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    Had my Is 250 for about 18 months but was never a fan of the wood interior. Decided a few weeks back to get some test sections of wrap to see what looked ok to me. Went for a 8dm black carbon fibre wrap from an on line company. Did the work today and I'm very happy with the outcome. Had to take all the switches off the back bit it was quite simple just best not to rush it. Know it's not to everyone's taste but I much prefer it to the wood. Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
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    Just a quick update having a meet with Tim and his team at Cheltenham on Saturday and will update more on the weekend 👍 Big Rat
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    Finally Royal (mess-up) Mail delivered the studs. So we got them pressed in, assembled and test drive complete! Car drives normal with some pulling to one side during braking (which is to be expected). Quick picture fitted, sorry for poor quality, was in a rush. But this method CAN be done!
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    'F' Car 10 Year Meet Major Changes Well had a long chat with Tim Huxley and his team at Cheltenham and due to circumstances beyond there control major changes have to be made. The two main reasons for the changes are firstly the huge unexpected numbers for such a small venue which will lead to both traffic and parking issues which clearly none of us want. And secondly on the chosen dates the now unavailability of the Lfa for the two days, it's a vehicle in high demand that has to be shared both in the Uk and Europe and Tim feels to just have it as a static display with the occasional start up defeats the object somewhat So plans are being prepared for the following......... The published dates of the 21st/22nd will become one day not known which as yet at Cheltenham Lexus as a purely Toyota performance car day of vehicles past and present with open house to workshops on site parking food drink and so on and all are wellcome. As and when I know more I will update as soon as. So as regards the 'F' car event this will be held off site at an as yet undecided location but will have much added interest that would have not been possible at the dealership. This will be held some time in May or June over one day, the venues that they have access to are 2 Hill climb sites which have many facilities and an airfield storage site that has a permission to use dragstrip. The drag strip and or hillclimb will be available to use subject to instructional presence which will be provided, there will also be a much larger number of 'F' cars available to drive test Rcf Gsf Lc and so on, all Owners club members and families are welcome. I can assure all that every effort is being made by Tim and his guy's to come up with the right mix of things to participate in so we can all get the maximum amount of enjoyment from whatever is decided upon. Big Rat
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    All cars will be welcome, it is the 10th Anniversary of the "F" car.
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    Posted as PDF for others to use Low idle issue.pdf
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    Most people on here are more worried about England’s performance in the rugby this year 😜
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    Now I have had my car for a bit, I thought I would post my latest impressions. Firstly, I have now run in the car and and have been giving it a few revs in Sport Plus mode when conditions allow. To my surprise, my last tank of BP Ultimate returned a real 24.3 mpg. The car computer recorded 25.2 mpg so the onboard systems seems to show better economy by about 3.7%. Next, I have now washed it a couple of times and would comment that it is a bit of a pain to get dirt out of the multiple horizontal features in the rear bumper area under the back of the car. The rest of the car washes off easily (Glasscoated). Overall, I am very pleased with it. There are no rattles and the performance is just what I was expecting. The downsides are small. As discussed extensively on another thread, parking can be a headache as the long (and very thick) doors have to be opened a lot to allow easy access. You need to plan ahead to ensure that you don't get caught out. Parking away from other cars in a carpark usually ends up with someone parking next to you for no apparent reason. I still can't get enthusiastic about the touchpad navigation controls.
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    Hi, I'm new to the forum, have a new love in my life. 2004 IS200 only 72k full Lexus history. Had it a week and fallen in love, just got around to the detailing. What do you think ? Now should I keep the wheels as is, do need a refurb or change the colour ? Possibly 'Shadow Chrome ?
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    My works carpark has employed a outside parking co to monitor employees park in allocated spaces ( management and grunts have different spaces) and to make sure its not used by public. A condition of the use is to display a permit. Many people stick it to to window, many put it in place everyday. Me only working four days a week didnt want it on show on my days off. After 9 mnths i finally forgot to put it in place and got a ticket. My fault but hey ho. Approached my management and they had no interest in helping to cancel the charge for a 22yr employee. Thinking £70 is not really a justifieable amount to pay for forgetting to display a permit for one day i decided to research and fight it through the appeals process. I joined the pepipoo motoring forum and taking advice fought my case. With research i proved the ticket was not issued legally and they had not issued a correct notice to keeper. In fact with more knowledge i proved they had failed several statutes in the protection of freedoms act 2012 ( pofa ) and several of their governing bodies code of practice and as such could not hold me liable. I never mentioned the failure to display a valid permit. I fought them on their own terms and conditions which they could not get right as required by law. My appeal was upheld and the charge cancelled. So if you get a ticket on council or private land do not rush out and pay the reduced amount thinking if you dont it will cost more. The idea is to pay nothing. It takes some time and effort ,yes. Parking co's rely on the fact that people panic and pay, when with a little effort you can avoid paying using the law and their own procedures to your advantage.
