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    I've done one of these for the last couple of years so thought I may as well add something again. Here's a link to last year's which I think has one to the first if you are so inclined. https://www.lexusownersclub.co.uk/forum/topic/118838-lexus-to-tesla-2-years-on/?tab=comments#comment-1083268 Anyway I've now done 42,500 miles in 3 years 3 months. The acid question is am I still a happy owner and pleased I took the plunge? A definite Yes. Following the same format as before: Reliability Nothing bad of any consequence. I had a DRL LED fail and the passenger door mirror struggled to open sometimes. Both were repaired under warranty with a mobile mechanic Tesla call Rangers coming to my home and sorting both out. Very painless. Range & Battery Degradation My range is the same as before, so a long trip in the summer and 250/260 isn't a problem but range does suffer in the winter and 200 is nearer the max. According to the battery degradation report I can run from the 3rd party software that "talks" to the car I've lost about 4% of the battery capacity. None of this really matters unless I do a long drive and the Tesla network of Superchargers cover most of the country very well. The public charging network is slowly growing, without doubt the biggest problem is getting wayleave permission to lay cables. I suffer bladder anxiety much more than range anxiety! Servicing & Insurance Costs Tesla were rightly criticised for requiring an annual / 12.5k service and charging an arm and a leg for it. They've done a complete about face and the recommended servicing schedule is now 2 years with air filter and brake fluid type checks being all that's needed. Servicing and warranty work is all booked via the app and communications can be problematic. My insurance this year was cheaper than last and are no different to what I used to pay for the Lexus. Software Updates These are still a regular feature and arrive approx. every month or so. Sometimes they deliver new functionality and sometimes just bug fixes. The Autopilot software continues to evolve and improve but as for "full self driving" - not a chance. As with any computer the older ones slow down and newer one have greater capacity. It's no different with the Tesla and I have the first generation of the media control unit (MCU1). This means my car doesn't benefit from some of the latest improvements, e.g. all 8 camera now operate as a dashcam. That said, no other car that I've ever owned has got better the longer I've owned it. This one does. Downsides to Ownership Parts supply is still patchy and although the staff are very helpful the communications can be awful. It's not the staff, it's the systems or lack of that are the problem. You have to go in with your eyes open and understand you are buying something at the cutting edge. The biggest mistake, albeit an understandable one is "I've spent £60k/£100k or whatever" and there wasn't even a proper unveil when I picked the car up." Tesla aren't pretending it's a premium car but will have to up their game when the competition eventually arrives. The reality is the car isn't of Lexus build quality, but it's certainly "good enough" and the driving experience etc makes up for the odd panel gap that's not consistent. Competition Sadly still lacking and nothing comes close IMO. The Porsche Taycan is ridiculously priced, less range, mostly slower, no charging network (yet), no comparable technology. It has much better build quality and the badge - if that floats your boat. The Jag I Pace and the Audi E Tron are aero dynamic bricks with range to match, many have suffered with software problems and until the public charging network improves aren't IMO good enough for long journeys. That makes them very expensive "second" cars but are well built and have more of a premium feel to them. Lots of buttons! Driving & Overall Ownership Experience The electric drivetrain is so much fun. Near silent and leisurely as you like, or near silent and will slaughter pretty much anything else on the road. You choose where you want to be between those two points. I only have to touch the brake pedal if I want to come to a complete stop, deceleration is handled by the regeneration and controlled by my right foot. Fuel is cheap as chips and I never have to think about a petrol station. Being environmentally friendly is a bonus, I didn't buy the car for that reason. The autopilot software is pretty good if you understand its' limitations and don't believe Elon Musk when he says Full Self Driving is round the corner. If this helps anyone that's great and happy to expand on any point or answer questions.
