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    Well I am very pleased to say that Autoglass did a first class job with my replacement windscreen. They have fitted a genuine Lexus screen and the camera alignment etc was all carried out and tested without any issues. All my worries were happily, unfounded.
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    Used CT owner here. Recently drove from Edinburgh to Teesside to visit family. On reaching my destination, noticed horrible scraping/squeaking noise coming from underneath the car which necessitated a visit to Lexus Teesside to check it out before making the return journey. As suspected it was the loose exhaust heat shield problem which is a well known issue with this model. Heat shield was resecured and an ongoing issue with the tyre pressure was also reset and resolved (without asking for this to be looked at) Car was also given a quick clean and vacuum all for the total price of £15 ! Nice to know wherever you travel, you're never far away from good customer service from Lexus :-)
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    Well March 10th struck down with Covid, hospitalised Apr 6th, and only this week did I get the LS out for a drive to the office to pick up some papers so I could work at home. So after so long not driving (other than short trip to get MOT sorted and there was no other cars about), the 15 miles to work was weird. Firstly forgot what happens when you put your foot down with a 4 litre engine Secondly seems like everyone coming the other way is a potential threat (I recall that feeling when I was learning to drive) Judging the width of car had me all over the place - just need a bit more practice But such a lovely car to be in compared my wifes new Mazda (which is okay, just not an LS). Roads busier than I was expecting, but quiet enough for me to start building confidence. Looking forward to when I have the stamina to drive out to see some friends in Wales, but suspect Dr will say take it easy for a while longer. Also decided to touch up key scrape down both off-side doors, just to make the car a little tidier looking, as not got the cash to splash on a respray. For sure it will still show, but not as bad as having a five foot squiggly white line. Just need to complete the job so that it looks okay(ish)
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    To be honest my wife and I enjoy watching 'Police Interceptors' on the idiot's lantern - little did I know that I could have had a starring role!
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    This is a direct effect of what happens when our routines are disrupted. Make sure you don't forget your wife's birthday or your wedding anniversary ! Alan
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    All car sat navs have lat / long coordinates so I’m not too bothered about WTW in my car. I do have it on my iPhone though. By the time Lexus get around to it it’ll be some new innovative tech in the new MY85 Lexus Flying Car.
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    Hi Pete, I'm not much of a chatterer on here, but can I just say well done for surviving. This would have been a poorer place without you. : o )
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    Glad you are on the mend Pete. Your observations mirror mine after being cocooned for 22 weeks. Take care, work less enjoy more and remember that our are not marked "return".
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    My experience with sale repairs suggests that it will be a mobile repair. My last RX450h had a tear in a door trim and after repair it was difficult to tell it had been done.
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    I'm in the same boat as you! Just finished paying off the £2,900 credit card finince for the LS430 I bought last year. On a serous note. If you had bought a Merc S class, I would advise you to trade it in before the manufacturers warrenty expired, and I'm speaking from personal experiance! Having had a Lexus LS for over 11 years following my S Class disaster, my advice is keep it. They are by far the most reliable luxury cars on the road. (Watch Scotty Kilmer on You Tube.) John N
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    Definitely! The penalties for these are far more swingeing 😱
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    Gave my Lexus some TLC, started with oil change, the oil was very black!! should I be concerned? Replaced cabin and air filters, changed the brake pads all round, even though they weren't worn, had a couple of sticky slide pins so decided to replace all four corners with new ones, had a slight leak on front passenger shock absorber, so changed both fronts, finally I replaced the spark plugs, a job that is overdue that should keep her running sweetly for a while. 😃