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    I'm sure you could always get the health check, you just won't get a warranty if the vehicle is too old. I'd recommend that you make sure the engine warning light is working - it should come on with the ignition and go out once the car is 'Ready' - there are some people out there that will disable the light, or cover it up, to hide the fact that there is an issue.
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    Mine does this but after a lot and I mean a lot of research and getting it checked over (I'm very meticulous about fault finding I give myself headaches with it ☺)it seems it's a common noise hopefully it's the same for you too it is a very light ticking on mine mind, there is quite a few videos on YouTube showing the same noise.
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    Hi All, I thought id say hello (I'm fairly sure i was a member many moons ago) as i'm now a proud owner of a 2006 GS450H and boy what a machine it is, the power in it is insane for a large car and it's pretty good on fuel too. This i s my 2nd Lexus so know a little about the brand and love its gadget as I had a GS300 Sport MK1 with the BIG wheels (miss that) I'm coming from owning a Mercedes E240 Avantgarde/LPG for the last 9 years (mainly for family) and now have decided the time is right to move back to what I Loved (plus the Mrs now got an Smax ) and this car is a different kettle of fish. I have been rummaging through the site for a while and picking up some useful information but now that i have the car it was a good time to join and say hello. some pics om my ride, will see if there are any of my old GS300 Sport. I'm sure I will have many questions about this car and look forward to seeing other members maybe even a little mini meet if anyone is close by. Thanks usuf
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    My isF ticked........ it usually started as I walked......towards her.... keys in hand.....with ‘that look’ on her face......meaning......, Not today Please I’ve got a headache........... Big Rat
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    The nearest charging points in my area are at a supermarket at Church Stoke "about 10 miles away", and the last time I was there there were two charging bays with large notices in front of them stating they were for electric vehicles only. Both bays were taken up one with a Fiesta the other with a Golf neither of them modified to run on electricity.. There were perhaps 30 or more empty normal parking places in the immediate area. I parked behind both vehicles blocking them in. I connected the Nissan Leaf I was using to one of the charging points and went to do my shopping, and have breakfast in the store. On returning to the car about an hour later there were two annoyed "to say the least" young drivers balling and shouting at me. At that point the store manager arrived having been monitoring the situation on CCTV. The manager pointed out the large signs directly in front of there windscreens, and the empty parking spaces also explaining that without charging my car I could go no further, and had no alternative but to block there exit. He also said they would have a reason for complaint if a row of electric cars were blocking access to the petrol pumps so they could not fill up. Then he went on to say they were lucky not to have received parking penalty notices. In conversation with the manager after moving my car he said he would have done the same thing in the situation. John.
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    @Flytvr Yes I see the supporters are in somewhat in a hurry to leave at the end as well......... Big Rat
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    Currently have a Civic sport as a second car & it’s an absolutely brilliant car to live with & a blast to drive. When I picked it up last year I took the then current Type R out to sort the road tax for the sport. It was one hell of a drive & a lot more refined than the Type R’s of old (exc R track mode of course 😉). Both that car & the current Type R are the bench mark hot hatches, both holding the Ring record for this type of.car in standard production form, & the aero kit all play their part in that. To me the styling makes them look more like a touing car for the road & I like the way they look because it’s not all just for show. That said when I suggested owning one to my wife she said she liked it, but we would look a bit silly getting out of one at our age, so I can see why the styling is polarising. But you only have one life and if it’s what you want go for it!! You won’t care what the styling is like when you are sitting on the inside and are having a blast driving it 👍🏻
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    Although they call it paper it's not made out of old newspapers it's specialised acoustic card which has been used for years. Some high-end audios come with thin aluminium cones but they don't have the same warmth you get from a card coned speakers.
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    The RCF is getting a little common around here now, perhaps you should stick with the ISF. Better long term investment!!ha
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    Not sure but has my thread gone off topic? Interesting comments on other subjects all the same my thoughts. 1. If you get a ticket , dont panic , consider options to fight. With a bit of effort your cash stays in your wallet. 2. If you care about door dents.... dont park near people who dont. 3. If you have a blue badge, use it... if you dont , think yourself lucky you dont have one.
