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    Just some feedback as I know this post attracted a little interest. I drove the car back home from Bristol this afternoon and so far so good. No issues at all. I have to say Lexus Bristol have been absolutely superb. Very welcoming, the car was handed back to me by the same person that handled my case from start to finish. They've provided a written summary of what they:ve done for my own records and the car was cleaned inside and out. Will definitely be taking the car back there in the summer when the service is due. Thanks again for all the comments. Fingers crossed it won't happen again. Cheers.
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    its not a c63 amg its not an m3 its not an Rs4
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    It’s the simple jobs that give the biggest satisfaction sometimes. Over the last few months the bonnet catch has been a bit iffy, it won’t close without really slamming the bonnet on it and when opening it doesn’t “pop” when the handle is pulled. I put it down in part to the 145,000 miles the Lexus has now covered. Tonight I decided to remove and inspect it, not a difficult job. First remove the black plastic trim that sits along the front panel, there are about 10 self expanding clips that need popping out. Remove the plastic panel and this revealed the bonnet catch mechanism. The catch is held on by 3x10 mm bolts and the plastic dirt shield is held in place with 2 self expanding clips. In adoption there is also the bonnet warning switch wiring loon that is held on the dirt shield as well. With the catch off the car it was clear to see why it was so gummed up....white grease and general road crud had caused the pivots to almost seize. After about half an hour in the parts washer and a good going over with a stiff brush most of the debris was cleared off the latch, the micro switch that signals the warning light was taken off and cleaned up, all the pivots were oiled and freed up and the return springs were cleaned, oiled and reseated. Reassembled back on the car, all cleaned and tested, it all works like it did when I first bought the car now, that’s a win [emoji106] Last weekend I replaced the EGR cooler and egr, I’ll do a write up that shortly when I can finally look at the pictures without A) breaking out in a sweat B) having nightmares about the job It was a total pain in the backside, but a job that needed doing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Let's not get too carried away here. Any engine with worn bores/pistons/rings will pressurize the crankcase and blow oil out of the most well sealed cam cover. But a reasonably well maintained (frequent enough oil changes) Lexus will not do that, at least until starship-type mileages have passed. Oil on the plug threads is just from oil sitting in the spark plug recesses and arrives on the threads as you withdraw the plugs - there is no way that oil can come from the combustion chambers. Most modern engines use a neoprene cam cover gasket which fits in to a groove in the cam cover. Although nice and soft when new these gaskets harden and become brittle with heat and age - it's quite instructive to compare a new gasket with one that has done 50K miles or so. Eventually oil will seep out and end up in the plug recesses, in the vee and down the sides of the block. James - you need a new cam cover gaskets, plug tube gaskets and various other seals - see attached pic (just right hand side shown) - oh, and you need to tighten your spark plugs to 25Nm/18ftlbs.- see the pic.
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    I have an RX with air. Almost 180k miles on original air struts. I've had to replace 2 rear controllers and that's it. Normal struts would be cheaper to replace and I dare say I would be on a third set by now. My non air SC has new suspension all round, the non air GS 430 needed new rears at 90k The LS with air was still fine with no issues at 110k miles, the Soarer with air did have 2 front struts replaced late on in life at less than £100 each but all was well when I sold it at 230k miles. Would I buy an SEL? you bet. With all the scary stories about air suspension where are all the cheap SEL models?
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    Hi all. Just traded in my 2010 Prius T-Spirit for a 2009 GS450H SE-L, can't wait to pick it up next weekend. Always join the owners club for info and meetings, used to do a lot of car shows with past cars but have had to be sensible for a while.
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    Be your own man Phil. Out of fashion means being different to the populist view, so no problem there, then. Just enjoy your car and be happy with whatever you want to do..
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    a bit like replacing the frontwindow with a television screen?
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    Don't be so old fashioned. Lexus seats are of durable quality and very comfortable. Do you really want to be adjusting pleats and wrinkles in covers every time you get in and out ? Just treat them with respect and keep them clean. If you want to wear greasy overalls, put a bin-bag over them......or take the van instead 😉.
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    People with problems usually post to forums in the hope that someone can help them and it would be rare and unusual for someone to post, "Hey, my car's working great". I'm sure that there are many hundreds of cars out there with perfect air suspension but do you really want to take such an expensive risk, especially given that air isn't much different to normal suspension and certainly doesn't provide enough of a difference to justify the extra complexity and cost, not in my personal opinion anyway?
