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    A few have asked about these. I am sure there was another thread about these a while ago but here is some pics of mine fitted for anyone that is considering them. I’m delighted with mine. Half hour job to fit them, takes 10 years off the car! Enjoy!!
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    Today I installed (hardwired) a dual-channel Viofo A129 Duo into our GS450h Premier (with rear sunblind). This is a guide on how to do it, to save anyone else time figuring out the stuff I had to figure out. For starters, don't disassemble your boot! I used the Viofo 3-wire hardwire kit (to enable parking mode). For this you need 2 add-a-fuse mini-blade fuse doublers. Front Camera The front camera location is best near the centre-line. The GS screen curves, so anywhere off the centreline starts to point outward to the side instead of forwards. I placed the camera just to the left of the Rear view mirror base, as there's some sort of camera sensor on the right-hand side at roof level. Also our car has the AHB camera on the centreline. From there, the two (power supply and rear cam) cables go up into the roof console, mainly to put the ferrite on the power cable somewhere. From there they run across the top of the windscreen, tucked into the headliner, to the A-pillar. The A-pillar is where things get a little interesting - there's no way you can tuck the cable at the A-pillar (and you wouldn't want to tuck across the top of the a-pillar anyway, as that would interfere with deployment of the curtain airbag). It is necessary to remove the A-pillar trim. Pull outwards at the top and it will come loose, but held by a captive clip (designed to prevent the trim becoming a missile when the curtain airbag deploys). You release this with a pair of needle-nose pliers, turning it to fit through the slot. You can just see the black head of the clip in the slot - it's tricky to photograph and tricky to get at. Once you've released that clip and the middle clip (just a push fit one) then you need to pull the trim piece up from the dashboard to remove the trim. Now you can run the wires down the A-pillar, along the sunroof drain tube (if fitted - otherwise that should leave plenty of space for your cables!). In order to do this most neatly, you need to go underneath the wiring connector you find there. Now feed the wires into the gap between the door and the side of the dashboard: This gets us to the passenger footwell, and onto our next section. When you replace the A-pillar trim, make sure you reinstate that top retention clip, otherwise it may interefere with the airbags. Power Supply For a 3-wire kit you need a permanent 12V and a switched 12V. In order that this all be completely reversible (ie not require any soldering, stripping, etc of the cars wiring looms) I used Add-A-Fuse units. I connected into the passenger footwell fusebox on the connections for Night Vision (not equipped, but fuse is present...) (This is our switched 12V) and into the Power passenger seat (permanent 12V). For ground, there's a handy bolt. The easiest way to do all of this is to drop the trim panel in the passenger footwell - I didn't realise how easy that would be at first. Simply pull it out and down. The bolt head exposed nearest the door is your easiest ground connection: And put your add-a-fuses into the locations described. That should cover power supply - note that you can not re-fit the fusebox cover with the add-a-fuses in place. Rear Camera wiring You've already got your rear camera wire down into the front of the passenger footwell. Simply tuck the wire under the plastic trim of the door sill, and continue along, past the B-pillar into the rear footwell and along the rear door sill also. There's a tight spot alongside the front seat, but you can hide the cable away entirely throughout this section. Continue along and tuck the cable up the side of the rear seat At the top, tuck the cable along the side of the parcelshelf, until you get to the rear blind. I was afraid that the rear blind was going to be very difficult and mean I'd have to go down into the boot and come back up (and I removed the boot trims to discover that this is pretty much impossible). However, it's actually trivial! Raise the blind, THEN feed the cable through, and tuck the cable down. The side track that the blind runs in doesn't continue much below the level of the parcel shelf and there's actually plenty of room to tuck the cable in! You can then put the blind down, partially to check that it isn't impeded but also to finish the job. Place your rear camera and tuck the wire around the edge as normal. Note that you can't place the rear camera high up because the blind will hit it when raised. I placed our rear camera just to the side of the Chimsel (That's a word! Honest! Comes from CHMSL - Centre High Mounted Stop Light). Writing all of this made it seem much easier than it felt like! Replace the removed bits of trim, and all should be good. Please note that this is for information and entertainment purposes only. If you blow up an airbag or fry your car's electrics when doing this, it is YOUR fault.
