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    Not sure if anyone's into BMW's here but just got this at a very reasonable price,already got the full drivetrain package to swap it into M3 evolution spec with a 43000 mile engine! I'll be working on it most Sundays so can see it being a long project,I've got a thing for fast saloon cars and estates so this fits in with the ISF perfectly.
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    Hi Everyone, We have hundreds of products on our website and have teamed up with Lexus Owners Club to offer a special promotion to members. Make sure to use your code from the member's section when ordering. If you need a specific part post on here or send an enquiry from our site https://www.lexuspartsdirect.co.uk We will need your reg/vin so an enquiry through the site may be the safer option.
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    ...and - of course - it started on the first turn of the key. Did you even doubt it? Perhaps needed a couple of extra seconds to get the fuel from the tank, but to say I was chuffed is an understatement. 🙂 It ran smoothly but quite rich (guessing from the exhaust smell) for a few minutes but then that settled down. Came up to temp; warm air into the cabin. Even the brakes are OK, although I might get them skimmed. It's a '97/98 Mk4 that I bought and put off the road while driving my other LS. (Silly, but it seemed to make sense at the time.) Photo is from just before I parked it up. Just got to get a deep clean done to get the muck/leaves/etc and see how it goes at the MOT station. Cost so far: £80 for a battery. More to follow!
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    Absolutely I’ve since blacked the grill which is much better (just not a decent pic of that yet) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Well i finaly decided and went down to see the Gs and to be honest was very pleased with it the only dark area that i found was the discs they were a bit rusty and one of the rears had a slight groove in it so we had a detailed discussion on this and we ended up looking at the specs of the discs and they were in the tolerances so i had a good run round in it and tried the brakes harshly and gently and they performed flawlessly so decided to have the car. Yes Adam you were quite right they was ok to deal with very courteous and said slightest problem let us know and we wouldnt expect you to come the 200ml we will arrange with your local lexus to appraise fault and liase with us One thing i noticed on my old SE L i had music options galore 6 Disc player HDD USB BT but this one as 1 disc USB and BT but the other one was overkill i suppose i didnt let that put me off The Mouse thingy was a bit awkward but just after 3 days ive got used to it The journey home was faultless and it was bucketing down with rain and as the tyres were Dunlop Maxx i was a little apprehensive but they were perfect but they are new One minor problem i found was that the Pass mirror did not drop on reverse but a quick phone call got the answer my local lexus told me to put it in reverse then drop mirror with control then back to park and then try again and voilla it worked I will get a few pics when i get myself sorted I would like to Thank you all for the excellent advice given its much appreciated Shahpor Nick Chris Mike Many thanks Robert
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    I was given an ES F-Sport as a courtesy car today whilst my GS was in for a service.The Azure Blue is an awesome colour and even looks great on a wet, miserable day like today. I found that it is noticeably quicker than the GS when accelerating and a bit quieter at full throttle. Whilst I do agree with Linas.P about the coarse sounding engine when it is at full throttle, I don't need full throttle very often on my GS so it doesn't bother me that much. I suspect with the ES being quieter and accelerating quicker, I'd notice it even less. It would really benefit the car if Lexus could develop a smoother engine for it, maybe it is just not possible with a 4 cylinder Atkinson Cycle engine. The ride was definitely more jiggly than my GS, presumably because it is an F-Sport, but I think it is better on the big bumps. I'm not convinced that the road noise is much quieter than the GS though. Also, the suspension felt looser to me, not as controlled as the GS is. Whilst I think I could get used to driving it, my biggest problems are with the interior and equipment levels. If I went with the F-Sport, I'd lose the 12 inch screen and the internet connected functions and, surprisingly, the soft-close boot lid. The smaller display limits the options of what can be displayed on the same screen, including not showing cover art unless you make the media screen the main one. My GS shows it on the side screen too. I know these are small things, but it would make the ES feel like a step backwards unless I got the Takumi pack or model at £6k to £10k more than my GS and another £300 per year in car tax. The main thing though is the reduction in trim quality. The "wood style" trim on the F-Sport looks like cheap textured plastic to me, the window controls look no better than my Skoda Yeti and the volume control looks like it's off a cheap home radio. The hard plastic in front of the infotainment screen feels really cheap, as does the plastic on the door bins. All of these are much better to look at and feel on the GS. There is hard plastic on the centre console too, but this is covered by my leg, so it doesn't bother me too much. They've also changed the stalks so that they stay in position when you move them, I prefer the GS stalks that move back to the centre position when you let go as it feels more premium to me. Overall, I agree with most of what has been said in the reviews and I've been put off buying one. It is what I feared, a lower spec, lower quality model than the GS for a very similar price. I hoped that Lexus would tweak the quality a bit compared to the US version given that it is a new model here, but apparently not. The overall quality feels more higher-end Toyota than Lexus and the loss of some of the equipment I have on my (cheapest model) GS, means I'm very unlikely to change to it. It will be interesting to see how the Camry compares when it's released.
