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    Lexus does sell in quite respectable numbers as a niche brand. If we're talking why Lexus doesn't sell in BMW or MB numbers then I think there are loads of factors here. Below comes from personal experience, as I used to work for the marketing agency that did all Lexus UK marketing, and my best friend made the LC500 launch film so knows the advertising team quite well. Beyond that its just my opinion: - We have a v.traditional and v.established car market in the UK where 'new' is not seen as a virtue - UK consumers are some of the most brand conscious consumers in the world. Furthermore our peculiar flavour of brand-centricness (not a word!) is closely aligned to heritage and history - For this reason no premium brand has made any kind of dent in the market...except at the mass/budget end of the market (Smart, Hyundai, Kia) - Product development takes place in Japan with American and domestic tastes as the basis of the brief. The resulting products are therefore delivered as a fait accompli to the UK, and are therefore often a little alien looking to the average household - The UK car market is one of the most valuable in Europe, therefore the established European brands guard it jealously - Historically cars manufactured in Japan have been subject to a 10% import duty to the EU, wiping out much of the profit and money that could otherwise be spent on marketing/advertising - Partly because of this and partly because of the influence of BMW/MB, Lexus haven't been able to break into the hire car market in Europe. Hiring a 'Premium' or 'Luxury' car in Europe will rarely result in you driving a car with an 'L' on the steering wheel. This is an enormous market and accounts for a large proportion of inventory coming out of Munich or Stuttgart, and how many business customers come to experience these cars - The German car industry have made it their business to 'control' Dennis (Auto Express, Evo, Octane) and the other magazine publishers by block buying the most important advertising space in the magazines (inside front, outside back pages, etc) - Lexus hasn't been good at 'playing the game' with the publishers and haven't been generous enough with the launch trips they organise. It is a bit of an industry joke that the reason the RCF didn't review well initially is that the journalists were 'only' flown economy to NYC for the launch, couldn't take spouses and were only put up for a weekend...whereas when Porsche (or MB or BMW) create any kind of iteration of their cars, they offer week long trips with WAG's to private estates and also allow journalists to jump waiting lists...interestingly Lexus fixed this for the LC500 and took the journalists away for a whole week, first class, with spouses and really showered them with hospitality - as a result reviews were a lot more generous - Outside of GT racing recently Lexus hasn't been near the track and haven't understood the link in European minds between success in F1 and Premium...in Japan motor-racing at any level is used purely to show sporting prowess, nothing more - Japanese products don't have much of a cache as premium products. Jackie Chan in the Cannonball Run didn't help. Nor did Infiniti. Nor does the newest Civic Type-R. Or Casio watches or anything else that the average UK Joe associates with Japan...rather than the reality which is: an attention to detail that borders on obsession, a natural affinity for craft, materials and engineering, a commitment to science being able to transcend art and a genuine culture of having petrol in the blood
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    I remember back in my youth when most cars on the road were either Ford or Vauxhall & the likes of BMW/VW/Porsche were the niche car manufacturers (even then with a reputation for being expensive to run). I also remember when the Japanese cars started showing the buying public that owning a car didn't have to mean putting up with unreliability, forcing all the manufacturer's to up their game. All things Japanese at that point for me were synonomous with quality, be it electronic or otherwise, so naturally I bought a Supra over a Sierra Cosworth/911 back in 1992 and for similar reasons to owning an F today. I had it for six years and it stayed in the family for a further 6 years without missing a beat. Back then you were spoilt for choice if you wanted a Japanese sports car until most of them disappeared after the recession in the 90's and the subsequent vacuum was filled by the German performance cars. People need to be reminded that there are alternatives to the Germans (albeit pretty limited at present) and to that end Lexus should continue developing ever better F models and keep plugging away with the marketing, product placement (movies/TV) and promotion of their presence/successes in the GT racing series. Hopefully the new Supra will also help further raise the profile of Japanese performance cars in the public's consciousness, although additional performance models from Mazda, Nissan etc would certainly help!! Now the Germans are the mainstream manufacturer's and have become the norm, I can't help wondering if there might be a shift at some point toward people wanting something different; in a similar way that peoples aspirations changed towards owning German rather than the likes of a Ford or Vauxhall. I'm sure a big part of the interest I see in the RCF is due to it being different from the usual German stuff people see every day - its styling clearly resonates with people. I have never experienced this level of positive interest in any car I have ever owned previously and people constantly stop to tell me what a great looking car it is, and ask about it. Last week even had a guy stop his car & park up next to me just to ask about it - maybe the shift has already started? Obviously it makes sense to want Lexus to be more successful in the UK as it would certainly be helpful to have a greater choice of dealers & a larger supply of parts etc. However part of me also thinks it would be a shame for them to become too mainstream. I like the fact that with the "F" I am part of a pretty exclusive group of enthusiasts who drive very rare cars and who have made their ownership decision based on a cars merits not its badge. I'm not convinced I really want that to change too much as the pros seem to out way the cons IMHO!! The one thing I would be happy to see change is the way our cars are being reviewed with this inbuilt bias which has already been discussed. It would be refreshing to know that a review of an F, or any other car for that matter, had been written impartially without the influence of any other agenda, but I suspect that's not going to happen any time soon!! It's a shame because I used to be an avid reader of car mags, but owning a Lexus opened my eyes to this issue, and as result I have little interest in them these days.
