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    Hi everyone, brand new to lexus but have owned toyota cars for years. Bought a 2014 lexus is300h in sonic titanium with black trim. 1 week of ownership and I'm absolutely chuffed with it. I've been lurking a few weeks now on the forum to best see where to buy things like bootliner and mats from. Takes a while to get used to driving the car correctly to best get the best mpg from it. Anyway here's a picture of the car.
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    So I recently managed to source a set of rear VLAND tail-lights for my IS250 for a very reasonable price. I didn't like the idea of how when the parking lights are off and you apply the brakes, only the outer section lights up. This is how the factory connectors are wired up, so it's not really a VLAND issue. On the normal OEM tail lights it's not a problem. But the VLAND design is more of the L shape and it seems incomplete when only the outer part of the L shape lights up. Ofcourse if the parking lights are on then there is no problem. But I cannot be driving around in the daytime with parking lights on and even if I did, that will cause my front LED's to be dim. So I did a 2 part modification. Part 1: If parking lights are off, make the inner part of the VLAND tail-lights light up when applying the brakes. Part 2: Use the puddle light circuit to light up the entire VLAND running lights and the front LED running lights. The puddle lights are powered by a 'square PWM signal' controlled by the main body ECU wth a MOSFET circuit that fades the puddle lights in and out. So it's not as simple as just tapping straight into the puddle light circuit. You can't just put a relay on it either because 1. power draw 2. it will cause the relay to buzz and wear out prematurely because the circuit is a digital ON/OFF signal to the puddle light bulbs without any analog smoothing. I used a logic board with a relay that has 'optically isolated' inputs meaning the current draw should never exceed 20mA so there is no chance of overload. Below are a few pics of my VLAND taillights installed and a video demonstrating my 2-part modification. In the two pictures below, the boot is not closed so it may look like the VLAND's are not aliged because of it.
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    New HID bulbs have arrived! Which was pretty quick.... All installed, was a piece of cake. Despite not being able to feel my finger's... Lol. Definitely a whiter light and actually looked a little brighter than the oem one when side by side. Tonight will be the test especially as it's going to be raining... Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
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    I have had the car a few weeks now and found my way around most things but I do find the map text hard to read.I thought it might be just me but passengers say the same. I know the whole map can be pinched to enlarge but this doesn't really solve the issue. Road numbers for example are virtually impossible to read at a glance on this screen. The colours don't help and the only display options seem to be contrast and brightness which don't improve matters either. Is this a common cause for complaint and has anyone found a solution or workaround for it?
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    I took my wife's Toyota Aygo in for it's MOT a couple of days ago to find my local testing station had updated to the latest equipment. I do not know if this is compulsory for all testing stations, and who pays for the equipment. The cost of equipment must be substantial The test is now a one man test meaning a second person is not required to operate lights while the examiner checks them, rock the steering, or operate the brakes. Mirrors are fitted all round the ramp to check the lights, and a new ramp with what I can only call a wobble machine built in to each side to wobble the suspension, and steering without the examiner having to prize suspension parts with a bar. Talking to the examiner I found that the majority of vehicles failing the test were diesels. Many for having particulate filters removed, EGR valves blocked off or removed, and catalytic converters having internals removed. The Cat's he informed me if the innards are removed have no back pressure "a normal feature". He also said that if there were any doubts about the validity or integrity of a system he had been told by the MOT to fail it. It seems the ministry are getting tough on diesels. I am glad to say the Aygo past it's test for the fourth year in succession without any advisories. John.