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    I paid £4,500 for a 2002, LS430 with 30K on it. It had done about 2,000 miles in its last 6 years and was kept in a garage. Sold when the old gentleman owner died. I paid well over the odds but the condition and history were exceptional. 3 years later it is at 63K. I love it. Wonderfully reliable. The suspension is magic. We do not drive......we waft.
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    Conclusion reached. I didn't end up buying the Premier or F-Sport, but a 2014 Advance instead: 2014 Lexus RX450h Advance by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr 2014 Lexus RX450h Advance by Spottedlaurel, on Flickr We headed off down to Tunbridge Wells to look at the attractive 2015 F-Sport they had. It was a lovely example but we just couldn't get the numbers to work out. Nearly gave up with a view to moving onto another dealer (luckily there are a few down that way, so we had options), then they happened to mention an Advance that had just come in. For some reason they thought I was fixed on wanting the F-Sport so didn't offer it as a more affordable alternative. As soon as they mentioned the price and mileage (31-odd thousand) we asked for the deposit to be transferred across as it was clear it would be a more realistic option. I didn't get as much for the Avensis as I'd hoped but the logistics of ending my current finance on it and swapping it over to the RX were much easier than me trying to sell it on myself. Two owners from new, just had a service and MoT carried out with a couple of new front tyres - it now has Bridgestone Dueller H/Ps on the front and Dunlops on the rear. A few little bits and bobs to be sorted but nothing major and I'm hoping it will be ready for collection next Saturday - can't wait! What was good about seeing both cars on the same day was being able to compare the driving experience. No complaints about either of them, I'm sure the Advance will be more than adequate for my needs. Happily my wife seems to be on-board with it. She could see that it offers a rather more special driving experience, there's plenty of room and it's very comfortable. Our 2-hour journey to/from Norfolk gave ample chance to compare it with the Avensis and she could see how much more relaxing it will be. The Toyota is a perfectly capable car, but it's not an RX..... I'm going to enjoy learning how it all works, and I suspect there'll be things I shall be discovering for many months. Going to make sure my 13-year old son comes with me to work out the tech side of things. I ended up breaking one of my stipulations in that it does have a panoramic roof. I was concerned about the possible loss of headroom, but it seemed to be fine. Overall I like the look of it a lot in black, with the F-Sport bumper giving a slightly sharper look and I prefer the 7-spoke alloys to the updated model's 15-spoke diamond-cut wheels (easier to keep clean too). It has the boot liner and rear bumper cover which are good for practicality - the lack of the latter on the F-Sport had given rise to several scratches, and I do tend to use an estate for its intended purpose. More news to come hopefully next weekend......
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    Hi guys happy to be apart of the club. very proud owner of 2013 GS 450H quality with great performance and handling what more can I want. It’s such a underrated car. so I’m just hoping if someone can shed some light on the start up sound as mine is quite loud for the first few seconds after starting it then it goes a bit quieter but not completely quiet like when it’s running only on the battery. is this normal on this model?? other than this the car runs and drive nice and smooth EV mode works fine and feels great to glide along the road. the car is a pleasure to drive and the engineering in this is so advanced and clever it’s unbelievable that I don’t see more of these on the road
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    Hi Just thought I'd say farewell to all you IS owners. I've absolutely loved my IS 300h F Sport but have now purchased this so i wont be far away lol. Had a great deal which I really couldn't say no to. It's fully loaded including a sunroof and ML system which I've never had before. Thanks for all your hints and tips on the IS
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    What's not to like. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/the-only-lexus-gs-f-for-sale-right-now-is-rarer-than-many-supercars/ paul m.