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    This is being offered ‘unrecorded’ at just under £14k on AutoTrader. Damage looks like it would polish out(!). So once it has been this might be a useful ‘record’ for any would-be future keepers to know what they’re getting into. Black 2015 RCF If anyone knows the reg or goes to see it, might be worth posting it here for reference. Otherwise there can’t have been many black RCF’s that year so evidence of damage would be worth checking if anyone is going to see any black cars being sold in a few months time. ps - nice to know that our cars ‘would probably knock a Lamborghini out’...🤣
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    I can add my experiences and views to this thread. I had an early c63 saloon in 2010 and it was a cracker. Fun to drive and a crackling exhaust that was a delight. Sold it 12 months and 25,000 miles later after 4 sets of rear tyres and almost daily visits to the petrol station. Roll on three years, petrol prices had dropped and the facelift c63 was launched. Bought a coupe c63 with the MCT transmission. Totally different animal. Much more aggressive gear changes with a real bang on the downshift and associated popping and banging from the exhaust. A real pleasure to hammer this car and even in auto it was terrific at screaming changes and boy was it quick to swap cogs. Also the car would block change in manual, ie pull the left hand lever and hold it to change down to the lowest possible gear in one move. Great for approaching roundabouts. The c63 coupe is the V8 to have if you want to thrash a car to the limit and shred tyres by tea time. After the c63 we went a45 before back to V8 with a Mustang. Nice sounding but limited on corners and wrong image for us. Decided to go back for a third c63 and the only way to go was a 507. Narrowed it down to three possibles and off to test drive. Now whether we had remembered things differently or not, but the two we test drove completely underwhelmed us. To be fair they turned out to be tatty and thrashed, and might have stood in the showroom long enough for the learning gearbox to have gone to sleep? Either way, after driving two of these we decided that we needed a different V8. Currently in a rcf carbon which might well turn out to be a keeper. Build quality and ride are excellent. We don’t often hold onto cars more that 18 months, and that is rapidly coming up. But I’ve just put 2 years warranty on it, so not looking to change for the foreseeable. But, remember these have a torque converter so you won’t get the hard bang of a MCT when you change gear. The change is more cushioned almost fluid and after 15,000 miles the tyres are still on 5mm. I would be on the third set of rears on a c63. You’ve got to ask what you want of a V8. Pose - go mustang with borla exhaust. Thrash and get the back out of shape on bends and roundabouts - w204 c63. Refined luxury with a effortless acceleration up to silly speeds - Lexus. Oh and if you were thinking about the block change issue, it does this in auto, just not in manual. Many reviewers pounced on this as a major problem, I just look ahead and if I weant to overtake rapidly, knock the stick back to auto and floor it. Still can’t shred the tyres, must try harder. Yes the sat nav is out of the ark, but if you’re worried about anything other than the V8 engine and gearbox, buy something else.
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    The first two numbers relate to the diameter of the battery and the last two are the height of the battery in tenths of a millimetre, so the two you're looking at are either 1.6mm tall or 2.0mm tall - and I really don't think 0.4mm will be a critical difference, so either should be fine. Just out of interest though, why would you even question it? If I took a 1620 out I'd replace it with a 1620 and it wouldn't occur to me to even think of anything else. As for the key, I'll bet it'll be best part of £200 for key fob and coding at Lexus. I've never had an RX400h so I have no idea what the keys/fobs look like but if it's like the RX300 then it's worth having a look at this guy here who will sell you a blank key and cut the blade from a photo for you. You then just swap your electronics into the new case, and all for less than £15.
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    Read this Henry. We are better than your local Lexus Dealership ! https://blog.lexus.co.uk/lexus-car-safety-monitoring-systems/#driverMonitoringSytem
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    I agree Martin.Apples and Pears comes to mind. Should be comparing CT and Civic.