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    white, red leather interior, sunroof! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Model-kits-Kyosho-Original-Lexus-RC350-F-Sport-White-Nova-Glass-Flake-1-43-MA/183422868040?epid=13004284560&hash=item2ab4dada48:g:G7UAAOSwkHJbk9MA
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    Wrong badge on the RCF for those showrooms. Another offputting factor to the punters is that the indicators work faultlessly, they're used to intermittent at best ☺️.
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    This time I decided to take the 450h on a longer route to Spain. Bolton --> Maidstone (I like classy places) --> Troyes --> Evian --> Turin (via the St Bernard Pass) --> Monaco --> Nice --> Valencia (Spain) --> Orange (France) --> Reims --> Bolton. As usually, the car didn't miss a heartbeat. The only issue was leaving Reims, my tyre presses warning came on. Looks like driving at 140km/h in 30+ degrees heat and then parking overnight with temperatures dropping to 10 degrees caused the pressure to drop 0.4 bar on all tyres. Luckily I had my compressor in the car. My MPG over nearly 3,500 miles was an indicated 40.6. Considering the amount of miles I did driving at over 85MPH, going over the Alps (although going down the other side used very little fuel) and driving around cities... I am again impressed with the GS. No turbo = no noticeable loss of power at 2,500m up a mountain 🙂 Longest sprint was Nice to Valencia which was about 900KM and took 9 hours to complete. Parked up at the other end, a quick stretch and I was ready for a walk and some dinner. It is a shame the GS is no more as I would buy another. I am seriously considering buying my GS off Lexus in a few months at the end of my PCP and running it into the ground. The only other car which is currently interesting me is the RX450h. Whatever my next car is... it needs ventilated seats. Driving in 40 degrees heat and getting out without a sweaty back is lovely. SW.
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    I guess Toyota could’ve taken a different approach and never created Lexus...after all the brand was strong enough to shift MR2, Celica GT4’s and importantly for the point you are making the Supra in big numbers back in the day and so they could have conceivably taken the car they developed in the shape of the original LS and left the Toyota logo on the grille. But sports cars and the UK were not the nuts they were trying to crack at the time - Luxury cars and the US were. And for that to work they needed a new brand and they were probably right. Now they could have gone the route of Acura/Honda and had a market specific brand in the US, but they didn't. I have to say my original response was more about 'why don't people know or care about F-cars' rather than 'why don't Lexus sell more F-cars'...after all Lexus sell (quite quickly) all the inventory they bring to the UK. If my response was more focused on 'why don't Lexus sell more F-Cars' then we get into quite complicated territory: - Firstly Lexus is not Lexus. The Lexus we all know and rely on is Lexus UK (actually its franchisees being co-ordinated by Lexus UK, but lets park that for now). Lexus UK is an independent entity to Lexus EU. Which is an independent entity to Lexus Japan (HQ). Lexus UK are supposed to work with Lexus EU and co-ordinate. But in reality they don't and historically the relationship has been patchy. Both Lexus EU and UK work to Japan. They receive their inventory from Japan. They receive the product from Japan and the brand guidelines from Japan. They have some autonomy in terms of marketing, advertising, dealership design and brochure-ware but that's about it. - Secondly why do they have an F car at all? The reality is they are halo cars. They help shift the perception of the brand and access different audiences. But mostly they allow them to sell the 'F-Sport'. In the UK they sold ten times as many RC F-sports as any other car in the RC line and five times as many RC F-Sports as RCF's. The F-Sport is a higher margin product and they want to sell as many as they can. - Thirdly. They sell as many as the dealers allow them to sell. Lexus UK compile the order they make from Japan based on the sales projections they get from dealers - Fourthly. Trade tariffs and some of the other bits from my other post and probably lack of sunroofs or something
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    I understand that the Timbuktu edition comes with a pure carbon, plastic, metal body with a sustainable real leather interior made from plastic bags, is as light as a Caterham 7 but as refined as a Bentley, does 0-60 in 2.2secs and can overtake a lorry in traffic even when there’s no space to go to. Even better apparently they have already depreciated and lost all of their value before they’ve gone on sale so it only costs £2.50 and has been engineered to have completely compatible and swappable parts with the entire Lexus range of the last 30 years, it also has a V8 that produces 500hp but is derived from the IS220d so has more torque than anything else on the road and is able to return 60mpg...but sadly it doesn’t have a sunroof
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    Hey Dan, So AA route planner reckons it’s roughly 75 miles from my house to Toddington Services, and should take around 1hr 22mins to get there. It also reckons it’s 162 miles from mine to Lexus Derby, and should take around 2hrs 48mins. I was planning to be on the road by 5:30am, so in theory that would mean we would be at Toddington services around 7am, and would reach Lexus Derby around 8:30am or so.... Thing is we won’t know how bad traffic will be or if there will be any accidents or delays, so do we think this sounds ok, or should we aim to leave earlier? It’s not a bank holiday, and pretty early for folks to be on the roads in force I reckon, but we are travelling a fair old way, so happy to go with the flow. Cheers, Pete
