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    4 previous owners, bought from a small dealer in Bedford. 2006 plate, so an early 460. Had the TPMS sensors replaced/coded, heated seat switch pack replaced and a bit of bodywork touched up as part of the deal. My compromise was on the interior wood (red) which I’ve decided I can live with! Staggering amount of toys though 😎 The drive back was super smooth! A couple of steps up the comfort scale compared to my S Class which was nice. It needs a good service which I’ll do once I get a free weekend, and the glovebox is slightly loose, other than that I’m just going to waft around in it and enjoy it ! Pics once I’ve given it a proper clean and polish. Regards Jim
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    Hi all, Just a quick update to say that the GS went in for its first service in my ownership today and came out with a clean bill of health. The only advisory was that the rear tyres are at about 3mm, so will need replacing soon. I have been quoted £120 + VAT each for Michelin's by the dealer. So, after 8 months and 8000 trouble free miles, I can say that it is still just as brilliant as when I bought it. I was actually surprised when I realised it had been this long, but the car is so effortless that it is understandable. As usual, Lexus Reading were great from start to finish. Michael and Sue were just as nice and helpful as ever, and how's this for care and attention: When I checked the service book I saw that someone had put on a post it note to stop the ink smearing the opposite page before it had dried. As you can see from the empty boxes, this isn't something all dealers consider. It is a small thing, and I wouldn't have particularly minded if it had made a mark, but I was impressed that someone took the time to consider such a small thing.
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    Admiral often do not receive good reviews.Time to move, methinks!
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    This is very good advice. I had a 230E W124 and ran it for 10 years. It was a dream and so serviceable at home. Even the torque convertor was drainable........ but....the LS430 is a different league. I have done 40,000 miles in mine and had just a lamba sensor fail, (£260 fitted) and that was a huge shock as one gets so use to nothing happening. Funny enough the W124 did about 30-31 mpg and the Lexus does the same. The ride is simply sublime. We never drive anywhere, we just glide. Everyone who is in the car just marvels. At my MOT garage it is known as 'that silver Lexus' and even the young mechanics come and look. Buy with caution and simply enjoy. When the kids go tearing across the counry, you just waft, and try not to look too smug.
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    Update: I dropped my car into Lexus on Friday morning last. Following an inspection, they advised me not to drive it, and that they won't have a replacement part until early this week. They provided me with a new Yaris in the meantime. They didn't know how much it would cost as they've never had to replace one before. I just got a call from the service manager to tell me that they're still waiting for the part to arrive but hope to have the car ready for me by the end of business tomorrow (Tuesday). He said that it appears that the part failed by itself as there was no sign of damage on the pulleys or tensioner, and that they would cover the cost as it has only been 5 weeks since it was in with them for service.
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    Might have 🙂. .......😁 Whoo hoooo
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    Hate to spoil your day...….. https://www.grammarphobia.com/blog/2012/03/lexus.html
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    Just returned home after having the 8 year service and MOT. Dropped the car off at 10.00 Tuesday and was loaned a 68 plate ES300h. Fantastic car and a pleasure to drive. Called into Leamington Spa for the day. Whilst having a late lunch, I was called and told that the air con condenser was leaking, but not to worry as the warranty company had already been called and gave the ok to replace, and would be ready Wednesday. We have baby sitting duties on a Wednesday involving a late finish, so was told to keep the ES, and please return early Thursday. I always wake early despite being retired, and so arrived just after 8.00 to bright and cheerful staff. Paperwork all ready and explained and I paid taking advantage of the LOC discount card. ISF sitting gleaming by the door, and so off home. The experience of purchasing and having the car serviced with them has all been superb. A good Dealer with a great bunch of people. Can't praise them enough.
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    It looks as though we have enough folks to start the "We used to be Merc Boys 'till we discovered Lexus". Club :-) Just a point about cam belt changes. Always best to do the water pump at the same time.