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    You can do no worse than bookmark these two informative posts. Don't get too hung up about brake calipers as that can apply to pretty much any car if they are not serviced. The snag is....Lexus don't service them as part of routine servicing. They would rather just bolt on a brand new one every now and then. If you are just a little bit spannery they are really quite easy to do. Or get a reliable indy to do for you...just make sure they use red rubber grease for the slide pins. There are a few write ups on brake servicing within this forum. Generally speaking the SEL type is the best spec IS250. Happy hunting
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    You can get the groaning on any brake, it's not cleared by fitting any specific pad or discs. Generally it's something to do with the ease at which the pads grip the disc. If they don't grip properly or squarely on the discs, or in the pad carriers aren't cleaned, the spring clips are not working correctly then it can set up a vibration as the pad "skips" across the surface of the disc. I've done the brakes on my RX and to be honest the thing looked like it had been bathed in salt water. The spring clips that hold the pads in the carrier were seized in solid. It took a while to clean up the rust, fit new spring clips and also I had the issue where the paint on the aftermarket pads was too thick and caused the pads to stick in the spring clips. A few hours of cleaning and filing later, I had pads that could slide through the spring clips using easy hand pressure. I also renewed the slider pins so the caliper could move freely too. I doubt a garage would be so thorough. So there's a good chance the pads are binding a little bit and not pressing on the disc properly, setting up the vibration and causing the groaning noise. Especially when the pressure from the pedal isn't enough to resist the binding action of the pads.
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    Indeed. I'd recommend trying to get an even transfer. Do 6 lots of hard braking from 50 mph to 10 mph one quickly after the other so the brakes don't cool between each run. The only difficulty is finding a quite bit of road to do it on.
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    If you have been momentarily blinded by an oncoming car with aftermarket HIDS as many of us will have been at some time, it is surprising that it has taken so long for these to be declared illegal. These after market HIDS fitted in a housing and lens designed for Halogen may well enable the driver to see better but don't have the tight beam of factory fitted xenons and it is the scatter that causes oncoming drivers to suffer. So whether it be xenons or LED, it's sensible that headlamps have only the light emitters designed for them.
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    So I took it to Japex today and after much excitement I was told that car is in great condition in general for the age. Apparently the used car trader either replaced the wrong oxygen sensor or multiple one needed to be replaced and only replaced one. Moreover, he used the cheapest noname sensor. A few more thing will need attention in the future (brake fluid, suspension, coolant level) but apart from that, it's pretty solid and ready for long trips. I'm absolutely stoked! I've decided to get the sensor replaced by Japex and will pick it up tomorrow. I've made the investment of a phone holder and casette/bluetooth converter, will think about replacing the navi screen as hobby project. Thanks for everyone who helped with good advice or cheering on! Will post more photos later!
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    The front brakes on the GS450H are no different to the non hybrid versions as there is no drive to the front wheels. So I do not see the problem of it being a hybrid. If you find a local machine shop, and take the discs to them to be skimmed they will probably charge you less than £50 to skim them. John.
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    Welcome back Pete. 🙂
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    Well that settles it, halogens it is, thanks!
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    I've been missing proper DRLs for my GS450h... mainly because here in Finland, we need to use some headlights even in day time. And the AUTO option of GS will switch all lights off if it is bright enough... So, I installed Osram Led DRL+Fog lights to replace the original fog lights. https://www.osram.com/ecat/LEDriving FOG-LED fog lights-Cars-Automotive Lighting/com/en/GPS01_1074552/PP_EUROPE_Europe_eCat/ZMP_1188268/ I first disassembled the original fog light housings, then manufactured custom brackets from aluminium. Here is couple of pictures of the process & end result: Old parts: New parts: End result: Have to say I'm really happy with the end result! 😉 BR. Sami
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    No matter how sure we are that our trusty steed will pass it's MOT, it's still a relief when it does. Glad to hear that you are now without interferance - - although as man becomes more immersed in technology, this will happen more frequently in future - - I'm just waiting for the day when some 'erbert near me, instructing his drone to simulate a barrel-loop, co-instructs my pacemaker to speed up!