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    Hi everyone, Need some help here. Does anyone used Techstream in an IS300h? First of all, when connecting the car, model is not automatically loaded in Techstream. I have to chose 3 additional optiones: 1. IS300h model 2. year version (-1508) 3. radar cruise/others. Then I see no options under Unit Conversion or PSD & PBD operation. Someone has experience with this? Thanks, Bruno
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    The second generation IS250 equipped with auto-folding mirrors does not allow for folding the mirrors once ignition is turned off. This is because the switch is wired via the ACC +12v supply going to the mirror motor. Power folding mirror motors regardless of brand all work in similar way. They have two wires going to the motor. It folds and unfolds based on the polarity of the power supplied to it. The internal switch that folds the mirror basically flips the ACC +12v and ground around going to the 2 wires of the mirror motor. I initially did some testing and was able to operate the mirrors independently using +12v I was going to build my own polarity switching relay circuit but then came across these readily available "Intelligent Universal Auto-Folding Mirror Systems". They sell on the famous bay auction site for as little as £5 from chinese sellers. I purchased mine for £6.49 as that was the cheapest seller that had UK/EU stock which came in a few days. £5 one would have taken 20-30 days to arrive from china which wasn't a great option for the price difference. The price of buying components and prject box etc and making my own unit would have cost me more than £6.49. This system is universal and works on the same principal. As long as it's wired correctly, I had no doubt it would work. The internal mirror fold switch still works just like normal. The module is marketed as being a intelligent folding system. This is because if you fold your mirrors using the internal switch and then turn off the car, the system will not do anything when you lock or unlock the car. It's because lets say you parked in a really tight spot where you had to fold your mirrors with the switch, and then if the system just unfolded it when you unlocked it, that would be a disaster. So the system doesn't operate if you fold the mirror with the switch before turning ignition off. If you leave mirrors normally unfolded and turn off ignition then system operates normally. The system works great. Below is my video demo showing the end result. I will write-up a installation guide in the coming days and post on my blog and on here for anyone who is interested.
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    Picked up my new car a couple of days ago. First impressions are it's better than the previous version I had for sure. How much of that is my imagination and just being a new car, only time will tell I guess. New Car CT200h F Sport, Mercury Grey, with Tech and Convenience Packs on PCP Previous Car CT200h 65 plate with Sport Pack, White with Black Roof/Mirrors I ordered the new car in August, which was due mid November, then 2 weeks ago after I chased the dealer to confirm delivery date, they said .... Oohh its gonna be mid February now we think! Unless I wanted to go from my colour choice of Black, to Metallic Mercury Grey. Hence I ended up with a different colour. Sad times, as I was really looking forward to the black, even more painfully the day I went to pick up my new car, stuck in traffic, there it was, directly opposite me sitting at the lights.... In black! 😭 Anyhoo Mercury Grey it is, which although not as good, I still like, plus it matches the wheels now, which is a bonus. Going from normal to F Sport I'd expected the ride to be a little harder, if that's possible, and I've noticed that's kind of the case on non smooth roads, so most of them. But it also feels firmer in a good way too which surprised me. The whopping 10.3" display is lovely, the seats again feel a bit firmer and hug better. The new design headlights and rear lights look great, and auto full beam headlights are awesome and so useful! Much brighter than my old quite dim lights. Now I have the reversing camera too which is handy, instead of just the parking sensors alone. The front grille looks really really nice. Back to Yokohama's which is a shame, missing my quieter more forgiving Michelin's. I'm also noticing, and I'm sure this must be my imagination, but acceleration feels a lot quicker. As far as I was aware the F Sport is a sheep in wolf's clothing, i.e just the same engine as the rest of the range, and the same as my old 65 plate, but it feels different, actually better, more responsive. Some of this may well be down to my smile, and to the fact brand new cars just feel like that at first. Be interested to hear what others think and say about this aspect. I negotiated what I think was a pretty good price, it's costing me £20 more a month at £280 per month, but that's partly my fault for not trading it in immediately at the end of my old lease. My new deal meant £22k financed after my px. Which on a car costing nearly 31k before discounts, was quite decent. I had really liked the look of the new Corolla, the mpg was amazing on it, but even though it's around the same price, they couldn't get the monthly payment anywhere near the CT. No finance deposit and GFV would be the issue there I suspect. The Corolla was really smooth to drive, but surprisingly to me, it felt kind of dead, lifeless. So overall I'd say my new car is quite a lot better than the previous one, I can start to dream what the new 2020/2021 version, if there is one, will be like. Omg, sorry, I've written an article here, was supposed to be a few lines.