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    My RX450H is 9 years old and has covered almost 100,000 miles. It’s paint is, with the exception of swirl marks, as good as it left the factory. The bumpers haven’t peeled, even where I’ve got a bit close to a wall... Sounds to me, like an insurance company being an insurance company and talking a load of nonsense. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I will walkaway from any car that does not look well looked after. Lexus Glasgow has just phoned me today: they have a silver Advance with panoramic roof coming in with a black interior, one elderly lady owner and 28k miles - they are also doing 3 years free servicing and £1k off finance, I do not need finance but may take it and get £1k towards deposit and then pay it off. i have paid a deposit for them to hold the car for me.
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    I will be sad to see her go. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 50,000 miles I've driven. Lovely car....
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    Thanks Herbie, Only had her for a week and enjoying the hybrid approach. i appreciate that its all about anticipation, and get used to it. A much more relaxed drive than the German cars i have been used to to a while.
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    Peter's right about the video. Even dash cameras have to blank the screen so that they don't distract the driver. You're probably not driving it correctly then. Driving hybrids is all about anticipation so that you get the most out of the regenerative braking. The 'normal' hydraulic brakes aren't really used very often and brake pads last much longer because of it.
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    Worked out the problem, removed the the side mirror assembly as I wanted to check everything, removed the mirror and CAREFULLY removed the gear box for inspection. Opened up the gear box and stripped it down to find that one of the 2 plastic gears was broken. Took the gear to a graphical designer I know who recreated it within his 3D software, it's now printing on his Prusa i3. I'll collect it this evening and refit everything, fingers crossed 🙂
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    Whilst I understand what you are meaning, having gone through all the emotions of trying to find faults before they occur, and asking my Indie what will require future work, I came to the conclusion to just “ enjoy” Each time I asked the question I was told nothing needed doing. They are complex beasts, but also extremely well constructed and reliable, so I do not think any check on a Lexus is invaluable, because if you just service them properly any fault will become obvious. When a fault does occur there are generally signs to then have them fixed. I am still coming to terms like us all probably that theses vehicles just go on and on. The only thing they must have is regular servicing , and as I read recently the LS was built to achieve 250,000 miles. So..........Enjoy
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    As anyone seen this video it explains the features of the mk4 gs450/350
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    I use Wynns engine flush and have done for years. I guess you need to use it continually at every oil change to notice a real difference. You can get this in quite a few outlets. I usually get it either from Halfords or ECP for around £6 I will use it before i do the oil change. Make sure first that your oil pan drain bolt will come off and also your oil filter will come off (loosen them a bit to make sure and retighten before adding this to your engine as you dont want to drive around with it in your engine if the plug and filter cap wont come off. Simply pour the contents into the oil and run the car for 20 minutes at 2k revs. Once done, drain the oil as normal and do your oil change. Like i said, you will need to do it at every change to notice a difference. Image of what i use is below ... It smells a bit like paraffin when the cans opened ..
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    Suggest the full title of that club includes, "and not stupid enough for an out of warranty BMW or Audi".
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    Over the years, people have regularly asked whether of not you need headlight converters, spare bulb kits, and other items when travelling to France. There is NO requirement to carry spare bulbs when you drive in France. You MUST, however, use headlight converters, unless your car has a flat beam - which is the case for all current Lexus models as well as for the previous gen RX300/350/400h/450h. You SHOULD switch off AFS. In addition, you MUST carry a triangle, and at least one high vis vest. It is recommended that you carry one per passenger. You MUST display a GB sticker at the back of your car, unless it is built into your number plate. It is recommended that you carry at least one single-use, NF approved breathalyser (they are cheap and available from Amazon): you should be able to produce one - if asked - but not having one does not carry a penalty. (It used to be a compulsory requirement, but for reasons I cannot remember, the law was relaxed). Importantly, radar detectors are illegal and you WILL get fined if you carry one, even switched off. If you have a portable SatNav that shows the location of speed cameras, this facility MUST be switched off. Your Lexus built in system will not show camera locations in France. See: http://www.euroadlegal.co.uk/country/france.html (other websites are available, but I have found - after checking with the French Consulate during a recent visit - that this one is particularly accurate. Some additional clarity about using mobile phones / hands free kits: https://www.frenchentree.com/living-in-france/driving/driving-in-france-hands-free-kit-ban-effective-june-30/
