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    I’ve done a short comparison video
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    Like @emjay82 has stated,......hats off to you @NothernDan for all your hard work on arranging this, looking forward to it 👍🏻🏎👍🏻🏎
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    A reliable source has informed me that this particular GsF was used in the soon to be released MIB 4. Cant find any footage as yet but still a great looking colour combo IMO. On sale now I’ve noticed at Lexus Swindon, who as an aside have also got one of those rather nice Toyota Yaris GRMN a used one this, shame they don’t put them into production in numbers. Be great as a 2/3 year old second car if they did. 🐀
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    There will be more of these so fear not! Let’s hope we get good weather for this one and I’ll arrange another one in the spring 😎
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    You start with “the noise”... wheels are next... custom suspension... maybe air suspension? Next? Some wheel spacers... body kit... supercharger..., etc Next... divorce... happy alone... not alone... with de Lex F 😂😂😂😂
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    @Womble72 Paul I think this was the most here a while back, not as many as yours.......though I could be wrong 😊 Big Rat
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    Evening all. Been taking a look at the various stopping points and some suitable eateries to save us having a gaggle/flock/herd of hungry F owners wandering about as lack-of-food-related anger sets in. Did a fair bit of Googling and Trip Advisering and the following look like some good options for the associated legs of the trip. These are just suggestions of course so feel free to do your own research and post any suggestions; Leg-1 Matlock - Late Breakfast Parking here will be on street as close as we can get to this place but it’ll just be a quick stop for tea and bacon rolls so we’ll pretty much be stood by the cars anyway. Matlock Cafe, 9 Bakewell Rd, Matlock DE4 3AU According to all accounts this gaff does the best bacon rolls in Matlock. Leg-2 Buxton - Lunch Loads of choice here. All the guides say to park by the Old Hall Hotel and walk back past the Crescent and Opera House then take your pick. We’ve got 90 minutes scheduled and we’ll obviously be eating here later on so, personally, I’ll be eating pretty light at lunch then a decent meal later on. A few good options are shown below; Cafe at the Green Pavillion, 4 Terrace Road, Buxton, SK17 6 DR No. 6 The Square, 6 The Square, Buxton, SK17 6AZ The Lone Star Cafe Bar, Old Court House, George Street, Buxton SK17 6AY Leg-3 Ladybower Inn - Refreshments By far the easiest choice...... we are already there. Leg-4 Buxton - Dinner (or “Tea” if you are a proper Northerner) Back in Buxton and the choices are far wider for the evenings entertainment. I’m not sure how many of us will be staying around here other than the overnighters but if any day trippers are planning a brief respite before heading on home then the Premier Inn, where the overnighters are staying, has a decent bar so we can chill for a while and finish off the day. Any wishing to join the overnighters for food can stay on. Let’s assess numbers on the day and those of you with phones that weren’t made in the late 17th century can take a look at TripAdvisor and pick a suitable gaff for us all to grace with our presence. Any comments or suggestions are always welcome. Really looking forward to this now!
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    More I think about this the more I may stay over the night....
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    Special pass granted - but keep it under 300 words 😀
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    ****!!! I don't qualify... what about IS220d drivers?
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    It looks very good in green, Pete! 😜😜😂😂
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    @NothernDan Hey Dan as an old married man she can call me anything she wants....... 🐀
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    Its not a trap they have fallen into, over the years i have come to the conclusion not to take any notice of magazine or TV programs concerning car reviews, they either don't take the car on its own merit or the journalist / TV presenter's have there preferred manufacturer. Other than looks the RC & RC-F are two different cars, insurance, fuel and running costs for a start, then ride comfort the RC is a lot more comfortable. But silly me, as per usual the RC is not fast enough, its 0-60 is to slow and it doesn't go round corners on two wheels so buy a RC-F, in fact don't bother , buy a Baguette Veyron you can pick up a cheep one for a Mill.
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    I sort of digressed off topic with excitement of placing the order for my exhaust, as u well know @Big Rat it’s something that I’ve been toring with a couple of years, with the confusion I decided to opt for a company that haven’t made one for the F, hopefully it’ll turnout good as I’ve stated I don’t want “raspie” 😳......🤞🏻.......think it’ll bring another option into the fold.....”hopefully” 😉
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    Yes, Paul! I did see this clip earlier yesterday day. Sam sent to me the link 😜😜 I was telling him, if I would drive like this in a multi-storey car park with the Musa exhaust, valves open, the cops would be waiting for me by the time I get to the ground floor 🚔
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    Wow I do love the sound the LC makes. Just goes to show what Lexus can do when they decide a car needs a proper exhaust note!!
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    So why we are talking exhausts....... @DAW @Cezar B @Womble72 I make no apologies for posting this twice I put on the LC forum but Lexus filmed this in the car park next to Mrs Rats office in Cabot Circus Bristol a few days ago, they knew about it but she forget to tell me 🙄
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    I sometimes think if I'd gone for the exhaust with my isF in the beginning I'd still have it, something like the system that @emjay82 has on his car, sorry I don't have a vid of it but if he's reading this........ 🐀
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    I waited so long I changed cars while I was talking to warranty about a H&S for my ISF. - which was slightly embarrassing 😂. Took me 4 years but was determined not to make the same mistake with the RCF. Better late than never I suppose😉
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    Don’t worry, it’s only taken 3-1/2 years to take the plung with the bag pipes, hopefully there will be loads of sound tracks to listen to before u take the plunge, I’ve opted to keep the rear tips so it won’t notice that’s it’s been changed, mine is also the first for the company so who knows what it’ll be like 😳.......time will tell 👍🏻
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    Just got off the phone to @Warrington guy......he pre warned me of your cannons n the need for ear plugs 😂......even at my age 👍🏻🤣😂👍🏻
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    They've just not fitted it properly or its not a genuine bumper Cant see any gaps on this:

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