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    Its a 2.5 turbo. 1jz. 280bhp give or take. 85k miles. Will be staying in kms though. Rwd auto .tiptronic 2001 Cost about 4500 ish
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    Well after nearly 3 months its here and well it big and white and the family think it looks like the ghost busters car
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    On our sadly departed XC90 I had both. Ran Nokian WR SUV 3 winters year round and they were superb but I suppose may have worn a little quicker. Absolutely unstoppable in snow. Then swapped those for Pirelli Scorpion All Seasons because the price was good. Again, no problems but not quite as sure footed in snow. Never had a problem, I just had to be a bit more cautious. You can thank me later for not answering your question in any way
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    At long last my dealer say they have the car and we have agreed I can collect on the 12th August. Decided not to take part in the mayhem of the 1st Sept as this car is to stay with me for at least 5 years as I have 5 years free servicing from the dealer. Moreover my car will be registered with DVLA using my personal plate so the 69 reg plate is academic to me. Ordered 26th Feb 2019 and will collect 12th August 2019. My first ever new car. Glad I opted for the Premium Pack and the dealer threw in a Protection Pack so can't complain about the overall deal. Not really sure what 5 years servicing will cost but it will be 3 interim and 2 larger services. My GS450 service plan was about £36 a month x 36 months so an ES can't be less surely. Didn't think £378 insurance was too bad either with only a £150 xs (one accident, my fault in the last 5 years declared) There was not one top ten motor insurer who could match the premium and the benefits of Saga and I spent all my working life in the world of Motor Insurance Claims as a loss adjuster. Just got to stay alive till Monday.
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    Hello all. Brand new here and first post. I'm looking for a RCF in red. Would like low-ish mileage with full dealer history. White is my second choice. Third is silver. Not worried about carbon. Anything coming up, let me know. BTW: I have a low mileage Jaguar F Type V8 R coupe in white which could be part of the deal if it doesn't sell privately. Jonathan
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    It’s a long time coming, but I promised a number of members that I would summarise life after Lexus. I don’t pretend to be a capable driver, a track god or even someone of any real automotive knowledge. There are plenty on here that put me to shame! I have however owned an IS-F, RC-F and now a C63. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in GS-Fs. I’ve also had time in both versions of the LC-500. Mercedes wise, I’ve driven a fair few miles in a C63s, an AMG GT and a current E63s. So, I think I’m in a good place to render an honest comparison between Lexus and Mercedes. What follows is my experience as a Lexus / AMG owner. Just one person’s view - just my view. IS-F – wonderfully stealthy I loved my IS-F. My heart still skips a beat whenever I see one on the road. Maybe this happens because they are so rare or just because I will always feel an attachment to the Lexus brand. The engineering, the build quality and the customer service are all qualities that impress and leave a lasting mark. Of course, you know there’s a BUT coming. The BUT came in the form of the anonymity of the IS-F. The very thing that appeals to so many – the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Call me vain, call me a show off, but I started to get a little annoyed at the lack of recognition the IS-F got in the real world. Only dedicated petrol heads knew what it was, and I got a little tired of having conversations such as “Yes, I have a Lexus IS-F. It’s the equivalent to a BMW M3, Mercedes C63.”. I wanted the car to be recognised for just how good it was. An even bigger problem was the temptation to show M3 and C63 drivers just how good my IS-F was. Obviously I resisted…. The seed was sewn, and my head was turned by an RC-F. IS-F to RC-F I found my RC-F on Autotrader. A 15 plate Carbon edition in white. The day of trade in, the IS-F performed beautifully – flawlessly, and it really was hard handing over the keys. I felt like I was betraying a friend, but it had to be done. I always find the process of purchasing a new car stressful - the paperwork, the money exchange and that nagging thought in the back of the head “Have I done the right thing?”