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    Here are a few pointers when viewing potential purchases: Make sure it has a full or at least a good service history which includes the cambelt change. On driving the ride should be quite smooth comfortable with no noises or creaks from the suspension. Gearbox changes should not be noticeable Upon starting the steering should tilt and retract - test and make sure the mechanism works as motors are very expensive Braking should be quite and smooth - if you get a groaning noise when coming to stop that’s a sign of cheap aftermarket brake pads - they will need replacing. Check colour of gearbox oil it should be red with no smell of burning. Check colour of coolant - it should be red - ensure no oil in the bottle Check all electrics work Check the Sat Nav works - there have been reports of some failures Check the sound system properly to ensure no blown door speakers or woofer Check the air suspension works - when the switch is flicked the car should rise about at inch slowly - and the compressor does not make any noises Check the bonnet struts hold the bonnet Check the car has the correct Toyota red coolant Check for rust around the doors near the plastic trim and around the boot area Check rear quarter panel glass for cloudiness - this indicates the glazing has failed ( pre face lift) Ask if the cabin filter has ever been changed - these are often over looked. Check the bonnet pull works as it should - some of them fail Check toolkit is present Make sure there are no warning lights lit in the dash Ideally you want 3 remote keys Check the car has a matching set of tyres and wether they are branded or not - this should give an indication wether the car has been pampered or neglected Before driving off make sure you have the say nav code and locking wheel nut key. hope this helps
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    If you get an LS you won't go back to MB! The facelift model has a 6 speed transmission and Bluetooth, plus a few other upgrades. History is really important, as is evidence of a cam belt change. The only places for rust are the sunroof area and just above the middle trim on the doors, although not that common and treatable. Where in Surrey are you?
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    I think that you all worry too much / over think this. Buy any private plate you like, and go on https://www.number1plates.com/shop/builder order your plates with the standard UK font & size. OR go to click4reg.co.uk and when you purchase the private plate there, they will even send you proper legal plates, so it's a very simple process. I feel like this thread is becoming something that might discourage people from getting a private reg. @Vlady
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    You might like to look at this link which has covered it pretty well. I bought a 350 (56 plate) about 5 years ago and haven't regretted it. Its a great car. A little more thirsty than the hybrids (I get about 24-28 depending on local or motorway use)(400 is not as good as 450 I think but the differences with the 350 are less than you might expect for a hybrid). Hybrids cost quite a bit more (in UK anyway) and the difference buys quite a lot of petrol. Car tax is higher in UK for the 350 but may not be in Spain which would be a plus in favour of the 350. The FWD is also completely different with the 350 being AWD and the hybrids being front wheel drive on petrol with the 4WD added by a rear wheel drive via the electric motor so it effectively alternates between front and 4WD rather like the Honda . I didn't notice the difference when I drove a 450 recently but others have said that the system isn't as good in snow or mud etc. There are differences in the geometry and suspension between the 350 and the 400H and some think the 350 is better to drive. I haven't driven a 400 so cannot comment on this. Nobody seems to worry much about mileage and many report no problems up to 200K miles. Good luck with your choice. I am sure you will like whichever you choose as they are both very goods cars.
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    I used the Liber T automatic toll payment tag for driving across France four times and would definitely recommend the system. I had no problems but if you do it can be sorted back in the UK speaking English to the company. Loved driving up to the toll booth, slowing down and waiting just a second for the barrier to raise automatically. The toll roads provide effortless high speed driving and are worth the cost if you need to cover distance quickly. Of course you see nothing of the quaint villages etc.
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    For the last 30 years all of my cars have had a sunroof and I've never opened a single one of them, preferring instead to let the aircon (and latterly the climate control) do it's job. I've also never had a leak from any of them either - maybe they only get leaky with use! I love the Celestial Black and Ivory colour combo of our car. Yes, a nightmare to keep clean but well worth it. Any passenger attempting to get in with a wax jacket would be asked to remove it first 😉 Here's my pride and joy:
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    Thanks for your reply, unfortunately, my car didn't come with either the main manual or the Nav manual only a slimmed down User Guide. However, I was able to access the instructions on the Lexus website.
