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    This has been a little while coming, so please bear with me. I'm a bit of a perfectionist (it's a curse) and never more so than with my cars. I have a bit of a history with 'refreshing' cars. This usually involves returning cars to a better than pristine state and then (lots of money later), getting bored, selling and starting again. Thus it's hard for me really appreciate my cars and to keep them for any long duration. Like I said, a curse. Anyway I'm hoping to change my ways with my move to Lexus. It just ticks so many boxes for me right now. The base car was a really good place to start: low mileage and a full service history from the original dealer. The car had been well looked after; the paint work original, in good nick and the mechanicals sound. However, as with everything that gets used, it picks up some perfections along the way. The first thing I wanted to do was sort the paint. The car had picked up some front end blemishes/marks and the odd chip. To do this properly required a complete front end refresh. The next issue is that nothing lets a fresh paint job down more than putting tatty trim back on. So new headlights, grills, and a plate mount later and we were looking good. I love the original look of the ISF, so while salivating over an amazing set of forged Vossen alloys, I chose to refurb the oem 10 spokes for now. I didnt want the car sitting on axel stands for a week, so i opted for getting another set. After sourcing a great set from a very helpful member on here, we got these refurbished and sent up to me. The wheels came with new Bridgestones, however I'd already bought some PS4Ss which had been in the garage, getting in the way of the Mrs. I really rate these, having used PSSs for years. New wheel centers finish these off well. Turns out the old ones were actually in very good condition anyway. The ISF's interior is in really good condition, if a little dark. Theres nothing i hate more than saggy seats with crumpled bolsters. It was also a nice surprise considering how badly my previous new Audi seats wore over 2 years of light use. I toyed with the idea of a quilted cream retrim, having seen how good the colour looks combined with an USB car. I'm going to sit (haha) on this for a bit as it strays from original and I'm not sure how well it resists dirt (i have a little one on the way). Ive settled for now with a new set of Lexus mats, Lexus boot liner and some replacement plastic trims (replaced some scuffed boot trays and sill trims). Finally, to tie everything in, the car came back today after several days away with a really nice man called Clark. His reputation preceeds him and im never dissapointed with his work. He treated the ISF to a paint correction, detail and a protective quartz coating on the body, trim and wheels. Next plans... well I'm currently trying to source a Jap s/s & titanium exhaust to help the v8 sound a bit meaner. Then I'll see how I feel about the Vossens and the retrim again. Big thanks again to Mr Rat and Sam at Lexus Cheltenham for helping me out big-time with the wheels. Top blokes. Right, ive prattled on enough, see what you think:
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    I weakened and bought one, it'll go alongside my collection of die cast cars.
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    Bagsy first in the cue when you ‘get bored’ of it! fantastic work!
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    Dreadful weather in Buckinghamshire ....
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    I've had this for around 4 months now and love it! I'll get some proper pictures of it soon but here are some from the Lexus ad.
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    Kyosho make a very nice 1/18 resin model of the RCF but it's about £170 looks very nice was tempted.
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    You first Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    @PhoeNicks Always happy to help Nick there are some great people on here with a lot of knowledge of the cars and a few changes if that’s your desire that easily reversible all add to the ownership enjoyment, some I have experience of but not carried out myself so you you could have a natter with for instance @emjay82 for media upgrade and a switchable exhaust, or @Womble72 for a catback exhaust. Someone like @Peter P18 for carbon interior and exterior parts don’t let him lead you down the supercharger route though may be just to much extra thrust with that new baby on board 😂 Big Rat
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    Let's watch this space. My view, In a few years time I reckon you just wont be able to buy new cars like this, 5.0cc V8 monstosities with high C02 which make a nice noise. So although they may dip a bit in the near future I can see them firming up afterwards. I feel we are very lucky to be living at this point in time. We have some truly great cars available for us, sporty, noisy, naughty, gas guzzling monsters that make us smile. = fun Fast forward 10 years and I reckon new cars will be mostly electric in some way, quiet, governed speed, and power restricted unless you pay a huge tax for the privilege of owning one. Do I feel lucky?? Oh yes.
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    Big rat . Kit has been spotted on the Wirral
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    @B1 RMA Great collection alas mine consists of one but a special one presented to me by @Rusty Crobar when I bought the RcF......can’t see the connection myself......cough cough Big Rat
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    100kg lighter, +10hp and 4.1 0-62 That's about all I can work out from the video
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    I’ve had a set of Phillips led side lights, that guys on here recommended, in my garage for far too long. Was going to fit them when I took the bumper off for a refresh. Decided to have a go leaving the bumper and lights in place. Not a bad job. Near side is fiddly due to the wiring loom. Offside was easy after ten minutes removing the air box. Really pleased with the difference. Nice white light. picture in the dark is with just side lights on. matt
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    If you look really closely I think they may have cleverly hidden a fixed spoiler...... ;) Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    @Comedian As I understand it the BIF for company car users is a sliding scale for tax reasons the high the co2 the harder the chancellor hits them, there are those who want these type of vehicles for both business and pleasure, though I accept a GT ‘F’ may not be the first choice. I agree with @Stuno1 the chassis and the power type delivery are there really look forward to the finished article. Big Rat
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    Thanks Paul. It's been a bit hectic trying to tie-in all these streams of new parts, refurbs, the car being away for a week, getting everything swapped over and organising myself around work (which has been has been crazy busy of late). Gladly it's all come together as you see in the pics and I'm really happy with the car now. Yeah I think I'm going to hang here for a while and explore things further with Lexus. Ive done BMWs to death and this feels like a fresh start. Im conflicted about keeping the car original or moving away down the modified route. I'm going to look at some areas where things can easily be put back to stock and see how we go. This is my daily so I don't want to upset the balance too much. I'll be sure to continue to seek advice from you guys as this is a great forum with plenty of knowledge and ideas 😎 👍
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    Oh alright my last poor attempt at rubbing or is blowing a shine out of its skin... I mean paint 🤓 Big Rat
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    The best thing to come out of France since garlic bread. Sent from my STV100-4 using Tapatalk
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    You do the pictures and we’ll find a voice for the ‘lexerotica’ channel.
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    I think you’re being a bit discourteous to taxi drivers chaps. I regularly get taxis in Cambridge and a few of the drivers have mentioned they have to have to go for a drive down the motorway in third gear at high revs to clear out the EGR valves etc ahead of their regular, mandated, twice yearly licence check. Blame tax incentives to drive diesels with increasingly spurious mpg figures - I’m looking at you VW. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    You need to consider 3 points for replacement wheels the stud pattern or PCD, the offset i.e. how far the wheels stick out or in and the centre bore i.e. how big is the hole in the middle of the wheel. If the bore is too small the wheels may not fit on the hub, if too big it can be reduced to the correct size (normally 60.1mm on a Lexus) using spigot rings. Another factor is to make sure the wheels will clear the brake calipers on the front.
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    I did look into a tow bar for mine, I was led to believe that no tests had been carried out on the ISF for towing, was told that insurance could be “void” if an accident occurred was also under the impression that a “bespoke” one would be required. Didn’t think the IS tow bar was compatible, I was considering a complete detachable one so no evidence of fitment would have been visible.....I could have been mislead 🤔
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    Sorry Shahpor, I had a chuckle at this. You've now progressed from an IS220D where the engine drowned any possibility of hearing road noise. Now you have close to silent progress, you're having a moan about road noise. 😉
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    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and still got teeth M

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