. One the part-x was done, I headed South from Stoke, down the busy M6. I had a headache, the sun was very bright and I had no sunglasses. Not a great start. That nagging thought in the back of my head was really evident. My first couple of hours in the RC-F weren’t great. I started thinking that I’d spent £40k on a car that was arguably no better than the IS-F. More striking, definitely, but still arguably no better. I’d stopped at the services (somewhere on the M6) in the hope I could buy some sunglasses. On my return to the car park, a guy (who turned out to be a Boxster owner) was walking around the RC-F. He was very complimentary about the car. This attention was to be repeated over and over in the 10,000 miles of RC-F ownership. People stop, stare, photograph, video and adore the look of the car. By the time I got off the motorway and on to some fast A and B roads, I started to bond with the RC-F. Over the next year, my RC-F proved to be utterly reliable and adequately fast! Goodbye to the Lexus F fold Two things annoyed me about the RC-F (and IS-F) 1. The RC-F’s sheer confidence. I found that to get enjoyment out of the car, I had to wring its neck. If you’ve driven the Mountain Road on the IOM, you’ll know it’s derestricted. To enjoy it and any other road in the RC-F, I found I really had to obtain speeds that were way too high. 2. Noise. The intake noise inside the cabin sounded amazing. Outside it sounded pretty good on the boil. However, when pottering around, things were a little sterile. The exhaust note was disappointing. A QS exhaust helped, but that came with downsides. So, those were my two reasons for leaving the F fold. Where next? The next car would have to entertain at lower speeds and make a great noise. The options – the M3, but they sound ******* (and fake). Alfa thing – reliability. F-Type – I’m too tall. LC-500, has all the issues that the RC-F does. That left me with the C63, and I ended up buying a C63 Coupe. Day one with the C63 Don’t listen to what people tell you about Mercedes reliability and build quality. Do what I did – just go buy one and experience it in the flesh. Mine got me home from the dealer only to be recovered straight back there. What a nightmare – but I did get several weeks in an E63s loaner. A quick note to all F drivers – no matter what car you have, don’t battle it out with an E63s – they are in a different league – biblical performance! My C63 got returned to me after a couple of weeks but immediately some trim fell off it. This time I got a £125,000 AMG GT loaner. Another rapid car – not as fast as the E63s, but still in a different league to F cars. C63 v RC-F There’s no winner. It’s a personal preference, but I’ll list the pros – cons Lexus wins on 1. Build quality – HANDS down – different league 2. Reliability….. .most of the time. My IS-F did need a new steering rack - £5k) 3. Warranty – cheap and usually comprehensive 4. Induction noise. Epic. The C63 engine itself (minus exhaust) is quite boring. 5. Rareness 6. Handling – always predictable. I’d still be more confident in an RC-F (especially in the wet). Haven driven TVD and Flintstone LSD versions, I wouldn’t bother with the TVD (contrary to many previous debates). Personally, I found the TVD a little counter intuitive at the limit. 7. Standard kit (at least in Carbon edition). Things like radar cruise as standard 8. Nobody will nick a Lexus C63 wins on 1. Overall looks. Yes, the RC-F is eye catching and from the rear 3/4 a real stunner. But I just find the nose on the RC-F (and IS-F) awkward in profile. The C63 has less awkward angles. Incidentally the GS-F has the best F nose. 2. Noise. AMG have performed miracles with the exhaust system. It’s an epic, guttural noise. The popping and banging is also awesome. What’s more – if you don’t like it, turn it off. I've yet to encounter the perfect aftermarket F exhaust. 3. Fun at low speed. You don’t have to go fast to have fun. This is partly down to the epic sound track and……. 4. Torque. With 8 gears, the F cars can often leave you in no man’s land. In the AMG you have this stuff called torque – low down the rev range. 5. Recognition. People know what AMGs are and even if they don’t they appreciate the noise 6. Road placement. The 63 'feels' more compact than the RC-F. The RC-F has that big swooping bonnet. On the road, the RC-F actually feels bigger than its sister the GS-F! Do I miss the RC-F No. Will I ever own a Lexus again….. I hope so. The AMG’s current garage buddy is a Lexus GS-F. I walk past it every day. I still admire everything about it. Lexus F cars – I’ll always have a soft spot for them. Thanks for reading.
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    What's a BMW?? 🤔
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    And there in lies the issue. The Foot operated parking brake. That does attach to the backplate. It would appear mine is so poorly corroded, it no longer performs its function. If foot operated parking brake is applied, it does not release correctly. Leaving the parking brake shoes in the "on" position = hot disc. Not usually considered a good thing. I can see one has been replaced, I will replace the other. I make a point of not using the foot operated parking brake, but there are times it would have come in handy. All things considered, even taking in to account the price of the part, I still feel I have a lot of car for what I paid. The cost will soon diminsh in my mind as it is offset by the peace of mind knowing things are right.
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    Went to Prescott and did a bit of hill climbing. The Car was far more agile than you may think. The 4 wheel steering helped a lot!