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    I thought it wise to start a new topic rather than mix it up on my seat repair thread. As I previously mentioned I have for some time had a new set of NGK iridium spark plugs sat on my garage shelf. This and the fact that I now have more spare time available spurred me into action to get the job done. Both the leads and plugs were replaced around 8 years ago ( in that time I have probably clocked up 15,000 miles) so it should be a relatively simple case of plug leads off, old plug out, new plug in and plug cap back on. Although the plug caps were tight they came off after a bit of twisting to break the seal until I got to cylinder 1 when the wire parted company with the cap. Unfortunately this happened twice more on cylinders 8 and 6 on the other bank. Now resigned to the fact I was going to require another new lead set I then tried to remove the plugs but found that due to the caps remaining on the plugs from the broken leads the socket would now not go over the plug far enough to extract it. Due to the position of the plugs deep down the tubes of the valve cover there was not way a standard pair of snipe nose pliers was going to grab the caps so I decided to order a very narrow pair and also a pair of surgical clamps. Next was a new set of plug leads. Usual sources available and the cheapest set of quality NGK ones were £116.00 from the bay. I suddenly remembered Rockauto in the USA so took a look, £60.00 for the very same leads. Knowing the distributor caps and rotor arms were the original ones I also looked them up and was amazed to find the prices for Bosch branded were a fraction of UK ones so I added these to my order. Distributor cap UK £40.00 USA $13.99, Rotor Arm UK £21.00 USA $4.80 Total cost was £114.00 this included pre paid VAT and shipping! The only downside was the delivery time quoted as being between 29/05 and 02/06 from when the order was placed last Thursday. I needn’t have worried they arrived around 30 minutes ago by DHL !!! 😀 Bosch parts have “Made in Japan” stamped on them and the leads are thicker like the OEM ones even down to the protective white plastic spiral on them. Unfortunately the pliers and clamp ordered the same day from UK suppliers are nowhere to be seen but at least I can do most of the job today.
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    These are the wheels I bought from a new member a couple of weeks ago. After a refurb I treated them to a new set of Avon tyres. Soo much quieter than with the Bridgestones. The same size wheels, 17"
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    If you follow the instructions then, as @whiteman says, the results should be good. I bought a similar kit, albeit from another supplier, when I restored a Mercedes-Benz 420SEC 3 years ago, and below are the before and after shots. I used the supplied filler paste on the hole in the armrest and the renovation cream was mixed by the supplier to match the correct shade. It's a very rewarding job, but don't rush it. Good luck!
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    It looks like that window needs resetting for one touch to work again. Ignition on, close the window by continually holding the button, when it reaches the top hold for a few more seconds, you may hear a quiet click. Then open the window fully using the same process again holding the it down for a few seconds, I generally count to 5. What you’ve done is “taught” the motor the operating perimeters, it should now work properly Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I found it on Youtube. Whilst it references an IS250 and the previous gen, it still works great on the gen 3 as well:
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    Since lockdown, my good lady has decided that there a lot of 'little jobs' around the house that need doing. I will get to the interior of the car when I get 'time off for good behaviour'. 😯
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    Would you consider aftermarket? Some brands like Bola do some fairly period designs. I put mine on a set of 18s and I think it looks the part. Not everybody likes the aftermarket look though... Sent from my SM-G975F using Tapatalk
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    I also got chance to make my own external wastegate dump tube. Was pretty straight forward just measured, cut and offered it up until it fit. Also managed to do a slash cut on the end of the pipe, that was pretty tricky to do using a grinder! Another thing i managed to get done was the rear light LED conversion. Now i originally started this 2yrs ago early on in this build thread 🤣, got side tracked and didnt finish it but now was perfect chance to do it. I also decided to do the US rear brake light conversion so the fog lights also light up with the brake lights. I had to install diodes so that when the fog lights are switched on it doesnt light up all the brake lights now the wiring is joined. 1 thing i didnt want to do was have the fog lights light up with the side lights as i wanted those LED rings to stand out on there own. Im just waiting on some pulse width modulating boxes to dim them down a little as they are as bright as the brake lights at the moment, also the PWM boxes will allow me to use the LED rings as a brake light aswell as a side light!
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    Very rarely if ever - he just does car top trumps and spec sheet reviews. His reviewing style would suit fridge freezers better.
