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    I don't own a GS, but have a 300h Premier as a loan car while I await delivery of my new NX on Wednesday. It's a car I've had on three occasions now, and I love it. I find it quite quick enough for normal and spirited driving, and I guess it will be perfectly fine for 99% of drivers. The interior is a thing of beauty. The standard equipment is fantastic. The ride is smooth, and progress is quiet and civilised. The motoring media are biased in favour of German marques. Yes, that's an opinion, but having owned and driven many different cars over the years, it is my conclusion. The Audi A6 and BMW 5 Series aren't as good as this as far as I'm concerned. On a side note, I consider the IS to be at least as good as a 3 Series and better than an A4. 'But what of the awful CVT gearboxes?' I hear the media cry. Well, driven by a normal human being rather than a boy racer journalist moron, they are just fine. Smooth and economical, and far better than the unreliable and jerky DSG offerings so beloved by people who should know better. I can't own a saloon car long term due to mobility issues. If I could, I'd have one of the last GS models like a shot. I think it's a real pity that more people don't trust themselves to make a decision rather than following - and believing - the herd. I hope the ES is as good. Even as a non-owner I'm sad to see the GS go before more people have had the chance to try it.
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    Whilst at Lexus Cheltenham yesterday got chatting with another customer who is a long term serial Ls buyer. All his cars are adapted for him by Lexus as he’s disabled, and they are going to do the same for him with a new GsF. So once the last 2 are gone presumably that’s it, i saw that the 66 Black Gsf on the forecourt has sold and finally someone has put a deposit on my old IsF. Big Rat
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    Perhaps we could discuss this vehicle next...........it could take a while..... Big Rat
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    Think this is one of those threads where one person digs there heels in, bit like defending an indefensible position.......so all I can say further is........ Big Rat
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    @noby76 John I'm happy to prove you wrong and it's based on the following experience of driving and qualifications so the experience I have is based on the following......... Driving licences held - Car - Motorcyle- LGV1 -PSV- Tracked Vehicle all for 43 years. My driving history is that I was a class 1 advanced level police driver and instructor and pursuit specialist as well as in a civilian capacity taught vehicle escape and evasion for HM Forces and personal protection agencies. I have driven a huge array of all types of cars not just performance vehicles whether they be RWD/FWD/ALWD, prior to returning to the building trade I worked for Michelin in tyre development as a test driver. So from all this im hoping you will agree I probably know what I'm talking about, and have others have said it's the principles that you have are wrong pretty much all vehicles will squat at the rear to a lesser or greater degree when moving forward depending on the amount of accelerative force being applied but if you are suggesting that any amount of drive is being applied by a FWD vehicle during this is time is hopelessly off the mark. I hope this clarifies the matter. Big Rat
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    I would agree that seats are an area where the GS (in Premier spec) reigns supreme. Will the ES Premier have 18-way adjustable seats? Will they be clad in lovely soft leather? Will there be a passenger seat electric ottoman? Surely these are far more important questions than mere trifles like engine size and performance! As an aside, I tried a new Prius Plug In yesterday. The ride quality was notably better than my GS - proper magic carpet stuff, without any of the roly-poly that blighted Priuses of old. If Lexus took that car, Lexusised the body but left it on 15" wheels, stuffed it full of soundproofing and gave it the full Premier luxury interior treatment to the quality of the current GS, I'd buy one in an instant. Of course, I'd be the only one - at least, perhaps, until others actually drove it and discovered the joy of abandoning stupid oversized wheels whilst relaxing into a driving style that doesn't involve thrashing as quickly as possible to the end of the next tailback.
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    My wife’s RX450 had a slight leak on a rear damper a few years back. This was only known to us when, upon collecting the car from a normal service, we were told that both rear dampers had been replaced free of charge. It’s that level of service that means she’ll buy another RX from the same dealer when she fancies a different colour one! She’s not interested in even sampling any other manufacturers. On an RCF as new as yours, I shouldn’t imagine you’ll have any trouble getting it sorted.
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    A stolen recovered car could be a long term nightmare. My last stolen car was professionally fixed, but only six months later, valves met pistons and bang. I have no doubt that the car (which was immaculate prior to being stolen) was abused to within an inch of its life. I standby the fact - stolen - I don’t want it back. Now, if you could have a concealed camera that pinged back images of the scum stealing it..... now that would be great!
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    It'll be a reminder to not put any weight on every time I get in/out of the car! lol
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    I'm going too hopefully. Quicksilver crew ride again.
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    Just looking though my book collection and found these. No mention of nobby's theory of undriven driving wheels. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Your inability to find this silly button does not make you blind or stupid. It's very hard to access. You might want to put the seat all the way back so you can get properly inverted with your head right in the footwell. If you can manage to look up from there, it's on the underside of the dash.
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    Have to say I feel exactly the same. Its bad enough having your pride & joy taken in the first place. Wouldn’t want the added issues of having a car on record as being stolen from a resale & devaluation perspective. Still if you do want it recovered it’s certainly good value in comparison with the usual alternatives. A friend suggested something potentially even cheaper if you happen to have an old iPhone. Buy a pay as u go SIM card & use find the iPhone App - just need to hide it under a seat & conceal the power supply.
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    No, they could invest a few quid in one of these Kespon rollers that obliterates text with one swipe. I got one a couple of weeks ago and it works brilliantly. Quick and simple, it would fulfil the requirements of GDPR while still keeping service records intact.
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    Yes, but those articles won't have your unique translation of the principles.
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    You must be very slim!
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    If my car is stolen, I never want to see it again. I’ve had cars stolen in the past - and I really wish they were never recovered.
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    @Bluethunder Nean unfortunately many garages were built for cars like this...... Big Rat
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    Indeed, but they will make stuff if approached. They will even build one offs.
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    I think that might've been me. 😄 The quality of their work is superb and the accuracy of the finish is extremely close to OEM. The wheels I bought have a "Titanium" finish from the factory, not standard silver and they pretty-much nailed it. I would recommend them very highly. Their listings often have a best offer option (I managed to get some money off my set), so they seem open to a bit of negotiation. I'd suggest messaging them with an offer.
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    Well I just spent a happy hour or 2 fitting a cheap camera. Easy job and it works a treat. Thanks for letting us know how to do this.
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    This has made for very funny lunch time reading. Maybe Noby you can explain the principles of 'inertia' to us uneducated ones.
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    I think the main issue for me is something I've mentioned in the past, its that the 430 has that classic limo shape. As rare as they are I saw one parked up when I was walking the dog yesterday, it was absolutely immaculate, showroom condition. I did wipe my saliva and fingerprints off it though as a courtesy to the owner!
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    With all my daily driver cars I have worked out the mpg! My Summer toy is a BMW Z4 3.0i and I'm not bothered what mpg I get out of it but I still check it after every fill up, it can also sometimes warn you of an issue with the car.

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