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    Its the longest ive ever owned a car by a lot of years and im far from done with it, its exactly like you say what do you replace it with that is going to be as reliable with similar performance its the ultimate allrounder in my opinion.
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    There are films about that sort of thing on the internet...was there a camera!?
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    Yesterday I finally got fed up of the FM transmitter doo-daa that I normally use to stream Spotify. They're OK and I've used them in various motors but since changing the speakers their failings are a little more obvious. I remembered that I'd still got my GROM aux unit from when I ran the IS and wondered if the supplied cable (TOY1) was the same for both cars. As the GS has the factory nav I expected all sorts of connection oddness and even if it did fit I assumed I'd lose the glovebox autochanger. So out with the pry tool and 10mm socket and within 5 minutes the whole head unit is out. Ashtray first, air vents next, 4x 10mm bolts and a little plastic clip. Easy peasy. Love working on these cars! Anyhoo, TOY1 cable fitted so I plugged in the aux unit and everything works. Pressed the DISC button again and I've still got my autochanger. Result! So, looks a little messy and I've still got to route the 3.5mm cable properly but job done. When funds allow I might treat myself to the BT unit but for now this is perfect.
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    Mods ...... please delete if not allowed BUT as you will see I'm giving away four new tires. Sold my F-sport LS460 14 plate today. I have a full set of four nearly new Summer tires stacked in the garage. They are 245/45R19 ER33 XZ 102Y tires. Only a few hundred miles on them. So I'm paying forward Karma. If someone can prove they fit on their car then they can have them for free. Pick up only in HD7 4NB (Huddersfield)
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    Thanks for all the comments. I think I might go for it. Peace of mind is a great thing!
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    Spoke to the Trader guy on the phone; v lack lustre and not somebody I’d care to deal with. Gave me a lot of spin and blah but didn’t have any corroborated info, know anything of the provenance of the motor car or have the approach I was after. Also, reviews I’d read of the outfit weren’t convincing me it would be worth a 4 hr drive. Maybe ok for some but it wasn’t pushing my buttons. So it was a “no”. Hope that clears that up Jon. Search resumes....🧐
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    Thank you LexIS200Sport - so far I've been absolutely amazed with it and can't stop finding silly excuses to go out - talk about kid with a new toy 😄
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    Hey everyone, I just picked up a 2005 RX a couple of weeks ago and I love it! It is very comfortable and over the weeks I have managed to get the mpg from 14 mpg to 22mpg on longer journey's to Helensburgh. It drives soo smoothly and different from the IS. It has just over 92k miles on it and it is in for some suspension work along with brake calipers this week, fingers crossed that is all it needs for a while as it was serviced and has its MOT 2 weeks ago. Would love to own and drive a newer RX one day... I made a video on it if you would like to check it out? Thomas 🙂
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    Higher 97 to 99 RON would give the best performance but it will run fine on standard 95 RON. Some people see a 5% mpg improvement, less so on hybrids but depending where you live the extra cost could be 10% so isn't really worth it IMO.
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    Thank you for all the information you provided! Really helped me a lot in the process of finding the leak. As with many others, I realised I had a problem when the carpet in all the foot wells were drenched in water. I stripped the car for carpet, panels and seats and started the search for the leak. I don’t have a sunroof and soon understood that the leak must have come from the back (trunk area) and poured down to the foot wells. I also had a lot of trouble finding the leak, due to the double and triple(!) panels. My girlfriend sprayed the back of the car with a hose, and I sat inside observing water Pouring down both the sides ( c-pillars), but not being able to see where from because of the double panels. I then bought a inspection camera and slid behind the panels. And happily found the source to my trouble! The clips and Phillips screws holding the rear bumper up, just below the black plastic trimming next to the tail light was totally open! The water just flowed right trough it. I took out both the screw and plastic clip, taped the hole with duct tape (temporarily) and voila! No more water. I also used the inspection camera up along the c-pillar to inspect if I had a problem with the body seam above the gas strut. But from what I could see inside the panel cavity it looked like the main problem was leakage from the two bolts holding the gas strut. Will probably make a rubber gasket and lay between the body and strut and I think that will fix the problem. Hope this will maybe help someone out there! The picture is from thomasN post, but is the clip and screw I took out and taped the hole. Remember to use degreaser, so that the tape sticks well.