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    Enjoy the car David. You are a fortunate man to have the opportunity to drive that. Oh, and lest I forget.....do NOT pack any Kryptonite in your luggage !!
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    Very nice car, am looking to get the CT although can only afford a lot older. Having had 4 new audi in 6 years as company cars, I can say some of the smoothness is to do with a brand new engine. Enjoy the car!
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    Welcome to the forum and congratulations on the Lexus. Their one fine car to have the pleasure of owning. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    Mine is getting picked up tomorrow by Lexus coventry so i will update on further developments. It is strange though because it only happens on idle from cold start,if you move off immediately there is no noise. We are selling it soon, not because of this annoyance, because it has been a superb car for the last four years and a pleasure to own but 95% of our driving is now local and its not making sense anymore. We already have a plug in Hybrid countryman which is a great car and we have decided to go to a full EV as well and just a hire a car for the couple of trips to Cornwall every year.
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    It’s like why do men still have nipples? 😯 My dad had a Maserati without a gear stick - just the buttons cribbed from the Ferrari F430 - and it never felt quite right. So I guess it’s just what (probably American) buyers in this sector “expect” rather than any other reason.
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    hi Mike enjoy your new CT keeping to a new car delivery date seems to be a common issue for lexus you should'nt have to change the colour to get the car that you want, and yes agree with you over the noisy tyres supplied why cant they provide a quiet set of tyres on the car like the Cross Climates.
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    Car not coming to temp, not too bad a job and easy to understand why when I got the thermostat out.
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    Not getting confused with another car perhaps? My ford shows a mini speedo Icon.
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    That's not a symbol I'm familiar with and I use cruise control all the time. Can't see anything similar mentioned in the manual either. Unless earlier cars are different, the green "CRUISE" to signify that it's available, is all there is that appears on the dash.
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    Here's the whole page for you HOME LEXUS IS LEXUS ES LEXUS GS LEXUS LS LEXUS RX LEXUS GX LEXUS LX LEXUS CT Electronically modulated air suspension Lexus RX / Lexus RX 450H User Manual / When driving / Using other driving systems / Electronically modulated air suspension The electronically modulated air suspension allows the driver to control vehicle height in order to adjust driving conditions. Select the desired height with the height selector switch. 1. Multi-information display. 2. Electronically modulated air suspension indicator. 3. Height control off button. 4. Height selector switch (driver’s side instrument panel). 5. Height selector switch (luggage compartment). Selecting vehicle height Height modes “HI” mode: For driving on bumpy roads. 1.2 in. (30 mm) higher than the normal height. “HI” mode cannot be selected when vehicle speed exceeds 19 mph (30 km/h). “N” mode: For ordinary driving. Normal height. “LO” mode: For sporty driving. Vehicle front: 0.8 in. (20 mm) lower than the normal height. Vehicle rear: 0.2 in. (5 mm) lower than the normal height. Luggage mode: For easy entry/exit and easy luggage loading/ unloading. 1.2 in. (30 mm) lower than the normal height. Height selector switch - Press the height selector switch for approximately 1 second. Driver's side instrument panel 1. Higher. Pressing this switch while the vehicle is in luggage mode changes the vehicle height to that of “N” mode. 2. Lower. Pressing the switch while the vehicle is in “LO” mode changes the vehicle height to that of luggage mode. - Luggage compartment. 