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    Just A few Pics of the Lexus I am quite pleased really
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    It's certainly something I'll contemplate if/when sections need attention. I've had three full stainless steel systems on various older Japanese cars where it's been more cost-effective to do that than find replacement mild steel stuff (if they've even been available).
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    Two MOTs ago my 400h had an advisory that the rear bushes on the front arms were cracked and had excessive movement, which I witnessed for myself during the MOT. I bought a pair of arms and then proceeded to change them which was a right ball ache. It involved jacking the engine up as high as possible to remove the engine support to get at the mounting bolts or the arm. I then looked at the on line workshop manual and noted that the first step was "Remove the engine and transmission complete" glad I didn't get Lexus to quote for it.
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    Hang on, two minutes.......... ........... yep, enable/disable the front parking sensors. That solves that problem, I noticed the front parking sensors on the Autotrader picture before I bought it. Didn't realise that it was a dealer fitted option.
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    Exactly what I was thinking too. My experience is exactly the opposite. The 'run' of the sequentials immediately grabs my attention because they aren't doing the same as everybody else's indicators.
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    Had to Google the Cullinan. Eww. That and the Bentley Bo'Selecta are ghastly vehicles.
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    Update: Guys, I got my Lexus. What a machine. What a pleasure getting in the car every morning and driving to work. Loving every second. My father in-law asked me to get him for a ride and really enjoyed it. Said that it is very comfortable, quiet and it seems like a Boeing with all lights and instruments. He was very impressed and was asking during the whole ride to drive faster! 😂 My mother in-law want to get her ride this week. Some pictures to you, since you love pics. Thanks for all the support, Lexus Lovers!
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    Fitted these the weekend after a little adjustment of the lens to reduce distortion on lettering
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    After my RX failed the MOT on the strut top bearings, my local garage spoke to lexus and they do not sell just this part you have to buy the whole new strut !!!!! £750 each !! So after spending some time on Google I found an advert on eBay and eventually spoke to this guy who was able to replace just the bearings for me at a reasonable £60 each The business name is orchard engineering and the contact number is 07901712988 Just thought I'd pass on the good news to other RX owners 🙂
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    I switched from Yokohama to Cross Climates and they transformed the car. I definitely recommend them. I did have issues with availability, but the tyres were very new at the time, at least in NX size. Incidentally, the best price I got was from my local Lexus dealer.
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    Had a good look around a lovely metallic Green with cream leather UX Takumi spec in Lexus Newcastle showroom this afternoon. Paint was lovely, cream leather a nightmare to keep clean for me. Nice to see the final production ones in the flesh, not too different to the pre-production ones seen last year. Boot probably still too small for me, but interested in how it drives. Test drives offered from next weekend.
