was super cool and up front .. the car is a 2008 and as he described 2 owners and in superb condition inside and out with 85k on the clock and full service history .. as a peace of mind for myself I took it to Lexus Stockport last Saturday for a CVI by the techs .. I even got to look underneath whilst it was up on the lift .. everything was in great condition and it was passed with a clean bill of health .. obviously has been well looked after The Eagle eyed among you will wonder why the RX450 behind the LS has a great gaping hole at the end of the front wing next to the headlight .. well this is the result of it sliding off down my daughters drive !! just got it back yesterday from Jason .. boss at Charles Wilson Eng. near Rusholme in Manchester .. they have done a brilliant job replacing all the bent bits and even got the colour matching of the Pearlecent white paint perfectly matched and all thanks to Steve at the Bridge Motor Company who put me in touch ..
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    So, as you'll know from the thread above I have this mod and love it. Induction growl from 2000 instead of 3400 and unless I am mistaken, all it does is permanently open the flap that allows air to be sucked in through the vent in your offside wheel arch. With that in mind, unless you live in Florida then how does this increase heat soak? The official Lexus line (as posted on a fair few US forums) is that you are only pulling in 'cool' air from the wheel well once the car is up to speed and they see that as being any speed where revs are over 3400rpm. This may correlate to the power band of the engine too? As we live in what is primarily a siberian climate I reckon we're pretty much getting cool air all the time from the wheel well, although I'm gonna drop my front wheel out and curl up in there with the engine running for a day to see how hot I get. Given that the RR racing intake ditches the stupid actuator all together and leaves the wheel well intake permanently open then I'm fairly confident this mod won't do any harm, unless you happen to be on the Fuji Speedway and it's 100 degrees celcius in the shade. I'm no expert but my car sounds ace with the mod and I'm sure it's added at least 1,000 horsepower, especially when combined with my Intel inspired "V8 inside" sticker. Just to be clear. I do not have that sticker......
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    Reinforces the knowledge that “red” is the fastest colour 😉.....first off the line and ahead of the others for most of the video, need I say more @Big Rat 🤣😂🤣👍👍........
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    I can Azure everyone this is true (blue) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    You can stop now.........seriously.
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    Thanks a lot chaps & hopefully see you all at Cheltenham in April👍🏻
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    All just for TV effect. Every corner the LC came out oversteering.
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    @Comedian just a little teaser for you as I know how excited you get about these techie matters....... ready....... picture.... of a..... brand new Pump on an Rcf, bet you can hardly contain yourself.......... Big Rat
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    I was debating whether or not to go until I got to that bit.
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    sometimes it's easier not to reply ,even when you believe you are right
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    Just to say a fond farewell to ALL....I've thoroughly enjoyed all the interaction over the past 11 years during that time I owned a IS 220D and did 250k kilometres in it. Only issue I had was keep EGR clean every 15k klms. Changed brake pads only once!! Kept record since the very beginning of every litre of diesel...ended with 42.5 mpg over the 11 years all types of driving. I have to say it was a wonderful car and I know this model had plenty of critics. I have owned Mercs before have to say Lexus is a beautiful car when compared to the names in the marketplace. I've purchased the 2018 G01 BMW X3...never had a 4x4...never had a BMW....never had an Automatic. Kind of a bucket list as I'm retired and probably won't be purchasing too many cars as I get older. Thanks to all of you for any assistance or info I ever sought and best of luck to you as you drive these remarkable cars. (safely)
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    Imagine the volume of a cylinder. If you compress a 100% of the volume into 10% of the volume you have a compression ratio of 10:1 - that's how the figure is arrived at. However if we have a valve at the top that lets air out for 50% of the piston travel we only compress the second half giving us 5:1 in reality. So the piston does less work and that's how the engine is made more efficient. Less pumping losses. Runs cooler so more thermally efficient. Doing that process just on air in a tube raises the temperature hugely - it's that heat that diesels spray fuel into for ignition. Petrol has an octane rating so it doesn't burn in that heat and it is there while compression is happening. You also don't want it igniting on hot surfaces. So if you have a hot high compression engine you use a higher octane, 13:1 would suggest you need super but the manual says 95 even though the compression figure is higher than an RCF which has to run super. So with higher octane being more resistant it also burns more slowly so your max cylinder pressure comes at a different time. That's where ignition advance comes in. You could potentially actually lose power using 98 over 95. I don't know the valve duration of the Atkinson cycle so can't give exact figures. But if the manual says to use 95 then 98 is potentially a waste of money.
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    Various Facebook group events setup for the following groups: Lexus Fanatics UK (LFUK) https://www.facebook.com/groups/551908041656635/ Lexus IS250/350/ISF Owners page https://www.facebook.com/groups/454819484634626/ Lexus IS F Owners https://www.facebook.com/groups/LexusISF/ Lexus ISF Owners Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1701231896796151/ Lex Nation https://www.facebook.com/groups/LexNation/ Should encourage a few more cars to come out the woodwork. If anyone else can help spread the word, please do!
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    So this is a bit difficult to see but I've added the GS F to the picture (in blue). I suspect the original RC torque graph is heavily smoothed.