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    With a saddened heart and mainly because of financial a financial situation I've had to say farewell to my RX450h today. I didn't want any more car finance so now I'm better off a few hundred quid a month. So I'd like to thank all here who I've encountered chats with. To those I may have helped and to those who have helped me you are a good crowd. I'll keep popping by to see how things are. I've gone back to Ford. Yes I'm a lover of Ford's and I'm back with my 3rd Titanium X Sport model which I know well. Blimey it's got more kit than my RX did. Adaptive cruise is astonishing absolutely brilliant. A superb safety feature. Anyway don't shout at me lol. Take care all and enjoy your fabulous cars.
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    I've had my fair share of convertibles and have to say that a folding metal roof is better in many respects. As mentioned above its not like they need to save weight although I was shocked at just how much a metal folding roof assembly weighs. I like the idea of a convertible LC but the prospect of an F version of the LC has me salivating and the thought of a 600 BHP V8 in N/A would have me smash my piggy bank, but I'm resigned to thinking it will be a V6 turbo I did see some photos of it and it looks interesting.
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    Ok so just to catch up on this I didn't buy the car, my friend was offered £14,000 by someone else so I said take it! That's well over what I would pay and as somebody pointed out this is not an SE or an L there is no luxury pack I probably would have come up to £13,000 but only because it was a really nice car, I've been using one or two valuation tools and I have to say that they don't value them very high for such a lovely car? I think they are worth more but the market is the market, there is a SWB for sale near where I live being sold by a dealer for £10.500 or near offer, 2007 with only 55k! it's a really nice car but unfortunately it's Black with a beige interior and I'm not liking that combination myself but I do like the Blue now that I have seen it up close, I think I'll keep my eyes out for a Blue one in the coming months soon be March and we have a reg change so there might be a few more about and I'm certainly interested in exploring the idea of owning an LS, I do still love my RX though and its only got 65k on it
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    I said I would let you know how I got on with tackling the noise issue I was struggling with. Well, here goes. I went out with a mechanic from my local trusted garage and he could hear lots of road noise but didn't think there was anything else to worry about. We had the car up on a ramp as well and he confirmed that the wheel bearings were absolutely fine and that the car was in exceptionally good condition for its age. I therefore decided to bite the bullet on buying new tyres and went for four Michelin Cross Climate which several people on various forums, including this one, recommenced as quiet tyres. I am very pleased with them and they are definitely quieter than what I had on before BUT there was still a whooshing noise which I didn't think should be there. I couldn't identify where the noise was coming from other than it was near the side window. I wondered if I could stuff something in the widow seal to see if that made a difference and found some little polystyrene packaging chips which fitted snugly in the channel along the bottom of the window. I was convinced that it made the car quieter bit was obviously entirely impractical! My next move was to buy some black tubing off Ebay which I cut to the right length and fitted in the channel. I bought 15mm external diameter and this lay quite well half in and half out of the channel. I've attached a photo of how it looks. When I first went out to see if it made a difference, I was disappointed that I could still hear the whooshing but I then noticed that a bit of tubing had lifted it up. I put a finger on it and it was a true revelation! The noise stopped instantly. I had discovered the source of my irritation. For whatever reason, the window seal in the driver's door was not providing a proper seal. I got my wife to drive the car while I did the same with the other doors. It turned out that the windows in the passenger door and the rear door on the passenger's side were also noisy. The rear door behind the driver's seat was fine. I have spoken to the parts department at my nearest main dealer and was not surprised to learn that the seals are over £100 each and that the labour to replace just one would come to about £200. I don't think this is an option! So, I am sourcing some slightly smaller diameter tubing which I think will be less obtrusive and which I hope will still perform the same role as my original tube. I know that this all seems highly unlikely given Lexus's reputation for the quietness of their cabins. I am as bemused by this as was the man I spoke to in the parts department. He had never come across this problem before. All I can say is that I have incontrovertible evidence now that I have not been imagining the problem. I have been able to make a recording which clearly demonstrates the difference when the tubing makes a snug fit and when a little bit of it lifts up. Even my wife, who has been watching my antics in amazement for the last few weeks, now admits that the difference is stark. I hope this may be of some interest to somebody else who is unfortunate enough to experience the same problem at some point in the future. I cannot believe that I can be the only person in the UK to have worn window seals?