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    Lexus do a very good kit for cleaning and maintenance of the leather. That said all automotive leather is PU coated so a simple wipe down with a damp cloth is fine. For more dirty seats a mild solution of wool detergent in Luke warm water works well. I wouldn't recommend using conditioners as they simply sit on the surface and attract grit and grime. This then abrades the leather surface, especially in the creases, causing cracks.
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    The best ones I’ve come across are Meguires but they seemed to have stopped selling them in this country, I get mine in the USA. These look similar. I get two and wipe the seat down. They are amazing at lifting dirt but they condition the leather at the same time. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leather-Wipes-Pack-Of-25-Wipes-Interior-Car-Upholstery-Seats-Pouch-Armor-All/291946507020?epid=1810357795&hash=item43f95e2b0c:g:0G4AAOSw5UFb2Ipk
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    Just buy some branded leather cleaner and leather cream to nourish the leather, I use Autoglmn products, if I’ve spelt it correctly.
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    It is actually a traffic offence to reverse onto a trunk road/A class road but doubtful if anyone would be ticketed for it.
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    Paul, there is much esteemed wisdom spoken on this Forum about the necessity to deal with the radiator issue before it becomes a terminal one Please take heed, don't ignore it, it will probably save you £000' or writing-off your car This is FACT and not just heresay Best wishes with whatever your decision on this BUT you have been warned about it .... it is of course your decision Malc
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    My Soarer had 120,000 miles with air suspension. It did need a new compressor but all the struts were fine. I DO like the idea of air - my RX300 has it. And I DO like the height adjustment feature.
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    I wouldn’t cover them either. Just get some good quality leather wipes and use them once a month and they will stay pristine.
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    I owe you an apology then😬 so I apologise and yes it was a bit of a strop! I did have the battery disconnected for a few weeks when I did the suspension work last year, it was unintentional ( I left the boot open somehow) and that didn’t make any difference.
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    no i dont think so. some nice artificial sheepskin covers with elastics will look nice. ebay will have thesame cover for the steeringwheel..
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    Hi, I am selling my SC430 and I wondered if you were interested? Please feel free to PM me if you want to ask any questions. It's a lovely car in great condition, 55k miles, with full Lexus service history and under warranty with Lexus until August 24th and is the facelift six speed with the low tax rate as it was registered on March 9th 2006. Thanks, Chris
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    Good God it beggars belief. Maybe she really wanted a number plate that reflected her name and tendencies? I struggle to believe that motoring journalists are so eager to put the Lexus down in comparison to the German "premium brands." I've owned three German cars and all of them have been seriously flawed. They are companies that are run by accountants, the lot of them. The problem being, the accountants provide the motoring press with luxury accommodation in the Alps with unlimited food and booze in exchange for a good review.
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    We collected our new 450 from the guys at Woodford in January and took the service plan, it worked out cheaper (on paper, at least), so seemed a no-brainer. It’s a lovely motor by the way, the 2020 spec is great with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, we are very pleased with it so far.
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    Crikey. Anyone who solely relies on the rear view camera to park their car should have their driving licence revoked. Rear view mirrors should be used with the customary look over the shoulder.
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    My own experience is that due to expense of the air suspension parts and the high probability that they will rust and fail, then I went for an SE-Nav instead of an SE-L. Rust is the killer of the air struts, because the air chamber is partly steel and it rusts quite badly and as soon as the rust creates even a pinhole in the steel, it's a new shock at £700. I'd advise anyone getting a new air strut fitted to have the steel part of the air chamber waxoyled or something like that to make it last longer.
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    Many thanks Lager Shandy & Herbie. Got back in the car yesterday and all was working fine! So now doubting myself, I guess time will tell......... !!!