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    Hit the front brakes today. Relatively easy to do, but i took my time cleaning and greasing pad slots on the caliper mounting brackets. Not a big fan of this grooved/drilled shenanigans, but must admit these discs look little bit better than the standard ones.
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    Hi Mike, Welcome to the club - the source of much information about Lexus (and life). The battery indicator in the speedo is the state of charge at the moment. As you drive this will go up and down. The is no way to check the health of the battery except by getting a health check at Lexus. I think this costs £59 and includes a year's warranty on the battery. If you buy from a dealer this health check should be part of the deal. If not ask for it to be done. If you are not buying from a dealer then ask the seller to get a health check done before buying. Look at the service record and the MOT history. This should tell you a lot about the car. 114k miles is not a lot for this car and many of us in the LOC have 450hs with more. I think the highest was 2 or 300k. The battery is unlikely to be an issue. Check the shock absorbers and the exhaust. And don't let it run out of petrol. If any concerns ask LOC! We love our 450hs. A awful lot of quality, reliability, comfort and performance for the money. John
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    I have been very pleased with the service I have received from Lexus Swindon. Rob has been excellent. Highly recommended :-)
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    Twice a year - Easter time (after the winter) and around Oct/Nov (before the winter. Always used the red rubber grease and absolutely no issue over 6 years of using it. The seizing will come about from ill fitting rubber boots which have been attacked by the use of the wrong grease and caused them to stretch and mishapen. The red rubber grease lubricates the pins but does not attack the rubber... job done. When I doi mine its usually when I service the car which is twice a year (oil change) but while I am doing the pins I will give the moving parts a good squirt of WD40, hasn't done anything any harm but not sure if it helps anything either but its no hassle doing it.
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    Congratulations on your purchase. The performance as you are finding out is quite something. Points to watch out for are leaking shock absorbers for which there is no aftermarket replacement cost circa £250 each (not from the dealers). Leaking exhaust particularly at the "Y" piece near the rear. If the exhaust is leaking hear one of the two rear silencers have a habit of breaking off at the "Y" piece. A purpose made stainless steel exhaust is the way to go in this event. The rest of the car is more or less bullet proof. John.
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    Just got my calipers painted, now waiting for the small items to arrive and we're good to mount them on the car. Excited!
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    My IS250 se-l had a ticking noise, went in for investigation and turned out to be the injectors pumping fuel, my F has always had the same tick from start up, was given a full bill of clean health when last at Lexus Woodford, I assumed it was the fuel injectors, has been the same for the three years of my ownership, can’t be the manifold as Lexus would have tried to get me to replace it for a cost.......of course 🙄.......must be a noticeable difference with engine note, my old accord had a cracked manifold branch and that was MASSIVELY noticeable 😂🤣👍
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    Engine mounts have come, cant wait to throw these on, i did say i didnt want the competition vibratechnics mounts but with the inlet so close to the suspension turret i cant take the risk.
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    2007 SE L does have the auto parking. Had mine for 4 years and used the auto parking once, just a gimmick, takes ages to park. Mine came with a card-key, nice touch. Don't know whether a new card can be programmed but, if it could, I would think you're talking in the £hundreds. VED now £535. MPG wise, I probably averaged 18 to 20mpg. Great 4 years of ownership though.
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    There were three grades. LS 460, LS 460 SE, and LS 460 SE-L. The SE adds ML audio system, power boot lid, rear audio controls, rear cool box, air-con and powered rear seats, powered rear sunshades, and sunroof. The SE-L has everything the SE has plus better quality leather, parking assist, safety pack, 19" wheels, and a keycard. What is odd is that nearly all the additional features could be added as options, so you can have the situation where a 460 is better spec'd compared to a 460 SE.
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    Optimus Trimmers in Glasgow re-trimmed it for me. Top job, its like factory! Had to order IS350 mounts from the states. Took an age for them to arrive! Then its was off to an Auto Electrician to sort out the wiring. Not going to lie, it was pretty involved. The only thing I've always been disappointed with was the seats and the fact I could never get them low enough. The Recaro CSs are perfect, and couldn't believe my luck when I managed to source a pair in almost the right colour. Front to back they're fine! I've lost my electric seat adjustment, heated seats and PCS, but I'm happy with the trade off for a perfect driving position 👍 Stevie
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    I used FOLiATIC calliper paint, and mine was also still under warranty at the time but i thought i could do a better job myself.