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    You should always check run-out when fitting new discs. Far too many mechanics don't do it, because it is a bit time-consuming. It entails cleaning the hub/disc surfaces as Peter says, but also possibly changing the position of the disc relative to the hub to get the smallest possible run out. If you don't do it the disc may eventually wear unevenly and cause judder. Warranty claims for uneven disc thickness are almost always rejected because the manufacturers say they were fitted incorrectly, which is probably true. And is probably the case here. But proving it after 18 months may be somewhat difficult to say the least.
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    Thank you both, I was a bit dubious about jumpstarting from my precious IS300h but needed a word from the experts - thanks! I like the idea of removing my battery and connecting leads to my wife's. I'm guessing that will not harm my battery? You've both helped my decision, thanks again! Ianj
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    At least you were not pulled over by the police. Probably a fine. Must live, where no fixed ANPR cameras are! Thankfully your car wasn't involved in an accident. Always pays to write down the dates as you have now done! James.
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    Thanks John, I should have done a search, sorry.
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    Looking like a meter job to find the cause then, if it’s automatic try putting the selector into neutral and see if it starts, if manual ignore the suggestion. Somewhere down the line you have either a broken connection to the starter motor, this begins at the ignition switch, usually a relay and ends at the starter motor. First check is to make sure all the motor connections are on and secure then work back. If you were closer I would have taken a look for you being an electrician by trade.
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    Errrrrr, might be missing something here gents but you plastidip the badges with the badges on the car! After its dried for a few hours the plastidip just peels off the bodywork and breaks at the junction between the bodywork and the logos. You just mask off a square around the logos and paint the whole square. Did mine when I first got the car but went back to standard after a few months. No need to remove the logos to plastidip them. That's the whole point of plastidip! Or am I missing something here!?!
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    Hello Greg welcome to the LOC and supporting the club with your gold membership. Good to see our members as always helping to sort out the problem you had
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    Hi Eltel, Because the car was parked in my garage the parking brake was not on. Now I've pressed it the DVD plays perfectly!!!!! Thank you for this information. Best Wishes, Greg
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    I decided to have the 4 wheel alignment done again by a much better company, one which all the dealers recommend and it was slightly out, but it hasn't made any difference. So for the sake of £300 including taxes and shipping I've just ordered from Rockauto both lower control arms and both lower ball joints. This is the area that I feel the problem is. So I'll have two new ball joints and four new bushes. For what they cost it's worth a try. That means I'll have replaced the majority of parts bar inner and outer tie rods and upper control arms. They'll be next if necessary. I'm determined to get the steering to feel the way it should!
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    I'd hazard a guess at either a sticky starter solenoid or sticky starter motor as most likely, or perhaps an intermittent connection. You'll need either a multimeter or at the very least a 12V bulb in a holder with wires attached to act as a test lamp. When you turn the key, power is supplied on a relatively thin wire to the starter solenoid, which is essentially a big electromagnet. Once that magnet is energised it pulls a pair of big heavy contacts together that then allow power to flow on the big thick wires from the battery to the starter motor. The thick wire from the battery to the solenoid should have 12V on it permanently, so check for that first. If that's OK then you need someone to turn the key to the 'Start' position while you check for the presence of 12V at one of the solenoid coil terminals. Actually, my bacon butties are nearly ready so rather than risk an errant squidge of brown sauce or egg yolk dropping on the keyboard, it may be best if you have a look here at this website that will expain things better than I could do anyway.
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    Hi, glad to meet you all, I've just joined. I'm about to buy my first Lexus from a colleague - a 2008 LS460. I've always wanted a large engined V8 motor (often nearly bought a Jaguar over the years, but reliability and maintenance costs always put me off). I figure that if I'm going to take the plunge on a V8, the most reliable way to do it is buy a Lexus, the most reliable brand on the planet (so I read......). Does anyone have any advice on what I should look out for before I commit to this purchase? The car has 160k miles but looks in mint condition. Been out in it and the car is silent. Rides much better than the BMWs I've owned. Anyway, thanks for any advice in advance cheers Ross
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    If it's in warranty just get it straight back, don't mess about.