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    Hi, I have a 2016 RX450h and, concerned about cat thefts in our area, I challenged the local dealer's service manager about Lexus' response. The information I got in reply , over a series of questions and answers was: 1. The Gen 4 RX primary cats are in the engine bay and hence not that accessible for theft. 2. There is a secondary Cooler cat device located under the floor of the drivers seat which is used for "advanced engine heating" what ever that is. 3. Lexus "are unaware of the RX450h being targeted at present which is due to the Cat containing less precious metal than the RX400h. With this in mind, there is currently no locking device in development " This was in March this year so if your dealer was now offering a fix, perhaps the position has changed. Does anyone else know any different?
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    Or to avoid any new fangled dance music type thing I would consider a vinyl wrap 🎶🎶🎶😎
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    Hey everyone, I wanted to introduce myself and my new (to me) Lexus SC 430. It is a 2004 model and I believe the colour is Indigo Ink Pearl and the interior is Ecru (I Believe). I just got it delivered yesterday, I have gave it a wash and wax etc. The car has 130k miles atm.
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    I've met Neil and his very very nice (and very different) SC, so to one day have a go behind the wheel would be fun!
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    Hi Nice looking car, just run in as these cars can do 200,000 no problem! If you would like to improve your seat look at this site for tips. Bob has put up a good explanation of how to do it. I have the same upholstery colour as you and I followed the steps listed, it looks like they are brand new! https://forum.lexusownersclub.com/threads/leather-seat-rejuvenation.13611/ Jack
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    Must be one of his clever video`s coming soon ?
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    So it’s not just me then, I’m still working on call out but the phone hasn’t rung for weeks....might start ringing myself 😀 Hold on a minute I think I have a misfire on the lawnmower, just get the toolbox out and take a look.
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    I didn't do anything to my car for a few weeks now, I don't use it enough and the weather is not great to wash it, even though I would love spend a few hours cleaning it. Last night though, while locking my garage, I admired how well proportioned the car is, it was a nice sky as well so I took a few photos! I still love my GS! It is a building site where we stay and Persimmon is not working just now but I think the rough background makes the car look even nicer. 🙂
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    When you shift into gear with your foot on the brakes the car will squat or rise due to the suspension becoming loaded with the torque from the engine/transmission/driveshafts as the wheels cannot move. Due to the gearing the effect is less in a higher gear - the two stages makes it less noticeable to the driver/passengers than a single big squat/fall.
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    Ooh do share the mod, this sounds very interesting? Sent from my G8142 using Tapatalk
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    Hey everyone, I hope you are well? I recently got to experience the 2020 RX 450h F sport with the Takumi pack. It is quite different from my RX 300 to say the least! I do like the fact the facelift has a touch screen and apple carplay now! The Takumi pack is the top tier option for the RX and it adds loads of goodies (too many to write down tbh) but the main ones are the ML stereo, heads up display and a host of safety gear. I loved how subtle the ride is on this RX (even for a F Sport) and the red interior is right up my street! I made a video below if anyone wishes to see the updates that Lexus made? A wee thank you to Lexus Glasgow too for loaning me this RX 🙂 Interested to know what you guys thought of it?
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    Hey Lexus friends, I hope you are all well? (& enjoying this good weather) I made a video on the 'Celestrial Blue' Lexus UX 250h if anyone wishes to see this hybrid SUV? I really like this colour! It is the one and only Lexus I have seen in this colour and I thought I would share with you all to admire its paintwork more than anything else?! Enjoy, Thomas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzB-GTWgJAo&t=0s
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    Hah! Memories of my first vehicle back in 1969. A Ford Thames 15cwt van. It was unusual in that it had a 4 speed gearbox. However it would not stay in first gear and would just drop out under load. One weekend in the early seventies we decided to drive from Ambleside up to the Kirkstone Inn, a narrow little road with several 1 in 4 hills. All went well until we reached the final steep bit and the poor old van just couldn't make it in 2nd gear so we turned round in a gateway and stormed up the last ascent in reverse. Only trouble with that was it was (for the Lake District) a hot sunny day so the engine overheated and we arrived in the carpark opposite the inn in a great cloud of steam and to a round of cheering and applause from the customers sitting outside in the sunshine!!! Happy days! JBP
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    Many years ago I was selling a white Rover 820 and used Tipex correction fluid to fill some pock marks on the bonnet, didn’t make much difference as I virtually had to give it away.