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    Hope you're OK 🐀, take it easy....
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    Ouch!! That’s sounds nasty & a good job it wasn’t any lower - it might have needed more than over styling!! Hope you are ok mate.
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    That we're over styled and heavy looking????
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    Had four new tyres fitted today and tracking adjusted Initial impressions on todays wet and cold roads are very positive. Firstly the only negative is lack of rim protection. Now the positives. Firstly the car now feels more planted and the ride is much softer than the OE Dunlops. This is especially noticeable when negotiating speed humps. They are also much quieter. The grip in the wet seems also to be much improved. So initial impressions are very positive.
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    What it really needs is twin carbs
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    The impounded car is now on Gumtree
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    Your far too honourable for me!! Money talks, especially if it's going to help with getting a new car. Lol Marcus
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    @ComedianAbsolutely an engine bay is a very hostile environment and any external component is going to start showing its age no matter the quality.......... bit like me really over 45 years of being outside in muddy holes or up high..... sooner or later bits start to fail...😳 Big Rat
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    They are a really nice car. I thought about one a while back but decided my defective back probably wouldn’t survive the experience 😂😂
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    My son at 19 has a type R, he’s “always” wanted the EP3, he found a 2005 cosmos grey one with 2 owners n full history, i at 45 had th joy of driving it home from the 100+ trip, he was in his Civic sport that he had at 17 which was cheaper to insure than a fiesta 1.25 🤔.........he has zero intentions of ever selling it, I have full use of it, fun it is, onlookers must just laugh at some “old boy” in a kids car 😳......🤣😂🤣
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    I agree with Bluesman, it must be an age thing so please forgive us! Not a fan of black wheels, I thought your originals looked good. Your LS is now very distinctive, but as they are now getting rarer, even a bog standard one stands out to me. What I do like about the LS400 is that it is understated - a car not many people would give a second glance. Your mods, I am sure, will make it stand out. As long as you are happy, that is the main thing - it is good to see the LS being treasured.
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    Hi Charlieboy3 - i took off my driverside roof rail and tapped the whole length of the rain gutter - this stopped the leak instantly, i then (a bit extreme) in the end i took out the headlining and the A frame pillar covers and saw water coming on from the top corner where the screen/body work meet - i believe the rubber bonding between the screen and the bodywork had come away/perished or something - this allowed moisture in initially, then over the years due movement, expansion/contraction the gap got larger and made the problem worse until such time it allowed water in. It got so bad the whole of the interior windscreen was wet or iced when very cold. i had the windscreen replaced today - so should be ok - finger crossed, time will tell
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    Very nice seats 👍🏻 Would never have crossed my mind that they would fit - nice job👍🏻
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    I appreciate you saying that, my car is very average around here though, I use it daily. I'm considering a move too but honestly, where do I go from the ISF without spending £30k+
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    Not sure what Greenstuff are made from, I think Kevlar, but they are quite soft and therefore kind to the discs, but with quicker wear than OEM and possibly more dust. Redstuff are Kevlar with ceramic particles, they are fine with standard discs and supposedly reduce disc wear by half compared to OEM pads. It seems they sell both for the IS300h, but reds are probably recommended due to the weight of the vehicle (Green is more for hatchbacks). Here is their online shop - select pads as it will default to complete disc/pad kits. https://ebcbrakesdirect.com/automotive/lexus/is300h/2.5-hybrid-2013-/29626#prettyPhoto
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    It is a difficult decision but I think going down a completely different route is helping. This 4x4 is going to be an adventure as I need to source one, ship it, iva it then UK register it before flying down to Southampton to drive it home. This is without ever driving a 70 series because they are so rare lol. Then I can start with the ARB accessories , lift kits etc even fancying a roof tent for the odd couple of days camping here and there. So yeah the ISF is stunning to drive but I'm looking forward to getting my Tonka toy haha. If it were just to get another car I wouldn't even dream of selling the ISF.
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    Haha. Thanks. I always wanted a white one - ISF that is rather than colour of baby as I pretty sure you can't choose that but the wife can ;-) Yep. The 1st crazy looking one that's about a year old. My limit for next car is 20k. 1st choice is to keep the ISF but will see how the pennies last while the wife is off work. BOT all year (Beans on Toast) :-(