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    Well, yes. It's only like asking if they can be independent if employed by the OP - one or other party has to get the independents involved somewhere along the line. To the OP - you've been the victim of bad workmanship and an insurance company that doesn't care about its customers. You could try to fight it but how much time, effort and hair can you stand to lose, not to mention that you could still be fighting it at this time next year if they decide to drag it out. Cut your losses and just have the repair done yourself and put it down to experience. I had a little prang a couple of months ago and went to the Lexus approved bodyshop for a quote, thinking that if it was reasonable enough I'd pay it myself instead of getting the insurance involved (no other vehicles or persons involved in said prang). My flabber was well and truly gasted when they said £1,660. I did a bit of looking around and found a guy who usually works on restorations. His work is impeccable and he's done a couple of E-type Jags, MGB GTs and much more, including some military vehicles and he's currently doing the bodywork on a Hillman Tilly. He said that if I can wait until he's finished that, he'll do my repair for £700 - you'll not be surprised to learn that I'm waiting patiently
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    My understanding is that the paintwork should have been warranted by the insurer's approved bodyshop. I would certainly fight this issue on the basis that they repaired it. The issue is nothing to do with Lexus and I would certainly buy another. I had a very bad experience with insurance company repairers on an is300h and learned that I would insist in future on repairs by a Lexus approved bodyshop. As an aside it might be worth speaking to your local chipsaway repairer. My guy in Gloucester (Stuart) does superb work in his workshop and they could probably deal with this for a lot less money than a bodyshop. They fully warranty the work for as long as you own the car. I see you are not too far away and Gloucester chipsaway is only across the Road from Gloucester Docks and outlet centre. Sure that could be fixed in a day at a very reasonable cost.
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    Am thinking its the one in my post, just above.....
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    Went for test drives in an 2013 RX450h luxury and an 2016 NX yesterday. Both were great cars the NX is very stylish and a fabulous interior. I much preferred the space, ride and performance of the RX. My wife was happy with the RX, the reversing camera makes a big difference to her, the worry was it would feel to big for her. It is smaller than our old Saab 9-5 fortunately. So I am now on the lookout for a well looked after 2014/15 RX in any colour bar white with ideally a black interior. Lexus Scotland had a nice white one! Looks like I may have to travel south of the border for the right car.
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    Welcome Derek, another one of the special breed of Lexus owners. I’m sure you will love your wheels, as most owners irrespective of model on here do. You will feel the exclusivity of your CT when you drive around looking for other CT’s. You will probably see 30 or more C220 s before you spot one.... 👍
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    Hello, Thank you for allowing me to join your Forum. I recently bought a CT200h, a second hybrid car to my Ioniq, and I am really enthused by the car and how it performs. Has taken me a little time to master the Radio/Sat Nav but I am getting there, to be honest the navigation book is not that easy to follow, but I am sure I will get there.
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    It sounds like the regional settings could have been buggered up via the hidden menu? See here for more info, and a wider search on Clublexus.com might give you other possible solutions hth Michael https://www.clublexus.com/forums/hybrid-technology/392417-please-insert-the-correct-map-dvd.html
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    An educated guess Nick yours should have the direct system - can't see it not having it if 07 plate cars had it. my 04 LS430 has the indirect type system
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    Denso from ECP everyday of the week, get a spare pair when they're on offer. They have the correct plastic shrouding.
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    I'm in! (R129 SL) Just one thought on your first 430. Finding an independent specialist is very worthwhile for your maintenance. It is a complex beast, and a guy who knows where the potential problems are and checks them out for you is invaluable.