1. Higher. Pressing this switch while the vehicle is in luggage mode changes the vehicle height to that of “N” mode. 2. Lower. Pressing this switch while the vehicle is in “N” mode changes the vehicle height to that of luggage mode, not “LO” mode. Electronically modulated air suspension indicator The indicator for the selected mode will come on. The indicator will flash while the vehicle height is being changed to the height of the selected mode. Disabling the height control Press the height control off button while the vehicle is stopped. A message will appear on the multiinformation display, and vehicle height will be fixed in the current mode. When vehicle speed exceeds 19 mph (30 km/h), the electronically modulated air suspension is reenabled automatically. Operating conditions After stopping the hybrid system, the vehicle will remain lowered for a maximum of 60 seconds. Height selector switch (driver's side instrument panel) • While the hybrid system is operating, any vehicle height mode can be selected. • Luggage mode can only be selected when the shift lever is in the P position. Height selector switch (luggage compartment) • When the hybrid system is operating and the shift lever is in the P position, any vehicle height other than “LO” mode can be selected. • When the “POWER” switch is turned off, the vehicle height can only be lowered (only the “∨” side of the switch can be operated). This switch can only be operated when the back door is open. Height control off button When the vehicle is stopped with the “POWER” switch in ON mode, vehicle height control can be disabled/re-enabled. When changing vehicle height modes Before operating the height selector switch to raise/lower the vehicle height, ensure that there are no objects in the surrounding area that could damage the vehicle. When “N” mode is selected During high speed driving, the vehicle height will automatically change to that of “LO” mode. When “HI” mode is selected The vehicle height will change to that of “N” mode when vehicle speed reaches 31 mph (50 km/h) or when vehicle speed has exceeded 19 mph (30 km/h) for approximately 10 seconds. Even if vehicle speed is then reduced to under 19 mph (30 km/h), height will not return to “HI” mode. When “LO” mode is selected The vehicle height will change to that of “N” mode when the hybrid system is restarted. When luggage mode is selected If the vehicle begins to move while still in luggage mode, the vehicle will automatically change to “N” mode once speed exceeds 5 mph (8 km/h). Even if vehicle speed is reduced below 5 mph (8 km/h), the vehicle height will not automatically return to luggage mode. Operating sound of the air suspension When the vehicle height is lowered, such as when entering and loading the vehicle, or when the height selector switch is operated, the sound of the compressor operating or the mode changing may be heard. This does not indicate a malfunction. Automatic leveling function Regardless of the number of occupants and the luggage load, vehicle height in any mode is always adjusted to a fixed height by the automatic leveling function. Vehicle height mode change time If the height control is operated continuously to lower the vehicle, the suspension air tank may become full, causing operation of the vehicle height lowering control to become slow. To protect the compressor, the system will only raise the vehicle for a total of 100 consecutive seconds. If it takes longer than this to reach the selected height, operation may be suspended shortly and then restart. However, it may not be possible to change the vehicle's height mode at this time. The electronically modulated air suspension will not operate when The vehicle height control may not be able to change modes when the vehicle runs over a high curb or other rugged surfaces where the suspension is stretched. CAUTION: The electronically modulated air suspension must be disabled when The electronically modulated air suspension must be disabled in the following situations as vehicle height may change, resulting in accidental damage: Any of the wheels is stuck in a ditch. It is necessary to jack up the vehicle. It is necessary to tow the vehicle with part of it lifted. When connecting/disconnecting a trailer For safety, stop the hybrid system if necessary. NOTICE: “HI” mode “HI” mode should be used for off-road driving. As the vehicle's center of gravity is higher in this setting, the vehicle may become unstable if an abrupt turn is made. Do not select “HI” mode when loading cargo on the roof luggage carrier. This may result in a loss of control or vehicle rollover. Do not select “LO” mode when driving on bumpy roads. If the underbody of the vehicle touches a rugged road surface, the vehicle may be damaged. Also be careful when driving while the vehicle is automatically returning from luggage or “LO” mode to “N” mode. Automatic return to “N” mode In the following situations, the height of the vehicle will automatically increase. Be careful in any place where overhead space is limited. The vehicle begins to move while still in luggage mode. The hybrid system is restarted while the vehicle is in “LO” mode. Vehicle height while parked If the temperature changes or the vehicle is parked for a long time, the vehicle height may decrease.