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    Hi All Fitted some new LED number plate lights today on my LS400. They were around £4 off eBay. Its a quick and easy upgrade and makes such a big difference! Gives it a more upgraded look... very bright I must say. Gave the plastic lenses a good clean aswell to enhance the brightness 🙂 Next job for weekend is upgrading foglights to clear white ones to match with xenon's 😄 excited!
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    Intermittent electrical faults are the worst. The basics for me would be to check all the earth points. You've already checked the wiring around the ECU housing. How do the solder joints look on the ECU? I'd also check the wiring around the alternator and put one of those volt meters in the cigarette lighter and see if you have steady voltage whilst driving. I'd also examine the battery connectors for loose wires/ corrosion. Finally, I'd test voltage at the battery when cranking cold. Could be low voltage in a start from cold causing an ECU glitch.
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    Update... I hope. Borrowed a reader from a colleague. The 1 code mentioned a Knock sensor. P0330 I think ... Car was still driving but in limp mode I think. ( Never happened to me before...! ) Having 'researched' on the internet, I tried a 'reset' by disconnecting the battery for a few minutes. Reconnected the battery ( found the battery strap that secures it very loose. ). No amber warning lights. Driving normally. On its first re-start I need to hold the throttle pedal down as it idled, but having now driven about 30 miles, it's all back to normal. Fingers crossed it is. Why? I DID go through a large flooded puddle too fast. Water ingress? Don't know. So fingers crossed. Limpness gone.
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    I had a day with a ES FSport Takumi pack yesterday whilst my IS was in having work done. Here are my thoughts, compared to my IS FSport Premier Pack MY17. Pros - Ride improved (19"s with AVS) compared to my IS (18"s with AVS) very smooth, noticeably so despite bigger wheels. NVH improvement too, road noise and tyre roar another step lower (was running Bridgestone tyres) and wind noise not really an issue, though there was some from the sunroof, which shutting the blind helped with. Braking feel is better, much more progressive, though can snatch a bit still. Seats are even more comfortable than those in my IS, supportive and pillowy soft. Amazing amount of leg room front and back, even with the front seats set right back. Despite being larger, it seemed easier to place on the road and to manoeuvre, which I put down to the design. In the IS you sit quite close to the centerline of the cabin and there is quite a wide door trim, then the outside of the door curves out and then the wheel wells sit out again. In the ES this is much less, so the wheels sit where you expect them to be based on what you can see and perceive out of the cabin. FSport dial stays in the position you select, doesn't reset every time you turn off! One of a number of things I wish my IS did. Can see actual tyre pressures! Another one I wish my IS did. ECO mode auto glide control makes progress and economy easy. Proper indicators and wiper stalks that physically move and return, rather than the one-touch ones on the IS. Cruise control buttons on the steering wheel now rather than the odd stalk at the 4pm position on the IS. HUD - weird, my first one I've used, but pretty good and found more and more things it showed up, like volume adjustment on radio, track listing on stereo etc. Easy to read and not too distracting . Though it shows the RPM meter which seems a bit of a waste, not sure if that can be changed. Kick sensor for the boot opening worked fine, you didn't have to stand and waggle dance to get it to work! Auto handbrake works well and is a good step forward from the foot brake in the IS. Climate auto options are good, including switching between outside/inside air, auto heated seats and even turning off the passenger temp control when no one in the seat. Parking sensors come on automatically and you can mute them