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Cruise Control Stalk Snapped

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Just driving home this afternoon and on cancelling the cruise control there was a crack and my stalk had snapped! I’m not a heavy handed person, but the stalk does look a little tired. The car is 9 years old and has 100k miles plus, so it’s reasonable wear and tear I suppose.


Has anyone else had this happen? I’m nervous of the cost of replacement and wonder if it’s worth buying the stalk and doing it myself.


Would be keen to hear your experiences.









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Wonder if Lexus would help with the repair under good will? Worth asking Honda changed us an ABS unit at 147ish K on an accord just charged us for a brake fluid change. We had a similar issue with Mercedes and they were not interested so mixed bag.

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On 12/1/2019 at 10:03 PM, Spottedlaurel said:

Ouch, sorry to see that Alex. A strange thing to fail, fingers crossed you get it sorted without any hassle.

Thanks Nigel! I was really surprised too, I think the plastic had just weakened - but the car is 10 years old! But some judicious application of Gorilla Glue on the original part and you'd never know, it's as strong as ever and looks good as new! 

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Hi all, 

Just a quick update on this, I managed to get this repaired using some super strong Gorilla Glue, it is really strong now and looks as good as new. Lexus weren't interested in a goodwill gesture, understandably really, but thanks to Chris JJ as it was worth a try. The cruise control works as well as ever and I didn't have to mess with an airbag, that made me a little nervous. 

Sadly, due to changes in personal circumstances, I'm moving the RX on this week. (Not because of the Cruise stalk 😂) I've loved having it and will miss the luxury, but needs must! 

Thanks for being such a helpful and welcoming group!


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