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    If you look at your dash there will be a green small light if I remember on the right lower side .and the ride height button is r/h side of steering wheel lower down .
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    It's impossible to say because FM broadcast stations don't have a great range, so you may find a free spot but 10 miles down the road it's occupied. If you ever listen to BBC Radio 2 you'll know that when they do a station ident they always say "BBC Radio 2 on 88 to 91 FM." That's because it's a national station but it can't just broadcast on one frequency due to other stations in other areas already occupying parts of that frequency band. In your area it may be on, say, 88.7MHz but 10 miles down the road it could be 89.6MHz.
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    I've used one. They're OK but the FM Bluetooth doodaas are better. I use a couple of these in my cars that don't have BT.
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    Thanks folks, I have contacted Lexus UK and the dealer and await their responses, will report back in due course.
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    There will be an indicator in the dash and a ride height button plus on in the boot . if you have been quoted £5000 just take out an extended warranty at another dealer and give it a week or so and take the car to them hey presto free repair but shhhh don't let the people on her know or they will tut tut me and say your go to hell lol but hey it's your choice I know what I would do and the Lexus dealer won't give a monkeys as to say as the rich money grabbing warranty company will pay them .
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    I do agree with you if the car was the rx350 model it would not be going to lexus .but due to the hybrid system .i know only only too well the system would go pop and with out all the specialist equipment a workshop /ramp etc it makes it a pain in the arse .working full time doesn't help I'm afraid this is the future of cars costly little buggers to fix .i can understand the pcp way of things rag it and just use the cheapest garage for servicing .
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    I have just taken delivery of UX and can’t believe how bad the map display is compared to my old Volvo. Even zooming in doesn’t help with being able to read the road names and my eyesight is pretty good.
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    I have found if you look at the difference between an intermediate service, and a full service for my GS, and my Prius it boils down to a few extra checks "not work done". Invariably anything found in the checks is at extra cost. Lots of the items on the bloated service sheet have anything to do with your car, but it looks impressive. When was the last time you saw a grease nipple on a prop shaft or ball joint. Antifreeze lasts for 10 years or 120,000 miles. transmission fluid is not changed These checks are all what I call look see's. An MOT covers all these "Look see's" only in greater depth. I only have intermediate service "as already stated basically an oil, and filter change" along side an MOT covering everything in a full service. The book still gets stamped. Unless the care is under guarantee or extended one there is nothing to be gained from a load of dealers stamps in the book when it comes to part exing the car. You will not get £1000 more because of service stamps the cost of perhaps two of them. Selling privately it might make the car more sale able, but a log book of all work carried out with parts receipts, dates, and MOT certs will impress just as much. Three years ago I was informed that I needed a new engine coolant pump as the coolant was below the high mark. This was not topped up in the service but left "low". I topped up the coolant when I got home, and I have not had to top it up since or changed the pump that is not noisy or have any play in the bearings in 40,000 miles. Lexus Wolverhampton. John.
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    https://www.beatsonicusa.com This is where I purchased it from (there are two versions depending if you have sat nav installed on your Lexus or not). They had a $100 discount when I ordered (it was $499) Costs: £436 = ($499 in GBP) £110 = Import Duty £135 = Installation Charge £681 Lexus Newcastle only do authorised Lexus work but they recommended the Auto Electricians they use for outsourced work.
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    David you have effectively been charged for work that has not been done a definite no no under the trade descriptions act. I would return the car to the dealer, and insist on the fluid being changed pointing out this is mandatory for a full service as in the schedule by Lexus. On a hybrid it is a reasonably lengthy prepossess requiring the car to be attached to a computer with Techstreem software to operate various solenoids in the braking system to purge all the lines of old fluid, and taking near 4.5 ltrs of fluid. This is no where near as simple as normal cars without regen braking. John
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    Thank you @normski2 Will do the write-up very soon. I've got quite a few videos and write-ups coming as i''ve done quite a lot of electronics mods in the past weeks
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    Unless you are a Politician David, replace means replace. I would send a formal complaint by email to Lexus GB Customer Services and copy it to the Lexus Dealer who does not know the meaning of replace.