with the OK button on the steering wheel if you get a bit close to the car in front in queue or at a McDonald drive through! Much easier than turning them off and forgetting in the IS. Cons - Performance is a bit anodyne. It picks up speed fine, but it is a complete non event. In the IS on full throttle in sport mode, you get the sensation of a mild push in the lower back, in the ES, nothing. There is no "Kick-down" point in the throttle travel ,which isn't really a con I guess and no fake engine note or control either. I tried the paddles and S+ mode too, but no fun to be had at all, something I can't say about my IS. Those who say you can't tell the difference front wheel drive to rear wheel drive, I'd say you definitely can. No mistake. Hustling the car along a B road, it is clear that is not its primary strength. Running at 70mph on the motorway or creeping through town is IMO. It is definitely a wafting car and it does that very well. Even with the AVS and sporting suspension improvements, I didn't find anything to suggest it should have an FSport badge. If it wasn't for the horrible "Wood" trim on the steering wheel in the ES and Takumi trims, I'd be going for those. Tried the Hold button to see what it did - what a pain in the backside, turned it off again after 2 junctions. Can't see the reason why anyone would want to use it! Equivalent specs between this ES FSport Takumi pack and my IS FSport Premier Pack, yet some glaring things missing. No ventilated seats, no leather trim (its fake leather), no Blind spot monitoring or rear traffic crossing alerting (only std on Takumi or with pack on ES, not available for some reason on the FSport even with Takumi pack). Additions were heated steering wheel, HUD, rear sun blind, card key and adaptive headlights. HUD and headlights the only things I could say I want. The extra safety equipment and real leather is unforgivable and smacks of price engineering to get it to a reasonable pricing level. Visibility out I found a problem from my driving position, as the B pillar and seat is just at the wrong position to see out of junctions etc. Rearwards visibility is pretty poor too over C pillars. Also the door mirrors seem very small in area compared to the IS. Rear view camera - don't know what Lexus are smoking, but I almost crashed it in the dealer car park trying to use it. For those who haven't seen it, it is now a fisheye lens and looks like it is about 0.5MP resolution from 2001. It only uses the centre portion of the lovely 12" screen too. So trying to place the car I found extremely difficult compared to the higher res wide angle one in the IS, as the corners are all rolled out in the image and the centre is all distorted. Just weird and wrong. Despite the seats being very comfy, i did struggle to get a good position. I thought I sat quite high in the car, despite the seat being all the way down. And I couldn't get the steering wheel to come towards me far enough. Head room with the sunroof is OK, but nothing more. In the rear loads of leg room, but little head room for anyone more than 5-11. Boot aperture for loading is no bigger or different i found to the IS and basically the boot being roughly similar volume and with no back seat drop, it is less practical overall, despite being far larger. I think they should have made it a hatch/fastback. the profile suits it, the C pillars are thick enough and the usability would have improved 100%. Overall its a fine car, but I won't be buying one. It's no fun when you want it to be, isn't practical enough for me and doesn't move on enough (in some cases steps back) from my IS. Search continues........
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    This is the user manual I have........ https://www.ebay.co.uk/p/Lexus-Rx300-350-400h-LPA-800-Parking-Aid-Genuine-Pz464-k0425-00-Pz464-00421-ab/1515839625
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    Got this on my RX350 also. I was helped by the separate Lexus parking system user manual being included in my book pack. I like that I can turn the front system off by pressing and holding the button, and it automatically resets to on next time ignition is turned on....