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    THE FOLLOWING INFO RELATES TO THE RX400H, NOT THE 450 I've part-done mine. Haven't bothered with the year interior light (yet). Didn't buy a kit, but bought individually. Worth doing IMHO. But now that the "reading/map lights" end up with a blueish tint, down to the light cover... Main courtesy light still shines white. Bought a pair of these for the reading/map... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2PC-BA9S-T11-T4W-3014-LED-24-SMD-Car-Side-Light-Bulb-Interior-Lamp-White-12V-/222840203996 One of these festoon bulbs - 31mm - for the front courtesy light... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Car-Festoon-31-42mm-Led-Smd-c5w-sv8-5-Lamp-Light-Bulbs-Interior-Hid-White-12v-UK-/153037949846 I can't open the email confirming what I used for the boot... But the email title says 28mm festoon... So two more of the above festoon bulbs will probably be right. Also, my hunch is that the rear courtesy light will be the same, but I haven't looked yet. The festoons are polarity sensitive, but you just take them out and insert the other way if they don't work. I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANYTHING WHATSOEVER EVEN IF IT'S MY FAULT 😊
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    I'll add in a Plus 1 to the never go back to a Merc comments. I had a few and my last one was a 2006 S Class - one owner, full service history, low mileage "cherished" example sold "as seen on behalf of a customer" from a local so called dealer. I should have known better 🤨 Electrical gremlins, dodgy suspension and the final nail in the coffin an faulty gearbox put the idea that an S Class was the ultimate car firmly out to pasture. (I was coming from a Range Rover and on reflection should have just spent the money doing it up and keeping it I would have saved myself a few grand. Anyway, enough of that I bought my 2006 model with a good service history and few niggles but all have been more or less sorted now for very humble money I had the cam belt done as a precaution as the car had only done 76,000 miles however it was 13 years old (I read somewhere do the belts at or before 100,000 or ten years) and it was on its last legs so a job well worth doing. My car came in from Southern Ireland and has a KPH speedo that I have to change and no sunroof (Sun? in Ireland?) 🙂 Everything bar the afore mentioned steering wheel motors works, I updated the SatNav with a Disc from the interwebs for £19 (2018) and the only problem seems to be the inability to type in a postcode but to be honest I rarely use it. Air con is still ice cold but do check the condition of the drivers seat cushion, mine has "flattened" out over the years and is a little uncomfortable slightly spoiling the entire "magic carpet" sensation (its not that bad I can live with it but its on my list to get sorted) And yes, you do see boy racers coming past - those that know nod in approval, those that don't sometimes find out there is a lot of life in a 13 year old 4.3 V8 😉
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    My money's on the pins, Lexus wont touch them and prefer to list the calipers as needing replacement. If you're competent, jack the motor up and remove the pins giving them a good grease. I do this as part of a 6 month maintenance schedule when I also change the oil, not a long or difficult job at all.
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    I'd put money on a connection issue, hope you get it sorted.
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    MOT requirements regarding registration plates.....
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    Facelift was 2003 I believe. Yes, Woking isn't too far. If you find anything within a reasonable distance and want another pair of eyes just let me know.
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    Hello there. I too was an MB fan. First bought a new 190E 2.00 back in '93. Have had too many since to list (although I think the SL60 was my favourite). I don't know specifics regarding Lexus paint, but their general build quality is pretty spot on. Similar to that of MB before they decide to manufacture money instead of cars. I've got/had three Lexi (!) and have had no rust issues. Current is an eighteen year old 420 GS which is rust free and goes very well indeed. I'd love an LS but they're too big for MrsIA2 and she's the main driver these days.
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    Never ever turned A/c off . A gain in mpg in normal driving in D-Mode would be negligible & cabin climate less comfortable . Tel
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    I too washed the car today, nothing fancy as Lee above, just a snow foam and 2 bucket was after that. Also wiped interior and applied leather softener to the seats, I applied GTechniq 1 C2 last time I washed the car so it's still fine, never even had time to dress the tyres as my wife asked my to wash her car! Anyway, couple pictures below.
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    Well done guys, four fine looking cars there. Even more disappointed now as it looked a top day out from all the photo's and vids. That said my pride and joy spent the weekend on a ramp at Lexus Derby after a spectacular MOT fail on Friday lunchtime , so would have missed out anyway. I hope to be reunited with the old girl before the week is out.
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    My RX was the same colour combination. Looked very smart, but never will I ever buy another black car! Current car is white and , contrary to expectations, much easier to clean.
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    Hi all, after younger years wanting to put "Lexus light" upgrades on various bangers, next Monday I pick up my lovely CT F Sport and begin the Lexus journey! Looking forward to being part of the gang, sharing experiences and picking up and hints and tips along the way!
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    Well, I emailed them and the guy was very helpful and said it can be done. But not many people do it. And that gearbox tuning can’t be done on this car. But engine remapping can. For the money it might not be worth the 20+ bhp gain. But it can be done

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