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    Perhaps the best in-depth car review I have seen and the best I am ever likely to see for the Camry! I would certainly shop at Tesco rather than Waitrose as I continue to recognise value for money and I don`t mean cheaper !! The drivers` of Audi, BMW and Mercedes cars will take aeons to appreciate the qualities that Lexus has to offer. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy what for me are the unsurpassed qualities of my GS450h.
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    Here you go: https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/116346-spark-plug-replacement-again/ I was wrong in that guide about the original plugs being platinum - I think they are in fact Iridium but with an additional platinum pad on the centre electrode. The IKBH20TT ones are 'new technology' iridium TT spec - a more advanced design (they also include platinum). The claimed service life of TT plugs is 120K km (72K miles) https://www.denso-am.co.uk/products/automotive-aftermarket/spark-plug-glow-plug/spark-plugs/iridium-tt/
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    I know this has been discussed before, but having requested advice on various issues, I thought I'd put a recommendation on that someone may find useful. Having had two genuine Toyota batteries fail after around 3 years, my current one just out of warranty, I thought it was time to shop around. It's been said on this forum that only a Toyota battery will fit properly, this is not true. After some research, looking at spec, branding, warranties and price, I decided I wanted a Bosch battery , the S4 series with a 4 year warranty. I just fitted a Bosch S4 026 battery and it is a perfect fit. The spec matches my Toyota battery exactly, with 630A and 70 Ah. So I have a new battery, same spec with 4 year guarantee instead of 3, and it was cheaper. For those with a Costco card, they sell them at the lowest price (it may be a special order and take a couple of days, although I was lucky, they had one in stock), without the potential faff and expense of buying online and potentially having to return a heavy battery by post if a fault develops. If you get one, the correct battery is the S4 026, not the S4 027, which is identical except the terminals are the wrong way around, don't ask me how I know. Hopefully, someone may find this useful. For those of you with a cynical bent, I have no connection with either Bosch or Costco, it's just a recommendation
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    I wouldn't worry about problems in changing the plugs. Some fasteners are a bit inaccessible, but it's an easy job. There will be no issues in removing the plugs when you get to them (and you can get to 4 of them with minimum dismantling - it's the two under the airbox which need its fiddly removal). My plugs were in for 12 years and 66K miles. I noticed no change with the new plugs (which are Denso IKBH20TT - the current spec by Denso for IS250 plugs and much cheaper than the originally recommended FK20HBR11) The new ones have been in for about 8K miles now with no problems. You may or may not need new gaskets for the airbox - i bought them and because they were to hand used them, but it really wasn't necessary to replace them but it might be different at higher mileage. I wrote a guide to the job - I think the thread is called 'Spark Plug replacement again' - about a year ago. Toyota branded plugs are Denso FK20HBR11
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    I haven’t had any problem with the rozzas but it is a bit challenging reversing in dark unlit areas. I just lower the windows and all is well. It’s a rare occurrence though. The cost was £300+vat for the paint correction/detail and I paid an extra £40 to have the headlights polished and sealed. £408 in total. It may seem a lot but the other option was buy a newer car and the one I was considering was £400 a month for 5 years. No brainer really. Bod
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    I have a Landrover Defender that at times is used off road, I found stones got wedged behind the backplates so took them off years ago. It has never been mentioned on an MOT and has not been an issue.
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    That colour is superb in the sunlight good choice.
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    :) Thanks Sean They are tucked up asleep
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    Job done and top class welcome and treatment by the team at Lexus Edinburgh. Can't recommend them highly enough.
