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  1. A brilliant, reliable stress free car. You will not be disapointed.
  2. I think Toyota are waiting for a breakthrough with Solid State Battery Tech which will double the range of electric cars. Tesla are so far advanced with the present Lithium Ion battery tech other brands are struggling to catch up.
  3. I have used a CTek charger for the past 3 years and always used the under bonnet connections as illustrated in the Lexus manual. During the winter months when I'm away in sunnier climes I leave it permanently connected and never have any problems.
  4. I use a CTeck smart charger. It is the one recommended by Honest John. I connect it to the 12 volt charging point under the bonnet so nice and easy. I just leave it over night for a top up conditioning charge or 3 months during the Winter when I'm away. Never had an issue with the charger or the battery over the past 3 years.
  5. I live near a long steep hill and even using engine braking the hybrid battery tops out at 100% every time.
  6. My car is only used every couple of weeks and about 5000 miles a year so to avoid any problems I connect a smart charger every couple of months to keep the battery topped up and never have any issues. I live abroad during the Winter and leave the smart charger connected for 3 months without any problems.
  7. I agree the H J web site is the best by far. But left foot braking is not for me. I tried it for about 10 days and was a danger to myself and every other road user with 100 meters of my car.
  8. My car has averaged over 55 MPG during 12000 miles of ownership. BUT. 90% of my driving is on A/B roads and very few short trips from cold. Under certain conditions the car is capable of amazing fuel cons. I often see over 70 MPG in the summer months with slow moving holiday traffic. My driving profile is ideal for a Hybrid as I only do about 10 miles before hitting a 30 limit where I use battery power before hitting the open road to re-charge the battery before the next village. How you drive and your driving profile is the key to good MPG.
  9. I have owned my car for over 2 years and consider the E CVT to be one of the best things about the car. It's a joy to drive.
  10. A brilliant car and after more than 2 years ownership I can't fault the rock solid reliability. This begs the question. Why not sell the car with a 5 year Toyota Warranty instead of a 3 year Lexus Warranty?
  11. I find the Lexus Sat Nav so bad, any amount of updates would do little to improve it. It's my biggest let down with ownership of this car. However my £100 Tom Tom is far far better and I get free updates.
  12. I have owned 2 BMW cars and both had reliability issues. My friend had a Lexus and I remember him saying " If you drive from London to Monaco and want to arrive in style, take the BMW. If you want to get back home, take a Lexus.
  13. The Auto Express Driver Power Survey is about the only honest review you get from this German owned mag. A real survey written by people who actually own the car and run them day after day, year after year. Not someone on a three day jolly staying at a 5 star hotel with hot and cold running maids paid for by BMW. When you read there Lexus reviews I do wander what the guy is smoking.
  14. Over 9120 miles my average cons is 54.7 mpg. I have been driving hybrids for the past 5 years so know how to get the best out of them. No winter driving as I move to warmer climes. Mostly A/B roads with very little motorway runs. Very few short runs as we have a town car.
  15. 8000 miles of trouble free motoring. The only alarm was when the cold weather triggered the low tyre pressure sensor. Soon sorted when I put some air in the tyres.