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    I've recently switched over my 2008 OEM wheels after sourcing a set of 2012+ ISF OEM wheels from The States. Pretty happy with the outcome.....
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    Last update for now. Got my new tyre sensor programmed at Lexus Reading today, so all is good for now. Lexus Sidcup really came through with not only payment for the alloy refurb but the sensor and programming too! Almost 3000 miles into my ownership now and still loving it every time I take it out
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    Due to circumstances, I am changing to 2019 NX F-Sport,Graphite Black/Red Leather with Takumi Pack. Delivery can be Tracked----!6 week delivery. Cannot wait ! Tel
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    So my universal intercooler brackets came and its turned out quite well, although i do need a couple more brackets to secure the bottom of the cooler and another for the top to brace it. As you can see on the last 2 pics there is an extra brace to make it a little more sturdy just need another now to attach the other side. Also tried it both ways to see which way i prefer.... im thinking the blank side to make it a little more stealthy. Next up, more chopping of the bumper to accommodate its full height and area for the boost pipes to go.
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    Is it location dependant? If so it could be radio interference on the 433Mhz frequency the key works on - things like energy monitors, remote garage door openers, weather stations and wireless doorbells also use a similar frequency to the key fob so could be interfering if you've recently installed a new one (or the neighbours)
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    Which is why I always advocate that if the government says we have to have car insurance they should supply it as in Road Tax.
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    Malc I beg to differ on the low mileage causing harm to the car. My Mark 4 had 19k on it at 14 years old( one owner )now its got 42 k on it after my 6 years of ownership and it as never missed a beat and still runs and performs like it came of the factory floor this morning
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    I have just done this yesterday. Had trouble getting the motor off from the original assembly, but all worked out in the end. The change is unbelievable. As everyone says, I should've done this ages ago.
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    It's a shame the top mounts are so long but once you get bottom mounts in place then it'll secure it nicely. Adding the pipework will add more bracing, so that cooler isn't going anywhere. Good work.
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    Fountains Abbey. You need to stay there to be able to access the entire estate out of hours by car hence my car by the church
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    Here is a wiring diagram of the mirror heaters and a location diagram for the relay. (It ain't where you expect it to be!) mirror heater.pdf BodyL-R.pdf
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    I will try to post some pics later.. Thanks
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    Well done investigating the issue a bit more but chin up, it's not a major mechanical issue and a decent/honest/hard working garage should be able to sort it out for you without breaking open the children's piggy banks. I feel for you though as once the leak(s) are fixed then it's going to take a good while to thoroughly get all the carpets/etc dry. Personally I'd work through the niggles and then you should have a good runner. If you jump ship then you're likely to take a loss selling this car and then have to shell out for another which might turn out to be in worse condition. If you were closer, I'd happily take a look for you...maybe another forum member is closer and happy to be fed/watered while they help you
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    well, I'm reading that there's zero rights extending to the object being sold until all the money has cleared ............. what a leap of faith for some dopey purchaser methinks Unless one's buying it through a first class intermediary who's underwriting the deal then this is possibly just a scam to relieve one of some hard earnt dosh Malc
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    Maybe so, but the discussion on page 2 was about 225/45R17 in which you certainly can get both. On my Honda, which was on 225/45r17. I went from eagle f1 asymmetric to pirelli cinturato p7 and certainly noticed the much greater compliance in the Pirelli. The point I was trying to make was that the eagle F1s on Adrian300h's (where he does report skipping) are less compliant than the Yokohama blueearth on wharfhouse's car (who does not report skipping). All else being equal (car, tyre size).
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    £100 per month over three years is £3600 saving. Not to be sniffed at !
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    So... Had the car in for the cam belt change at 76500 miles (and almost 13 years old) - discovered (thankfully after all that work) it was actually needed as the original belt was still on the car and had started to stretch. Obviously did all the other bits when in that far and had a full service and fluids change. I was given some chrome trim for the bumpers that I will fit when its a bit warmer as I would be wary that the "glue" might not stick very well in the cold weather. I have now also tinted the windows, and found a rear reversing sensor on ebay for £7 🙂 just need a wheel cap for the facelift wheels but they are like hens teeth at the minute (at least a nice clean one is anyway) Still need to find a way to get the drivers seat cushion repaired/replaced and that is proving difficult as none of the local upholsterers want to know because of the vented/heated seats. Apart from that its driving great and I can see me keeping this one until I can't drive it anymore either due to being very poor or very old 🙂
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    Hi all. Mine is due for renewal in January so that should be a laugh It is at the moment £483.00 per year how they got this i do not know as when i owned my Jaguar XK 4.2 which i got in January 2017 i was paying £491.00 per year nothing different on the policy so how comes a 4.2 V8 Ali body coupe verses a 2.5 V6 steel body 4 door saloon get within £8.00 pounds cheaper the Lexus was cheaper than the Jaguar. It is not as if iam young in my fifties now with no convictions or any claims they say it's your post code c**p just a way off getting more money out off you. 65mike
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    There are far too many parameters for anyone to draw a meaningful comparison. Age , occupation, post code etc. I paid £170 fully comp for my 2015 IS last year, however it was part of a multi car policy along with my two daughters and I'm pretty sure the price was offset against a slightly more expensive premium on one of those two, although I can't confirm. Prior to that I was paying roughly £200 for 3 litre BMW and my cost to change back to new BMW a few months ago has simply been an admin charge, so no increase. Every year the price increases but I just get another quote online, ring them up and they reduce it back down.
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    I am apparently in the age group where car insurance is at its lowest. I would seem to have learned all of life's driving lessons, and at 66 am a low risk they say. If only they could see how I drive sometimes!😇
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    I don't understand it either. I have a Volvo which cost me £195 this year, and less than £300 for the Celsior. I keep reading about huge increases but it never seems to be that bad, yet someone like Vlad gets hammered. I guess the car value comes into it though, as does location and a person's age. My Volvo cover increase this year was just £11, which unlike you Mike means we went to bed with empty bellies!😢
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    A little research into the UK car market would have made this spam distinctly more convincing...
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    Crumbs, that's a low mileage motor - well found. Any chance of pic's? 'as new' condition' so no apparent issues/niggles to work though?
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