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    That wording is too vague as detailed by dealer because it could be construed as just topping up which is not saatisfactory. As my car will be 5 years old at the next service I was contemplating going on to 'essential service' but before doing so will again ask specicically what will be done. (As brake fluid change on my car should have been done as part of normal service this year it won't need to be done until 2021). I did ask at the service this year what difference there was between 'normal' and 'essential' service and was informed verbally that they were the same but that Lexus don't want to lose business so just use this terminology to reduce the service price.
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    brake fluid must be changed every two years, so that would line up with a major service... I had the same from a dealer, I found over £400 later they hadn't changed it (still dark fluid, and undisturbed dust on the reservoir cap) ... I called them up on it, but was just shouted at down the phone by a very angry mechanic... won't be going back there again! The fluid absorbs moisture, you can see the fluid is old, as new fluid is clear, gets darker with age.. on a hybrid you really need to look after the brakes... they don;t get used as heavily as with normal cars, so need to know they work when you really need them!
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    Under the glovebox on a right hand drive car. There's a panel covering the fusebox that unclips to reveal the fusebox. If you look under there you wouldn't know the fuse box is there because of the cover.
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    Hi, thanks for taking time to respond. That is a good idea and I will try it if it happens again. I tested the battery with a multimeter (first time I ever used one) and the results were 14v when in ready mode. When it failed to go in to ready mode it went as low as 12.4 and didn't go any lower. As it didn't go any lower I didn't suspect a parasitic power loss. Called several lexus specialists for advice all of them offering their condolences and diagnostics at £200 per hour. LOL then CRY. But one specialist did suggest the key at fault. I forgot I had a spare key, it's not an original. Tried that and it worked. To my surprise. So I have two keys: A - key provided with purchase of car B - key copied from key A using aftermarket tech (faulty) I proceeded to test: x30 ignition starts with key A, not one no ready light occurrence. Car always started. Success. x30 ignition starts with key B, about 30% no ready light occurrences. Suspect faulty. The clue lay in the flashing security light. Every time key B failed to start car. I noticed the light didn't stop flashing like it did with the working key. So I suspect a dodgy transponder in that key. Hope this helps someone if they have similar issue.
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    First thing to point out is that the CVT in your audi really was a CVT. The "e-CVT" in the Lexus Hybrids isn't - it's rather clever and incredibly simple system that doesn't have any clutches, bands or chains, very few moving parts and basically never wears out (millions of prius cabs can't be wrong). However, the driving feel is sort of akin to a CVT, in that the engine can hold a speed (ie rpm) and the car can accelerate. The thing is that, with the GS at least, this rarely happens for any particular length of time. A slip-road acceleration from 30-70 lasts maybe 3-4 seconds during which time the revs rise and so there's maybe 2 seconds of static revs. It's not some constant "drone" as many motoring journalists have written (watch the Fifth Gear review - they complain about it while driving pegged down bruntingthorpe runway. Not realistic!) The actual driving characteristics of the eCVT are pretty good, once you learn to ignore the disconnect between sound and speed. When accelerating, you get continuous linear acceleration much more like an EV (and my other car is a Tesla) - you don't have the horrible lumpiness of torque at the wheels that occurs with a turbodiesel combined with discrete gears (whether manual or auto). However, I will obviously concede that an S class is going to be a damn sight smoother than most cars in this regard! The other huge benefit of the eCVT is that it allows the car to cruise along with the engine ticking over at 1000rpm at all legal UK motorway speeds (and quite some way beyond). As you can see from my sig below, our GS450h with similar (but not the same) drivetrain returns a real world average of 37mpg which is absolutely phenomenal for a 340bhp petrol car. Our previous 2011 Volvo V70 Diesel returned 38mpg. Ultimately it's a matter of fitness for purpose. The eCVT won't ever win friends among those that want to carve up country roads, heel-and-toeing downshifts, etc (ie most of the motoring press). But then again, is a ~2 tonne squidgy luxury SUV going to win friends there anyway, regardless of its transmission? It is fabulous for smooth progress - when driven at 5 tenths to 6 tenths the GS450h gathers speed without making a fuss. It doesn't have the neck-snapping party piece of the Tesla, but instead it has an uncanny ability to be doing 30 and then just a few seconds later be doing 60 in such a way that your passengers didn't even notice the change. As for your last point.... Space, the RX is a pretty spacious vehicle. Maybe not as spacious for 4 passengers as an LWB S, but I doubt you'd have many complaints. Pace... it's quick enough, but not one for a B-road hustle. Grace - not quite there with the S class, but that's really a very high bar. The RX will attract less attention and will mostly get on with being comfortable and unobtrusive.