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    I use one too, prevention being better than detection.
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    Just a note to advise I'm due to take delivery on my 2009 RX shortly. I've read the majority of recent posts and it looks likely my usage profile means I'll be borderline in terms of warranting a hybrid, certainly next year when I fully retire. Having said that, I find the style endearing, build quality unbeatable and driving position excellent. Plus my wife likes to comfort too. Looking at prices, high mileages and age appear to mean little to the marque and they'll happily give enjoyment so long as they're well maintained. I guess. My Jaguar XE has given great service and 100% reliable but it's a long way down for my wife post "back op" and has to go. Maybe I was "fishing in the wrong pool" when looking for alternatives but I'd got bogged down in with Ford Kuga's and Honda CRV's ( petrol auto's - not good apparently ) or diesel auto's. Anyhow, I've bought it now and the cars in great condition - I'll probably get the cambelt / water pump looked at soonest having found a local specialist as opposed to main dealers who seem a little excessive for a 10 year old car.. My ultimate concern is perhaps the odd weeks where I go to the station and back - 2 miles, 4 or 5 times a week and other weeks where its 120 miles there - 120 back. Anyhow, first up I'm looking forward to learning how to drive it, space, parking, hill starts etc. Thanks for earlier posts, what some may feel is trivia is really helpful for those of us looking out for data and knowledge.
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    The 12V battery powers the entry/exit system and also boots up the computers to bring the hybrid system into the READY state. Once READY, the 288V traction battery provides the power to charge the 12V battery via a DC/DC inverter/converter. As you rightly say, there is no alternator because they are belt-driven from the engine and in a hybrid, the petrol engine doesn't run all the time. This is also why the power steering is electric rather than a belt-driven hydraulic steering pump and why the aircon is also electric rather than a belt-driven compressor. I'm not sure but I think MG1 (Motor Generator No.1) runs the petrol engine up to a certain speed when needed and then the ignition circuits are energised, eliminating the need for a starter motor. I'm sure you'll find a few videos on YouTube and/or better explanations via Google but I think I'm 'in the ballpark' with those explanations as far as I understand the system.
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    I do not classify anyone as a "duffer". We all have an area of expertise, and that is what makes us all different. Hopefully being able to pass knowledge on to help others is what the forum is about. I have been helped enormously by others on this forum, some that I have met, and others that I am unlikely to meet. I am also overwhelmed by the generosity of members with offers of physical help, and of passing on items at no cost that they have surplus to requirements. John.
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    Yes it will, for a while, until it clogs again and it will! Only save and grace will be that you can clean one at your leisure while using the other on the car. From my college days I remember a lecturer stating that Diesel engines were idea for heavy loads ie heavy plant/machinery( not a car), long run durations (hours/days/weeks) ie Ships/generators ( not exactly cars) and were most efficient when under a constant load, again not in a 'small' car. So when not used under these ideal conditions problems are going to occur and any ancillary equipment to reduce the levels of solids in the emissions is going to need maintainance at some level no matter what Gucci type of 'Re-Gen' system you employ. Paul m.
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    Problem solved. Thanks for the suggestions. On the lock assembly there is a piece of black plastic that is part of the child lock override button. This pivots on a pin. It would seem that it had jumped the pivots and was floating free. It can’t go anywhere as it jams the locking mechanism. With a small screwdriver it clicked back on the pivot. After reassembly everything locks and opens as it should. I can’t see how it popped off in the first place, maybe a previous owner slammed the door too hard. Anyway, saved the price of a door actuator. Incidentally, the inside door panel comes off very easily with a plastic pry tool, but putting it back on is not so easy, it tricky getting the top part of the door trim over the metal of the door, opening the window helps a lot but its still difficult. Hope this help someone. steve
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    I fully intended to change my 2015 GS for an NX but 10 miles into a test drive in a luxury spec car the ride and my aching back decided otherwise. I drove the RX with some trepidation expecting a repeat performance. Wow what a pleasant surprise the test drive was. It is the most comfortable car ive ever owned apart from a 1990 Mercedes 300ce.