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    Anyone who believes prevention is better than cure, some watch points and suggested maintenance points for exhaust, subframes, bushes etc. Only worth the work for anyone planning on running their car for the long term. As the exhaust and cat run along the nearside, these also get additional exposure to salt and other grime from gutters as due road camber, it all flows to the left. Process: Wash all rusted or salt/ grime covered subframe, exhaust, pipe work with ph neutral car shampoo. Rinse with clean water and leave to dry. Use sandpaper and wire brushes to take off all loose rust down to the clean metal, usual Kurust or similar for any thick bits. Spray treated exhaust parts and joints with high temperature paint only. Undercoat and gloss black spray subframe parts. Lightly slicone spray bushes, pipework and exhaust hangers (do not overdo it and mop up any excess near exhaust as potentially flammable in high quantities). This slows down the ageing process keeping rubbers flexible and less chance of cracking. Listed in priority order (of what was showing most corrosion): 1) Exhaust gasket/joint at Cat. 2) Subframe just above exhausts (that holds the differential in place. 3) Hubs that are on the diff (that the inner boots are clamped to). 4) Base of the front shock absorbers. 5) The brackets holding up the rear exhaust boxes. 6) The differential itself and driveshafts (not really a concern as the block and driveshafts so thick would never rust through) 7) various other weld points as shown below It’s a mucky job but either a one time or every 5 years or so task to keep the MOT warnings at bay, have fun! Before and after pics below, should be clear which is which. Best to catch it whilst it is still surface rust 🙂
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    We had our RX300 SE-L from 2007 for five years and over 60.000 miles, with no sign of a problem. But I can imagine it’s an expensive repair if it arises, so a conventionally sprung version might be a safer buy at around fifteen years old. You might find one like ours, with a RX plate, even harder to find! Here it is outside a Fish Bros, Swindon. Good luck.
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    You did, I saw it, you are not going mad... it has indeed gone, there was a notice about maintenance to the website/forum, perhaps to do with that? The OP's response has also vanished.
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    The push button is a physical thing so is it still 'pushing' as in clicking when you push it? If the physical action is still there then it may be something electrical, but if there's no click then the switch itself has failed, in which case I'd take it out and look for a replacement at either https://cpc.farnell.com/ or https://uk.rs-online.com
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    The price sticker has fallen off the windscreen. Lovely car btw 😊.
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    "Not paying attention" - 15 down to plus 10 now you say Linas! So yes, as I previously said, " 15 ISFs! Not in the last 12 years on the autotrader there hasn't" Something is only worth what someone is willing to pay and although these cars hang around for a few months and the odd red one at a certain nationwide finance dealer maybe over a year, they ultimately do move, so they are priced relative. I don't believe for a second that any owner here believes that they are unicorn cars (you of course entitiled to your opinion), but instead, my understanding and experience been that owners are in a position where they are not desperate to sell. Reasonable priced servicing, cracking extendable warranties, different to shifting on an rs3 or rs4 that is out of warranty and due its 3 year service and first mot. That is from my experience and expertise both from a buyer and seller, private and trade, not my opinion.
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    A picture paints a thousand reasons; You will never drive a more versatile car. That's all you need to know. PS click on the image to see it in original uncompressed quality.
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    Ask them to lend you a car while you are away and they can then put 200 miles on your car .
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    H&S near me will make a cat back system for mail order, cost is probably around £1200/1300.......plus shipping I’d imagine, I opted for a cat back by another local company to me, mine was the first system he’d done on an ISF and cost me £720 from memory, best £720 I’ve spent, absolutely love to hear it 👍🏻
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    I hope it was in neutral when it went on the flatbed or was it driven on? I think that when you braked sharply the engine lost vacum and tried to stall but obviously these can’t so the stepper motor kicked in to bring the idle up and probably gave you the chugging rattly noise until vacum built up again hence why it was rough when trying to select any gears. Powering down does reset a lot things on the CT that’s why they make a noise after you shut them off. Don’t let this make you lose faith in it as they are a bulletproof car and very reliable. Mines a 2011 SE L Premier with 103K and I’ve never had anything go wrong at all. Only 2 recalls and I get it serviced at Lexus Poole every year. Passed all it’s MOT,s with no advisories. Good luck. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Do not buy an SLK, they rattle like hell, break suspension springs and the brake callipers seize regularly, it's the worst car we've ever owned. We went back to an MX5 very quickly. And BMW? Get another mortgage to cover parts failures and taxi journeys.
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    Top 3 things about "my" ISF 1) it's mine 2) wife hates it. 3) my little boy loves it (he is 2 in March) VID_20200205_164803.mp4
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