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    At long, long last I have had my MK4 LS400 front suspension sorted. The last MOT reported leaking ball joint covers and I've seen the cracks in the lower control arm bushes not to mention the clunk from the driver's side one. There's a small garage that does tyres and servicing in Caversham, Reading and I regularly source tyres for fitting there, not too far from me, always busy with all sorts of cars in for repair. A conversation a while ago ended up with me entrusting the work to them with me sourcing the parts. This was the damage: Lower control arm bushes only - Lexus Birmingham - £95.00 Ball joints - Beck & Arnley (premium) - Rock Auto - £105 including duty, carriage Tie-rod end x1 - £36 sourced on need to replace by garage Alignment - £42 Labour - £231 + VAT Total project bill was £513.00 (I paid the garage £312.00) I'm delighted with the work and the steering wheel is dead dead centre, no more clunks and everything feels steady and solid. I was looking at doing the job myself but on this occasion didn't regret leaving it to the professionals. My motor is also due its annual oil change so I'm just waiting on a sump plug washer. 😊
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    Hi Guys, Just so you know we can offer you the same parts that your Lexus Dealer will use at cheaper prices. We have had a lot of customers buy the parts from us and get their local dealer to fit them (as they are genuine dealers will fit) Plus you still get warranty and all the stuff. - Hope it helps
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    We are willing to offer an exclusive Owners Club promotion across all the sites for your members. Due to our prices already being rock bottom we will give Gold Members free delivery when spending over £50 View full discount
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    Blimey - your memory is good! Yes, he (the seller) was a BA engineer at Heathrow and he used it to commute from Bedfordshire/Herts. He did everything you'd want, from cambelt/waterpump to spark plugs and a stainless steel replacement for the Y-piece and even £100 at Lexus for the latest CD-ROM for the satnav. Have attached a couple more photos from back then. (I'll add some that show the current state tomorrow.) This might sound a bit stupid, but I bought it back then because we were about to do a long Euro road trip and I was nervous that my other LS (2000 model) would fail the MOT = cancelled road trip. SO I bought this as a back-up. Naturally the other LS was fine and I've driven that one ever since. I've been popping in here now and then, but as that LS was running so well, I had little to say. But when I started this one up today, I just had to share. 🙂
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    All sorted - no dramas. Only advisory was on the rear brakes getting low, which was on my to-do list anyway. I must have been in a lazy mood, as I've just asked them to deal with it - most unlike me!
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    I appreciate you putting us back on track, but you have to admit that a statement like "- I absolutely loathe..." and "- I hate..." will invite comments! 🙂 Back to your original question, I do not think this is a feature that can be switched on/off. My technical knowledge is (very) limited, but I believe that to get rid of the sequential function, you would need to replace the units (front and back)... and this is likely to lead to all kinds of other issues.
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    Model: Lexus RC-F Carbon Edition Full Lexus Service history (last serviced Nov 2018) Mileage: 13000 MOT: March 2020 Condition: Excellent (garage queen) Warranty: Lexus transferable warranty until Nov 2020 £35,750 More pics to follow. PM me if interested.
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    My snow button is faulty. No matter how many times I press it the snow never falls. Typical because I spent a fortune on cross Climates 😇
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    Doesn't sound like you're too far from me Aaron. If you'd like to look at a 450 and see if you think it's worth the extra cost over a 400 then you'd be welcome to come and have a chat and a play with mine. Easier to take it in than when you've got a salesman alongside you, and I can give you my real world thoughts about its pros and cons. Mine's a '14, but I don't think there's too much different on the earlier pre-facelift models.
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    I love them. They really stand out in a sea of yellow lights. It’s the same with cyclists. If they have flashing front and rear lights they stand out against those cyclists that don’t have them. Cannot see why they’re an issue to some drivers.
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    Have had the wheels refurb'd for the new owner. They look superb.
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    Lexus beats the Germans for reliability and the infotainment is not difficult to use after you’ve altered the sensitivity of the pad and gotten used to it. You have to get used to any car. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Just about every time I've done something like that I've ended up regretting it, and I'm not going there again! I should never have sold my last LS430, thinking the GS would take its place, it didn't. The low mileage is irrelevant, and 122k is nothing. Keep your money for some future fettling on your current car.
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    Never hear of this variant, but clealy one or two around. Maybe the satnav has an American acent, and keeps telling you to drive to Iraq and invade or maybe suggests going to Home Depot and taking some fencing pales to the Mexican Border.
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    The slot that you put your music CD's ( and movie DVD's if you have the multimedia system) is NOT the slot that the SatNav DVD lives. The SatNav DVD has it's own dedicated slot that is behind the clock bezel/fascia, this is removable with the two small watchmaker screwdriver looking tools that are stored in the spine of the cars toolkit in the boot. Try and do it without using a Metal screwdriver at step 3, if anything use plastic! And don't bother to dis-connect clock module. paul m.
