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condensation in car

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in my 2019 NX, I suffer from a lot of condensation on the windows of the car, especially on cold wet days, where I have to have the heating on full and high to try and get rid of it... does anyone else experience this?


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Yep... keep the aircon switched on and may sure your don't have air re-circulation switched on.

Careful with the latter one though: it is automatically controlled UNLESS you manually select re-circulation.聽

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1 hour ago, Zotto said:

My suggestion is to keep AC on and clean windows聽馃檪

Exactly this.聽

AC dehumidifies the air so it will fog less.聽

Dirty glass (even if the car is only a few weeks/months old) will gather condensation much more quickly. Give it a really good clean with something to break down grease, then follow up with just plain water and a lint free cloth and plenty of elbow grease.聽

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I agree with above suggestions.

I never get condensation in my 430 but today was the first coldest day we had and I had it on my front and rear screens - hopefully once the temperatures settles it should clear up

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