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    Now that I can drive my car again ( no reoccurrence of the interference ), just had my Service and MOT. All fine, for a 17 year old car, apart from a hole under the rear nearside wheel arch requiring patching and welding. It's a bit of a mud trap. Japex did a great job though...
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    I've looked at various coolants for sale and many say suitable for all vehicles. I guess the internal combustion engines in most average cars are made of the same stuff so as long as they're not mixed I don't see a problem. Personally I'd be flushing it with a hose and ordinary tap water, letting it drain and then fill with new coolant. From what I understand the mixing of different coolants can cause them to gel but I don't know of anyone who's experienced that. You could really even fill completely with tap water, get it up to temperature then drain which will give a flush. Some would disagree I'm sure but it's never harmed any of my cars.
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    Shahpor, Has anyone actually measured the warping? I wonder in view of advice on this thread if removing the rotors, thoroughly cleaning the hub and flange and refitting in orientation which gives least run-out might be worth a try. John
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    The MOT changes now make them illegal. If you've passed the new test since then, you've either had a lenient tester or one who doesn't know what he's doing - or maybe one who just doesn't care. The new rules state that the light source must be the correct type for the light fitting. In other words, if it's a fitting designed for halogen bulbs then anything other than halogen in there is a fail; if it's a fitting for HID, then anything other than HID is a fail, and so it is with LEDs too.
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    There is a buyers and sellers corner section if you scroll through the forums. In any event you should have no trouble in selling the front to back side rails. There have been 4 or 5 people seeking these since I have been on this forum including me (and I had to buy new as not readily available used)
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    I came from a C63 W204 to an ISF I wouldn’t look back for one minute once you set the isf up correctly the car is on par with the E92 M3 balance wise. also my C63 broke and I had a 5k bill to pay I’ve also got a friend who’s ac compressor went out last week and it’s approx 2k to fix on 20,000 miles the mercs sound great but cornering wise it was terrible as it is very tail happy.
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    Here's a couple to whet the appetite. Grade 4.5 too: https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-lexus-is-2007-for-sale-5e74e8c724582ba1201c64cf https://carfromjapan.com/cheap-used-lexus-is-2010-for-sale-5ea2ec0844b7fc8de626cb9d Australia could be another source as they were sold new there. Although like-for-like they could be pricier than ones from Japan (but at least the controls would be in English).
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    Before I had my NX300 I owned a VW Tiguan R-Line, I had the misfortune of windscreen breakage on two occasions on that car, through my insurers I had to take it to Autoglass for replacements, that car had pretty much all the windscreen camera functions that we have with the NX, So I took the car to an Autoglass Centre where they had the ADAS accredited equipment and they knew how to use it.. the car came out perfect on both occasions, the big ask though, at that time I asked them to fit VW glass but that was my request, and they did.. but I had to pay a little more than the windscreen excess as agreed with the (LV) insurers.. no negativity, they did a good job for me on both of them times..
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    I would get brake judder after a lot of town driving, in my CLS55 but this disappeared after a couple of high speed stops. The most common cause of brake judder is not ensuring that the disc to hub interface is spotlessly clean when replacing the discs. Just the smallest spec of rust and crud can throw the disc out and after a period of use cause judder or more descriptively, a pulsing on application.
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    Hi John Autotrader is the best place - most private sellers and dealers will advertise there. eBay is another option but IMO not as good. There aren't many GS vehicles for sale as they didn't sell many in the first place, especially the petrol only versions. Most will be for sale at dealers as selling privately is difficult, it can take some time to find a buyer as it isn't a popular vehicle. You are unlikely to get more than £1,000 off the price of a vehicle priced at £10,000 unless you find things wrong with it which gives you some leverage. It can be nice to find an honest private seller but you have legal rights if you purchase from a business so I'd recommend the latter. Here is some info on the subject: https://www.which.co.uk/consumer-rights/advice/the-car-i-bought-has-a-problem-what-are-my-rights

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