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    I would take it to a local trusted independent - tell them the problem... I know I often think I know what a solution is when my car has an issue - I am generally wrong! Good luck. Love air con as the days get hotter...
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    A spark plug that lasts 60,000 miles or more is amazing to us 'older gentlemen' who changed every 10,000 miles and cleaned and gaped ever 5,000 miles just 30 years ago.
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    She is now sold 😞 Farewell. May be back in the future 🙂
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    Replaced the boot seal yesterday with a genuine Lexus one, the boot ‘pops’ open now as shown in the video. Quite a big difference between the old flat tired seal and the new one which isn’t a surprise after 24 years use. It’s done well lasting that long really. D040EBEB-6EA2-4063-B98C-ECE9BEB78B1E.MOV
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    "SOLD..Hold out yah hand!" I bought it. Full lex service history not a mark on it both inside and out (I mean it's like a 2yo car) Thanks for your guidance gentlemen.
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    It has been a while since I owned my 400h so cannot remember but on newer hybrids if you unlock the door the brake booster pump may start so the vehicle is most certainly woken up before even opening the door. Full sleep mode is normally achieve within 10 minutes but it doesn't seem to be documented so best to assume 20 minutes to be safe.
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    All Toyota Lexus hybrid vehicles do not have a mechanical reverse gear, the direction of the electric motor or motors are reversed to go backwards. None of the CVT gearboxes use belts and variable cone pulleys to change the gear ratios. The front transmission unit has two electric motors, one directly connected to the drive wheels and another connected to an epicyclic gear train and has two functions, 1 to start the engine and 2 to vary the ratio of power between the engine and electric motor. There are some very good videos on YouTube which explain this better than I can.
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    oh come on now this is a standard feature of the Lexus V8 ...... my ancient Ls400 the same you know ............. like hearing sheep munching grass at a 100mtrs Malc
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    Ah, is that an oxygen sensor perhaps? Not uncommon but fairly easy to fix. Unlike it's predecessor, there aren't many hidden features that I can think of but there are things to be aware of. I sense you like gadgets and cool 'stuff' but there is a risk that if you follow too closely you may be led astray and lured into the murky Lexus aftermarket world. The SC430 (Toyota Soarer) should have had far more tech as it succeeded the previous Soarer a car so advanced it was way ahead of it's time. Merge two iconic cars, the LS400 and the Toyota Supra and you get the Toyota Soarer, a cult legend that most petrol-heads overlooked....I digress. The audio and sat nav are a bit 'old-skool' but the nav discs can be updated and the ML audio quality is actually very, very good if the speakers all work as they should. It's superior in quality to most modern systems but do make sure all of the speakers are working correctly. I'm sure you know all SC430s come fully specified, the later face-lift models have a few more things to 'twiddle' but essentially, it's a very easy car to be comfortable in, everything falls to hand. If you master all of the Sat Nav functions you will automatically become the UK expert. There's a glove compartment valet switch to be aware of - that's well hidden and easily forgotten. The car has more fuse boxes than it has road wheels. Some owners opt to add a space saver wheel in the boot instead of the silly tyre-weld solution.....assuming the equally silly run-flat tyres aren't still present. Check that all of the rain drains and rubber seals work and the engine should be so smooth that you can barely tell it's running at tick over. With the radio on at a low level even with my non-standard exhaust, I can't hear the engine and I can barely feel it. In standard form you can literally creep up on pedestrians in car parks and country lanes and they are shocked to see a car behind them because it is so quiet. The roof goes up or down in 29 seconds and it's surprising how comfortable it is (with the windows up) even in fairly low temperatures as the heating system compensates. The audio also self adjusts when the roof is down. Sadly mine no longer has that particular feature but I'll cope.🙂 One hidden/secret feature that some like is that it is possible to lower the rear windows with the roof up. Not many know how - but it's possible.