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    1. Yes. 2. 1 car - mine. 3. 2 people (Wife & I) 4. No dietary requirements. We also need to start talking timings if we are going to link up, convoy and be at Lexus Derby for 9am or thereabouts..... Going to be an early start, but will be an adventure for sure! 👍😎
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    As I live local to Lexus Derby and they are my dealer is this meet just for ISFs or can I bring my Celsior along ( it is a V8 🙂 )
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    I agree with both @Stuno1 and @wendle it’s the perception of others and the marketing’s, in my collection of all things ‘F’ there are a considerable number of pics of billboards massive electronic signs from the US and othe countries IsF related. There were were very few for the RcF/ Gsf..... massively more for the LC. Only yesterday I met up with @FTBBCVoodoo Lee and he related a car or car events he’d been to where there was complete ignorance or no interest in the ‘F’ Marque. Do others think that if they the ‘F’ cars were badged Toyota things would have been different or am I way off the ‘Marque’ 😉 Big Rat
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    Yes mate I wrapped mine last year. Not that difficult to be honest and most of it comes apart quite easily, there are videos on YouTube showing how to get things apart. The wrap is probably the cheapest option and cost me about £20 but you can't rush it and make sure everything is clean before you wrap it. Get some samples before you decide as the pictures vs how it looks and how it suits the car vary a lot. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Ho Ho HO said santa as he drove off in an LFA and put a sleigh under your tree.
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    Saw this old video on youtube - opening scene he's getting out an rcf. It's worth watching for the LFA at full chat - but also the league table at the end. Can anyone find the RC-F section?
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    Dear Santa I’ve been mostly good this year........ I don’t mind what Colour it is....... even if it’s not standard....... or stock or whatever the word is........ I don’t care I just want an LFA 😆 🐀
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    Can't tell if you're being sarcastic there...... Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    Yours is just chavved up at the factory. ;) Quicksilver trumpets. That's it. Want a lexon diffuser but can't get round the shipping costs at present. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    My local Audi garage has a Gym ...lol https://www.pooleaudi.co.uk/owners-area/poole-audi-gym My Lexus dealership has a coffee machine but they even struggle with that. They are good people though. The local Audi and BMW dealerships are dynamic, I hate to say it they are so far ahead of Lexus in marketing and selling cars its embarrassing. These places are absolutely buzzing. That said if you stuck an RCF in one of those showrooms people would be all over it like a rash. I really cannot get my head around Lexus in this country.
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    William, it arrived today and fits like a glove, well worth it. The non slip bit in the middle as mentioned before is an improvement on the OEM liner too
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    Lack of marketing/image. Youngsters into cars or learning to drive will know nothing about Lexus/F cars to inspire them to want to own one in the future. Personally I hope it stays this way as a big appeal was the rarity of F cars. I blame Doc Martin for the image btw....
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    Regular without doubt. Using Premium in an engine that doesn't require it, is just a waste of money. You're just paying for higher octane required by the higher compression of performance engines, which is not required or recommended by Lexus. Fuel providers will tell you different but it's their job to separate you from your money, don't believe them.
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    Looked at the Cheltenham car yesterday, looks better than it does in the photos but it doesn't work for me, interior colour isn't great and the paint job on the wheels looks cheap, It looks as though they couldn't really be bothered to put any effort into the car.
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    The problem with 'reliability' surveys like that found in What Car? this month, is that they are often based on owner responses rather than tangible data. It seems obvious, but a few years ago I listened to a chap on the radio discussing the JD Power survey - he was some sort of motor industry expert. He stressed that any survey based on owner feedback has a number of significant flaws. First, the expectation of the owner. A small fault, not worthy of mention by one respondant, could be listed by others. If somebody had bought a cheap brand, their expectation may also be different to somebody buying a 'premium' brand. Second, whether the respondent chose their vehicle. Those who are given a company car, especially those with little or no choice, are (he said) likely to be more critical of that car if they really wanted something else. Lastly, what the chap called 'justification.' If a respondent has spent a considerable amount of money on a car then they sometimes ignore faults as they are justifying their purchase - to themselves and others. Such an owner wouldn't want to see their car or car brand perform badly in a survey as they feel it reflects badly on their choice. It is a complex area, but since hearing the discussion I've only been interested in surveys that use tangible data - usually from warranty companies. Anything requiring owner feedback - which could or should be called opinion or perception instead - is interesting but not necessarily reliable. As Blackadder would say, they're a bit like a broken pencil...pointless.
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    Depends if you're going to tell us where you got them and send pics. Are the plugs already in the car? Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk

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