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    Excellent, I shall try that solution Thank you
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    A condenser is the coil which is typically positioned close to the radiator. the HP pipe is one of the pipes which feed the condenser coil. So, one of the condenser pipes needs changing and the condenser coil needs changing. This process will commence by recovering the remaining refrigerant gas from the system and disposing of it in an approved manner...typically sending it to a registered disposal contractor. Having done this,the old condenser coil will be removed and a new one will be installed. Due to the close provimity of the cooling radiator, it is often necessary to remove the coolant and radiator along with large pieces of body work in order to acheive this. ( I am telling you about a typical installation rather athan a lexus specific installation). Having fitted the new condenser coil and pipework along with the cooling radiator, it is then prudent to pressure test the instalation with dry nitrogen and leave it overnight in order to ascertain whether the newly installed equipment is gas tight. Having established that the refrigeration system is gas tight, the car mey then be re-assembled and the refrigeration system then needs to be connected to a vacuum pump in order to remove air, nitrogen, small traces of moisture. ( the vacuum allows the water to boil out of the system and so the longer the vacuum, period , the less chance of the system being contaminated) Finally, the system will be re-gassed with new refrigerant and tested. If you can find out the cost of the coil, the gas charge,scrap gas disposal and the pipe, most of the rest of the price will be labour. The task, if done properly, is labour intensive. I would be worried if the cost were to be less than a thousand pounds since this would point to labour savings created by corner cutting. If I were to be doing the job myself I would "triple vac" the system while I was re-assembling the bodywork/ radiator and bleeding the engine cooling system. Triple Vacuuming is a process during which one vacuums out the system in the normal way and then breaks the vacuum with the introduction of dry nitrogen three times on the final time breaking the vacuum with the introduction of refridgerant. "Triple Vac" in simply a method of ensuring that any potential system contaminants are removed. Since the car system is a comparatively tiny system, it it possible to complete the work relatively quickly over the space of two working days since some aspects such as pressure testing asre best done overnight and the longer the test, the better the chance of finding any potential leakages of the newly installed equipment ( or previously undetected leakage of existing equipment). Hope this helps to shed some light on your dilema.
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    Ok, I have been using hybrids now for 10 years, my first car was a 2004 Prius, when I bought it the mileage was 114,000 when I sold it I was up about the 235,000 mark. Today, it’s mileage is 330,000 miles, I know the owner, he bought it to use as a taxi, ran it for 6 months and then upgraded, he handed this one to his daughter who uses it for town running. It has never had any replacement battery cells, nor has the transmission given any issues, the car is 15 years old now and the owner does admit he doesn’t get the battery performance that he used to he is still getting mid to late 40’s out of it. I have never had to do anything to the batteries on any of my hybrids, IMO they will easily last the life of the vehicle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sorry Peter.HJ is Honest John in The Daily Telegraph. The best Motoring Correspondence bar none. Hybrid Batteries are now warranted for 15 years from manufacture by Lexus, subject to Annual Checks.. NonE OF THE VEHICLES REFERRED TO ABOVE HAVE HAD A FAILURE IN THE Hybrid Battery.