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    On 15mm spacers all round mate. Actually going to 20mm all round soon. Here is a later picture on the 15mm spacers, they can definitely take a bit more 'poke'.
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    Styling is a subjective matter. I actually like the ES fascia and spindle grille - many people find it "challenging" - but the same was said of the BMW E60 5 series. 15 Years later and the E60 looks much more modern than the C6 generation Audi A6 and the W211 E-Class. No, it's not the detailing of the ES that bothers me. It's the proportions. The ES styling for me high a high with the XV10 and MCV20 generations - the latter being very much a styling evolution of the former. I liked the minimalist headlighting of the XV10 (with the dual-projector setup being radical for 1991, and still pretty fresh and very much echoed in the LED headlamps of our GS) and the low fascia of that car, but the MCV20 had better proportions overall. The styling faux pas that the ES made really hit in the XV30 in 2001, and has persisted ever since. The very simple summary is that the front wheels are too far back - they are rammed up against the front passenger door (as many front wheel drive platforms suffer from) and then there's an overly long front overhang. The side-profile "pointiness" of the latest ES on the spindle grille sadly emphasises that. This is a point that Volvo have understood - P3 platform volvos (2006-2016 60, 70 and 80 series) suffered from the same thing, especially the S80. On the new SPA platform they worked hard to move the front wheels forward, and the result is some handsome cars - the S90 and new V60 are highlights, and the side profile proportions are excellent (admittedly the new S60 looks a little squashed-up around the back door, and the V90 is a little too raked in the tailgate for me. They're not perfect of course). Compare back to the GS side profile and you'll see that the GS has the front wheels further forward. Not entirely surprising because RWD cars design requirements are different and tend to push the wheels forward anyway, but the result is somewhat better balanced proportions. It's not all bad news for the ES - the latest version has definitely improved matters over the past 3 generations - the XV30 looked far too like a camry at the front and with an oversized corolla sedan back end. The XV40 was far too anonymous, and the bonnet line was far too high over the wheels. The XV60 had that same heavy front end, but the detail styling at least managed to alter that to a feel that was much more hewn and solid, like a smaller LS460 but still somewhat ungainly. The new ES at least loses that - partly due to larger wheel wells and larger wheels, but the styling has a feel for a lower bonnet and belt line. It would just look so much better if the front wheels were 4-6" forward and the rears maybe an inch or two back within the same silhouette.
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    All the best, sounds like you have made a good financial decision.
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    Definitely not diamond cut, that is not a paint finish but a mechanical finish. Effectively a machined surface. You could buy my genuine ISF wheels and sell your IS F-Soort wheels 😎😎 problem solved!!
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    Good evening everyone. Well, it looks like my car has made the headlines again! I am the owner and the one selling it. Nice to see some of the members appreciate the car for what it is. I think a few direct replies are in order: Firstly, thank you Razor61 for your kind comments on the condition. Its actually been a private collection vehicle for over the last ten years (previous owner) including myself. Its not been a daily driver, but why not make it one? Life is for living. Regarding its value, well its like most things in life. My view is you only get what you pay for. Then there is the fact that it is a rather nice car, rare DHP specification, low mileage, condition etc. I have a track record of owning, using, restoring and selling the LS400. Many times my cars appear on this forum to be talked about, a lot (not everyone) say they are over priced, yet I have sold enough of them to know what can and can not be achieved. Every one I have had has sold to someone who appreciates the car and the examples I have had, to the point that they bought them. I only use/sell nice cars, and this is one is no exception. If you have a change of heart then please let me know. Thank you Vlady! Very much appreciated. Not quite. I started advertising this one in August last year. The 110k model sold to gentleman in the west of Scotland. A true gentleman he was too with a great knowledge and passion for classic cars. I also sold my Father's Astral Black LS400 last year as well to a gentleman in Brighton for not much less than this Cashmere one (not that it matters what it sold for). The market as you say can dictate pricing, but then you have to be in the market to know how its performing. Someone else will come