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    You can even get a super quality scale model in that colour
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    Been covered before by myself and nothing appears to have changed from a few years ago. Michelin Premier are the best tyres for the vehicle, unfortunately they're not freely available and are over £200 each. Bridgestone Duellers are currently the best choice at the moment. Its an odd size, not many manufacturers use it. I bought mine online and used Lexus to fit - it was £25 to fit two tyres including VAT Prices are higher because its a bigger tyre - nothing to do with competition really. £160 for a premium 20" tyre with huge sidewalls is not bad at all
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    With the LS you want to be checking the suspension side of things as most I looked at were pending MoT failures needing work done (the one I bought needed some parts replacing). From the top of my head for the LS460: See if it's had a radiator replacement as I believe that can be a weak point Check for service history to ensure it's been looked after, ie oil changes & ATF changes etc Check the adaptive cruise control works - my radar sensor failed after a few weeks while in for a service and it cost over £2k to fix (that was after haggling down - initially the quote was over £5k!) If possible try and get an extended test drive as TPMS issues won't show for a minimum of 15 minutes (it may be even higher than that) - in my case the spare had been removed so I had to buy another spare and code the new sensor in. There's a video on Youtube showing how to access a hidden menu with error codes on the Mark Levinson system - luckily the only errors on mine were when unreadable disks were inserted but there have been reports of owners with faulty ML systems. May be this one If possible try and connect with Techstream or an Intelligent Tester 2 to read any active codes and see a list of faults the car may not be reporting on the dash Check the Nav and ensure it's functioning - newer disks are quite cheap on eBay. Check the HID lights are working ok - I usually replace the bulbs in mine anyway but there's a chance on an older car they've dimmed or have failed and will be flashing etc. There's probably plenty more but that's the first things I can think of!
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    Didn't know Toyota batteries were so bad. I put a genuine Toyota battery in mine just after I bought my LS430 after seeing they were much cheaper then the equivalent Bosch battery. Anyway I've used Bosch in all my previous cars and they've served me well so you shouldn't have any issues. Another good place to pick them up is Euro Car Parts during their sales. I got my last battery from them with a 50% discount!
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    After looking again black circles is £7 per tyre cheaper on the Bridgestone tyre gets a good review. I imagine give it's a year and your find more makes in yours size.
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    Yup. Also the reason why Merc C-class now come with 41 litre fuel tanks (as the weight for testing is based on a 3/4 full tank - tiny tank saves them 10-20kg of fuel).
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    So it's a more sophisticated modern equivalent of taking a magnet with you like I used to do many, many moons ago 😊 I've just looked up Paint Detective Les and at almost £200 I think I'll stick to my magnet (see what I did there - 'stick' to my magnet... I'll get me coat )
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    Dealer sent me a mini video just after it came off transporter. Notice no centre wheel caps and the plastic film over wheels. Customer ES Video.mp4
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    Interesting Alan as that is exactly what it cost to refurbish the headlights on my old Merc. Thanks.
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    Crossplane V8 (like RCF) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw4rqQD479o Flatplane V8 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJrpmY6AITE
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    My son visited me from the Netherlands and made this video. There is a moment where the joy on my face shows how happy I still am with the Lexus. VID-20190718-WA0000.mp4
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    When he was 21 a lamp post crossed the street when he was driving my XJR. He came out without scractches, not the XJR. Lately, he took me out in his Clio 182. NO, I don't let him drive it.
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    After my RX failed the MOT on the strut top bearings, my local garage spoke to lexus and they do not sell just this part you have to buy the whole new strut !!!!! £750 each !! So after spending some time on Google I found an advert on eBay and eventually spoke to this guy who was able to replace just the bearings for me at a reasonable £60 each The business name is orchard engineering and the contact number is 07901712988 Just thought I'd pass on the good news to other RX owners 🙂
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    @PCM: Not too often you see a silver Soarer, very tasty in silver. Some bulb replacement and out with the alternator which got a new rectifier. All healthy again. Old fuel pump looks pretty rough!! New AEM in and working a treat.
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    The rear backplates are essential as the parking brake mechanism and brake shoes are attached to it which would explain an MOT fail if they are in poor condition. The fronts are different in that they are covers and removing them would not affect braking operation.
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    Bridgestone Blizzak LM80 were fitted to my RX450h which got px for new NX300h Sport. 2 have around 6mm tread and 2 have around 5mm tread, see pics. Any inspection welcome, they have no repairs or damage. Fantastic in snow got me up a cobbled 1in5 hill last winter that a 13plate Range Rover was stuck on ! £250.00 will del within 50 mile radius of Bradford West Yorkshire. Next day courier also available email andy.gillett1964@gmail.com or post message through here
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    As someone with an obsession for large alloys, ridiculously low profile tyres and the ability to lap the burgerking in less than 10 seconds - I most definitely agree with you, Sir! It is silly. I had an 4WD Isuzu truck for a while. It was great the 2 days we had snow. What do we do? Buy 4 cars each?
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    My NX Luxury is Sonic Titanium. It is brilliant. I would say it has a bronze tint to it rather than gold. It all depends on the light. It does not show the dirt which is great. It was a good choice.