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    I have a 2013 is300h Premier that I purchased from new, it really is the best car I have ever had, I regularly get around 30 to 35,000 miles from the tyres I had the front brake pads and discs changed for the first time since new at 140,000 miles and the current mileage is 154,000 miles still on the original brake pads and discs on the rear from new. Driving it normally I get between 48 and 54 miles per gallon. Also servicing costs are less than my old car which was a 4-wheel drive Nissan Qashqai. After six years of very pleasurable driving it looks like new, it drives like new. Never let me down, love the Lexus brand and will not change to another manufacturer. Many thanks to Lexus Birmingham who have been excellent and serviced the car every 10000 miles since I purchased it from them in August 2013.
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    Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!
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    I'm thinking about getting a straight through pipe made up as well as the replacement Cat made up, so they are identical in length and fitment, that way I can run it without a Cat and not have to worry about leaving it parked, I can then swap the pipe for the Cat at MOT time. I need to find a local fabricator who would knock something up for me. My worry is that i'll get the replacement Cat fitted and the scum bags will nick that one as well.
  45. 1 point
    I can understand engine choice being a factor in choosing or rejecting a car but infotainment system? For me that really does not make sense. But the world would be a boring place if we were all the same. Even if the sheer number of German soot boxes out there does indeed show that many people do like being the same!
  46. 1 point
    I spoke to Brian on Monday, what a fantastic bloke, very knowledgeable and helpful. Stripped the top mounts off Monday afternoon, packed them and posted them Tuesday morning from the Isle of Man to his workshop at Orchard Engineering in Gloucestershire. He emailed the invoice, sent me a text once he had recieved the parts on Wednesday, I sent payment once he had seen them to make sure they could be done, and they were back with me, on the Isle of Man by 10:30am today (Thursday). Not only were the new bearings fitted but he had also given them a splash of paint!! So impressed with the speed, price and quality of the job, a real breath of fresh air!! Would highly recommend Orchard Engineering for top mount repairs, I'm still astounded at the 3 days from start to finish... to and from the Isle of Man... we can't even get a phone call back from companies on this Island in that time frame!!! Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  47. 1 point
    Ordered!! Well spotted thanks. Alexander. Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
  48. 1 point
    You can get one from these people. Pity RHD costs more than double LHD but c'est la vie ! https://www.ebay.com/itm/1993-1994-Toyota-Celsior-Lexus-LS400-RHD-Climate-Control-HVAC-LCD-Screen/253064035229?epid=25011487432&hash=item3aebcabb9d:g:ACAAAOSwmE9cRzzN
  49. 1 point
    I agree about the font sizes being too small and the width of minor roads is also too small to see them clearly even at high zoom. The contrast between the grey background (in towns), the green background (in rural areas) and the thin white roads is very weak so you can hardly see them. I wonder if night mode (i.e. black and white) would be easier?
  50. 1 point
    @Herbie That is a nicely thought out post and somewhat restores my faith in what makes this forum such a great place. I suppose the moral of this thread is each to their own. One personal trivial is another necessity. You would be amazed at what some of my friends will obsess over during a purchase. For me, the level of equipment is actually quite important. It is the main reason why I made sure to get a Premier model, even though I could have had a much larger choice of car if I hadn't. Do I need 18 way adjustable seats and an electric rear blind? No, but I love my car even more for it having them. Funnily enough, infotainment is a important factor in my car purchases, it is just that I don't mind the Lexus system too much and I love the 12.3 inch screen. The general jist of what I am trying to get at is, if there is a perfect car out there I am yet to find it, so there are always going to be compromises. However, what people are willing to compromise on varies wildly, so sometimes you just have to accept that what they consider important doesn't make sense to you.

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