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    Yeah I am game for that! A wee Lexus SC adventure!
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    Hi Lucy, AutoTrader has a 29 at the moment, Road Tax can be a problem as 12 months is £570 for vehicles after 2005 model. I only use mine in the summer and garage in the winter £313.50. I have a Facelift model with lots of upgrades that include suspension improvements, bluetooth, etc. Look at this thread on SC 430 purchase https://forum.lexusownersclub.com/threads/voyage-to-an-sc.3509/#post-93900 Good hunting Jack🙂
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    Hi! I have just discovered the Lexus SC 430 (a week ago!) and am hoping to buy one very soon - any tips on where and what I should look out for? Thanks in advance for your help, Lucy
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    Thanks Neil.I am sure that we will all appreciate that. As for the Maharaja of Volvo and Woodwork---just inform him that His subjects can always pepper Him with Petals !! Regards
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    Can we have some piccies please if this meeting of you two Lexus Leviathans ever takes place ?
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    Yes this correct as I have now found out.
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    Well you know where I live so you've got no excuse to not hold to your promise!😁
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    Yeah even up here in Glasgow Lexus aren't popular!! I see the NX and RX most in the range, SC and LC are very rare! I still turn my head when I see a UX or ES!
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    An excellent choice, I've got a real soft spot for the SC! Enjoy.
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    I assume the waste gate tube will be sticking up through a new hole in the bonnet? 😁 Good to see an update, appreciate your efforts. A few videos of turbocharged IS300s have been creeping into my feed on YouTube recently; it's like they know...
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    Update (finally): dust deflector was pretty stuck, but I managed to get that out (without destroying it 😉 ) I decided to replace the bushings, so I ordered new ones from Febest. And then I took the axle carrier and new bushings and went to a local car service. They had a hydraulic press, which I don't have... Here is the axle carrier with new bushings: ...and here is all parts installed: All the needed pieces, ready to final assembly! Job done! The installation was so simple compared to the removal of the parts... BR.Sami
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    It could have been a Clarkson review, like Clarkson he was determined not to like it before he started. He may have missed an important point as well when he constantly reminded us that it cost 90k US because he mentioned its reliability. You'll notice how he said MB and BMW will eventually cost big money to repair, so long term I know what I'd have. Plus it looks much nicer than the rivals!
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    During one of his McLaren reviews he mentions the 675LT and then goes onto state he doesn't know what LT stands for 🤦‍♂️ How can a supposed petrol head not know that.
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    I think that’s overegging his talents. His review of my mini clubvan was truly cringeworthy. I did raise the question whether he pays people to watch his YouTube content as he has enormous viewing figures and quite frankly he is s**t
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    Hey everyone, I hope you are all well? I made a video on my dad's CT and compiled 10 things about the CT that you may not know? What I didn't realise was that Lexus worked with a trainer company to make CT inspired shoes!! Hope you enjoy, Thomas 🙂
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    On the 12 March, we went over to Scotland (from Holland) to spend a couple of weeks with friends and family. On the 19th I received a text from the ferry company saying 'The last ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam leaves on the 21st - do you want to be on it?' The answer was 'Yes' and we cut our visit short. Before we left, realising we'd be in lockdown for a while, I made a trip to Halfords to get some materials to clean and shine the Lexus. These are what I bought: Over last weekend I set to work. I had never used a clay mitt before and was amazed how easy it was - and how effective. The headlight restorer worked well, also. The headlights weren't bad, but there was the odd scratch and a bit of discolouration in the corners. The kit is easy to use and comes complete with everything you need. After polishing, I applied the extra gloss protection. I'm very pleased with the result, see what you think: I need to get the alloys refurbished.....but that can wait. Next weekend, I'll do the interior.

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