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    I went to toyota few months ago to unblock the drains as the back of the car was getting wet. They unblocked the rear drains, and everything was fine (I thought). A month or so later the front drain on the driver side got blocked. Went back to Toyota, but I was told after whole day they kept my car (only worked on it 30 minutes though) that they don't really know whats the route for the front drain - they tried compressed air, some flex cable, but that didn't work. I was then told that because they don't know how to fix it, they wont charge me for the diagnostics, but if I want to get this repaired, it would cost me quite a bit, as it would take them approx 4 hours. Not sure how they estimated that as they said they don't know where the drain goes, but I just can't afford that. I took out the plastic coverings under the door, hoping the drain hole will be there somewhere, but I can't see anything ... Does anyone have an idea (or picture/diagram if possible) where the front drain on drivers side goes? The only other option I thought about is that if I can't locate the blockage and remove it, I will need to block that drain hole with silicone of something similar to stop water getting into the footwell (and would need to remember not to park at an angle pointing the drivers corner as this could overflow into the cabin)...
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    I'm also saddened to hear this too, but it is happening all over with all major car brands - planned obsolescence! :( Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Try this on Youtube, Lexus RX330 Sunroof Drain Tube Clogged Go to Clublexus.com and search 'Rx moonroof leaks'
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    Yes, trim needs to be removed to expose the tube but perhaps not a daunting task. Have a look at the excellent photos and descriptions which may take as long as doing the actual fix.
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    On the US ClubLexus site there are many posts and excellent photos on this problem of front drain holes failing on the second generation RX. One problem is that the front drain tubes are not continuous all the way down to the outside of the vehicle. There is a break inside [adjacent to where your toes are when sitting in the front seat] and this joint comes apart, as if the upper tube has shrunk. A result is sodden carpets in the foot well. Hope this helps
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    This is what I was looking for when I took off that plastic cover underside the car - but could see nothing like it anywhere...
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    Deffo drains are on both sides. Thanks for the tip, I'll try to see where it drainst on passenger side. I've seen the water coming from underneath the car, I'd never figure out to check the door sill! If anyone has a picture or knows the exact location of this slit it would be ideal. It is pitch black nowadays when I'm back from work... Why this couldn't block in the summer. ??
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    It goes down the A pillar and down in front of the door. It seems a weird design in that the pipe doesn't extend to the outside, it stops short and water just falls into the sill and from there it drains out. If the outlet gets blocked then the water builds up and out inside the vehicle. I'd pour some water down the other side so you can see where the water exits and then unblock the other side - it should be a small slit where the sill and floor combine. Not sure the picture above is for the correct generation of RX, I thought it had four drain outlets, not two.
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    Apparently the thick nylon strimmer cord is good for the unblocking job, not the standard stuff but heavy duty type used on the petrol models. Below is the diagram for the RX moonroof it appears there is only 1 drain for the front and back both of which are on the passenger side.
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    I sourced the tuning valve from local lexus dealer. One electrical connector, vacumn pipe and screw hold it on. That's the easy bit. You need to remove inlet manifold. Drain coolant, remove throttle body then manifold. Tricky and it took me best part of the day. I renewed inlet gaskets too. Would not like to see labour bill that lexus would charge.
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    Lexus RX 450h - Series 3 - Equipment specifications Lexus RX Series III.pdf
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    hi mark, from what i can figure there is only one in the middle of the inlet manifold.. a line of what look like throttle flaps built into the bottom half of the manifold... the valve i got was a vacumn actuator which has now been misplaced by my wife or kids.... i think its safe to say its gone (€100 down the drain... tip keep stuff out of reach of spouse and kids). to change its a monifold off job... but the fact its intermittant leads me to think its electrical... how would the engine ecu pick up a vac fault (no electronics on the valve i had).trying to figure out what controls this system and if i find out ill let you know.... at the moment i just stick in the code reader and delete the fault as it appears..... look up a site www.lexussouthatlantaparts.com...look up fuel, exhaust and emissions catagory...good diagrams off this system....
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    Much easier method that is less intrusive which worked for me... as above start with car "OFF" If you carefully poke your finger tip into the ejection gap, just a couple or so Mil in you will feel the DVD. Apply slight pressure to dvd to prevent it from being able to turn, then switch "ON". After a couple of attempts of reading the dvd the system gives up, and gives you the option to eject the disc...........which is nice ;)

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