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Hello everyone,just want to introduce myself,my name is mike from liverpool,i have owned my lexus gs300 for 10 years and i have done 80000 miles in her,i can tell you it hasnt had any problems what so ever,not even a blown bulb,after a year of ownership i decided to have the big brake light fitted,i had all the brake discs replaced last year and thats it,i call that cheap motoring and exellent reliability.Its a 94 with full lex history,burgundy,gold badges but have faded after 10 years of british weather.My next service is next friday and will be replacing all the badges for chrome ones,i quite like origionality :) .I need to replace the n/s/f caliper,the usual piston seizing,lexus quoted me £380 fitted :tsktsk: ,Got to go now peeps,look forward to exchanging comments with you all.MIKE <KELLTINA>

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Welcome fellow North Westerner... Hope you can make it to Gayden on the 28th.. We're having ourselves a little convoy from this part of the world so if you fancy meting us at Lymm serices You are more than welcome ;) Send me a pm and I'll let you know what time we'll be there :driving:

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