along with one, its only a matter of time. When something is rare, it commands a price. Mileage, condition, history and demand also plays a significant role. No one needs an LS400. In fact, no one needs a Lexus. We all want to buy what we want to have. I buy what I like and admire. When you consider values of Porsche's, vintage BMW's, even classic Range Rover's they have all shot up in price. Some don't sell right away and prices need to be adjusted, but cars are like art and if its a good example then values are going to be more than the run of the mill. Royoftherovers, I could say a few things here but I will restrain myself. For the avoidance of doubt though and for the benefit of having a fair playing field in being able to defend myself I am letting everyone know that I am the registered owner of the car and have been for nearly two years. I am a car collector not a full blown trader with a dealership or a dodgy back street garage. I on occasion buy cars with the intention to sell and I am up front with everyone I deal with. Thank you for your comments Stupot, but again my ownership has been explained above. You are right though, I only need one to buy it. Just one. Jpjsavage, not quite a year yet. I do appreciate your view on my car being 'over the market price' but if you can tell me what the market price is that would be great (ideally those under 100,000 miles). I think some knowledge on the LS400 market is needed. Currently the market as I see it is around 30 cars in total. I do recall your LS600 purchase well. A lot of car for the money. Did they re-spray the passenger side for you as I do remember seeing the doors were a different shade of silver? You actually got in touch about two of my cars before but alas we did not have deal between us. Interesting. I remember the car being advertised for £2,500 and within an hour it was sold. How did the seller get his asking price? Only £3,000 between a Mk3 and Mk4 DHP - not an awful lot in my opinion. Again, not quite two years Messi. I sold one of my Mk4 DHP's with 28,000 miles to a dealer called T.H.Boler for £9,000. He sold it for £13,000 two weeks later. Figure that one out! You see Malc, you just hit the nail in the head. Your running a 217k mile LS400 and using it every day, good for you! Now, someone could have mine and be driving a very smart and rare modern classic knowing that it could reach over 200,000 miles and knowing that using it every day and doing 15k a year would mean there is potentially another ten years worth of motoring left in it before it reaches your mileage. And, it only costs them £8,995 for such a wonderful machine! What great cars these are indeed! Thank you Jazz&coffee, very kind of you to say so. All the best everyone.
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    Here a few better views now the sun is out they are definitely growing on me but I reckon the car needs to be lower now!! 😤
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    Thought I may share a recent experience. I was asked recently via another forum about a code that I had not had much experience off P0AA6 & with techstream i found sub codes 526 & 612 I think from memory - I was aware they were to do with an HV (High Voltage) Isolation Error (to explain:- the HV electrical system is isolated or if you like - mechanically & electrically separated from the normal 12v electrical system & the body of the car for obvious safety reasons - this is why all HV cabling is orange too, to clearly identify the hazard ) From experience & a bit of lateral thinking & in the absence of any other possibilities like the car had been recently worked on or something my thoughts were "Water" Yes you heard me right Water:- I have personally witnessed & repaired hundreds of electrical nasties caused by water. Given that Doris had not long passed this sparked (excuse the pun) my attention. Anyway to cut a long story short (well 1& half hrs) I located a spot underneath the car that looked "grazed" it was conspicuous because it was very clearly orange plastic when everything else around was covered in road muck, further chatting revealed that "its been doing it (throwing CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM) for a few days now but I just clear it down with my scanner mate & it seem ok after that its weird" - "oh yeah & it don't seem to happen when its just sat in park!" mmmmmm I say scratching me chin - thats because that section is not energised until its in drive or reverse - anyway a quick clean with wd40 then a wash with solvent reveals a black tracking mark where HV electricity has been leaking (or tracking in the trade) to the chassis causing the CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM error, a bit of scraping some hot melt glue, wd40 & a bit of orange flexible conduit i had lying around, a spread of hot soldering iron & bingo Job done - no problem even after a good direct blast with hose pipe (don't do that at home folks!) The chap was about to buy a whole new gearbox!!!! So don't automatically assume the worst

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