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    The reason I want a “pointless SUV” is that we are both 70 this year and getting in and out of my IS is not impossible but it should be a lot easier with the UX.. That’s my main reason. I have had 6 new Lexus IS’s and I do want a change of style and a little bit smaller. I believe the 4WD option is an electric motor on the back axle which I have no need for so I am hoping I can get a top of the range model in 2WD. like 99% of the people who buy these SUV’s their driveway is as far off road as they will ever go. If it was called a mini estate car would that be more acceptable?
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    I've overlaid the two as best I can, there is a slight difference in the two graphs so it gets one or two pixels out in places on the scale. Red is the the 2018 engine with the GPF cats replacing the two pre-cats. Black is the older engine with standard pre-cats.
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    Progress has slowed right down now, hoping to to get back on track soon. Got the power steering pump and dipstick sorted today, not many pictures so doesnt look alot but was quite time consuming. The original location of the dipstick is now blocked by the new inlet manifold and it also bolted to the old inlet. So i had to reshape the dipstick tube still allowing the dipstick to go in and out easily, find a new way to bolt it to the engine whilst keeping the lower end in the sump flush so there is no leaks. Took a while but i got there.... as you can see i managed to get it into a decent place and it also fell lucky that i could bolt it to the same hole that that the oil feed pipe for the vvt-i bolts too! It was made very tricky because as you can see in the next picture it was in the way of the powersteering pump so i also had to bend it slightly out the way of that. I also gave the pump a quick spray aswell as the silver bracket for it, as you can see ive had to remove the reservoir as this was being obstructed by the inlet and throttle body. Im going to order a union pipe for the supra pump and relocate the reservoir. Still need to sort the valve shims, its all been measured i just need to get round to ordering them.
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    Got a fabulous deal at Lexus Cheltenham, really enjoying the car, fuel pump all done years more happy motoring it is then 😁 Big Rat
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    That is a nice looking wheel that does suit the Rcf IMO, there is a 3rd style that is not available here but has been in all other markets since 2014 for the RcF and was featured on some of the Goodwood festival cars in 2015, shown here on the Grey car in the top picture, the other two cars showing the 3rd design which is very popular in Europe, maybe it's because it's easier to clean !
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    I'm defo there for at least one of the days, will try and do both if I can wangle it. Thankfully the Mrs is supportive of me coming, especially given the dates. We share the same birthday (20th April) and to help with my inability to remember 'special' dates we also got married on our birthdays so this is our wedding anniversary weekend too! I'll be there but will no doubt have to buy my way out of Mrs NothernDan's debt with sparkly and/or golden things! Now there's F-commitment for ya!
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    Thanks for all the advice guys .. I managed to upload photos of my motor to the LS600 page tonight appreciate all the advice Cheers Malcolm
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    Lexus Swindon did my car at relatively short notice before I even picked it up. They managed to get the parts in less than a week.
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    Had to use my space saver this morning, first puncture since 1985!!!! Very glad it wasn't a can of foam..
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    I was offered an LC-500, but I said "NO. It's too fussy for my liking. I'll take that IS instead"
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    I can save you the time assessing the NX. Here's my in depth review - "An NX hybrid would struggle to pull the skin of a rice pudding" There you go - job done.
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    @Big Rat.....this probably one that u are “noir” going to win......
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    Hey chaps, That time of the year once more and old faithful has passed yet again. Only advisory was for front tyres which I knew about beforehand. Tester commented on how clean and solid everything underneath looked (I have had the same comment every year) and the emissions barely registered. Not bad for a car that has managed 137k miles and 10 years of motoring. Lexus really do know how to build them well.
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    @FTBBCVoodoo Lee your on a roll tonite, if your not careful there's a few on here will be getting the 'blues' of late more than one has seen'Red' over this but because I'm a good boy I'm fully in the 'Black'....... 🐀
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    I have posted about issues in the past. Someone recommended me about a breaker in Darwen Lancashire on this iste. When speaking to him he does repairs as well. I have given my car and he sounds a top bloke. Really enthusiastic. Updating me every time he has completed a task. His name is Paul Foster +447590072646 Not received the car back yet as he has only started today. However my sixth sense is telling me is going to be spot on. Will update when I get the car back.
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    @Comedian A certain person did and it wasn't me............. his other car is a OVLOV...... 🐀
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    For those of you like myself that use shell v power, there’s a shell station two minutes away, might not make it there and back on a tank 😇
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    Congratulations David, cracking looking car. Hopefully see it in the flesh at the anniversary meet 👍🏻
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    @Big Rat, is any of this being publicised to bods outside of the F community? May be a good opportunity to get some more interest in the F brand!
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    ... just replaced a tail light bulb. [ Smug face ] I know it's nothing major, but car bulbs and me... ( Fortunately I found a spare I didn't know I had, as the Halfords in-store helper web site took me to completely the wrong bulb which I now have to waste time returning. [ Grumpy face ] )
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    Nothing wrong in feeling smug. You can have a sense of achievement with the simplest things. And if your RX is engineered anything like my IS (I'm guessing it is) then something that adds to the feeling is the realisation that someone at Lexus knew the bulbs would need changing at some point and made them accessible. You haven't known frustration until you've tried to change the tail light bulb on a 2000-2007 Volvo V70.
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    @FTBBCVoodooOf course you could always buy all the standard stuff I have for sale and have a fabricator sort you something custom, I don't want that much for it all and I'd deliver it to you in the price were not that far apart, pm if your interested 👍 Big Rat
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    They are Citroen Saxo blue RCF's instead ;-)