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    Have a read here - https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mot-changes-20-may-2018 Everything you wanted to know, in depth - https://www.mot-testing.service.gov.uk/documents/manuals/class3457/
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    Hi Basil, I've had my (2014 Advance) CT for nearly three years - my first hybrid. I love it, and when I come to change it, perhaps later this year, I wouldn't have anything other than another hybrid Lexus. It is FAULTLESSLY reliable - not even a light-bulb has gone. The dealership is so civilised compared with others (and I have had just about everything over the years), and customers are treated with great courtesy. It really is quite a different experience from any other make. To answer your questions: * The footbrake takes approximately one minute to get used to - perhaps two at the outside. To me, it immediately seemed logical. * Look at owner / customer satisfaction reviews, compared with motoring journalists: the people who know what they're talking about and actually own one, love it. Does it behave /look /get driven like the average BMW? No. That's certainly a plus as far as I'm concerned... * As a town car, it is SO relaxed - it's the most 'zen' car I've ever driven. It puts the driver into a world where peace, calm, civility and concern for the planet quickly matter rather more than racing an idiot with a comedy exhaust away from the lights. I think it would be impossible NOT to like this car in an urban environment. * I'm no expert on the car market, so couldn't advise you on buying new or nearly new. I would point out how durable they are, though, so I wouldn't necessarily focus getting one with 'delivery' miles. What I WOULD do next time around is focus on spec: in my opinion, the Premier is worth having if you can find one. Is it perfect? 80% of the time, yes, but of course there are negatives: the ride on rough roads can be harsh, road noise at speed on poor surfaces can intrude (tyre choices are critical - mine is now on Crossclimates, which are very good), and it took me quite a long time to learn how to use the 'Sport' setting in order to maximise overtaking power. (Until you do, it is easy to make the revs flare with little impact on progress, as the journalists do...) Talk to other owners - I've never spoken to one who didn't love it.
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    It was great to get along to the Touchdown Café and meet up with everyone who attended so thanks @Flytvr for arranging. I hope I can hang around a bit longer next time. Your RCF's on show guys mean I need to revisit my savings plan and as @Cezar B demonstrated you can get a full grown adult in the back so there is no good reason not to have one. That's me convinced, just the wife and the bank manager to go then.
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    I am not sure I understand why you hate these so much. i too think they are rather classy, and in fact I think that "in a mass of other vehicle lights", they provide additional clarity. Why should they be a deal breaker? - After all, you can't see your own lights when driving! 😁
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    Might be a bit far for you but I recommend Toyotec in Redhill. I recently had some MOT issues and my local garage quoted over £1500 for the work without a wheel alignment. Toyotec quoted £1120 *with* an alignment.
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    I would be looking at Upper Control Arms and Drop links as the most likely major contributor, and then possible the transmission mount. I reckon my Control Arms have been causing vibration (mild-ish) at around 35-45mph for last couple of years, and they always pass the MOT. So next week in for it's MOT and have asked them to look at replacing UCA (possibly) drops links and see if that gets me back the smooth running. The one thing I have noticed in last 6 months is the vibration is less when tempature is around 4 to 7 degrees, so I assume that this is because the bushes are sort of the right stiffness to feel okay, but when they warm up then the bushes being warm are a little more pliable and they vibrate a little more readily. I know the cost of sorting is going to be a little steep, but worth it if I am aiming to keep the care for another 3 to 5 years. Still will make it the cheapest car I have owned. The joy of owning older cars😬
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    And some more pics - with kind permission from Lexus Liverpool for use of the forecourt. Sent from my SM-N960F using Tapatalk
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    That, sir, is ____ing gorgeous. My favourite colour! The tailpipes aren't my thing, but that is a beauty. Hope you don't mind the off-topic soujourn in to BMW land... This was my dad's. 1996 in Calypso red, but with the 4.4 and 5-speed: Rear comfort seat package on the LWB was great - recline and 4-way lumbar, and so much legroom. I sold the car in summer of 2017 after he died, these are the pictures from after I'd prepped it for sale.

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