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Let Me Reintroduce Myself....


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The night time picture wheels are the new ones, not sure if you mean those, but I think they are Autocouture Magnifique 2-pc 19x9 and 19x10, about 322,000 Yen (£1,700)

Not bad..

Might need to contact them and see if they cam make some to fit my tezz'

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...... allow me to reintroduce my self .....  my name is Hova , H to the O Vee ....  fresh out of the frying pan, and into the fryer , ..... la la la ..

haha i was singing same tune wen i read the topic title, im a take u back to the dude wit the LEXUS,fast forward to the jewels and the necklace,let me show you what i do to protect this,shoot at you actors like a movie director............

and yeah the car is very nice, can you show some more pics of the car wit the new wheels coz cant see them properly as its at nite

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Sorry guys, the new wheels are the 20" Dronell BR 3-pc forged wheels that are on the first 2 pictures. I sold the 19" Autocoutures and traded up to the Dronells which are of MUCH BETTER build and quality. When I switched the wheels, the steering becomes lighter, the car feels less like a steamroller and becomes so much more agile. Probably because the dronells are so much lighter and better constructed than the Autocouture. (not to mention more expensive...grrr....)


You can find the rest of the pictures and my mod list at my cardomain site:

Thanks guys!

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0-60 in 5secs!!!

Hehehe, with the mods I have on the car right now, I believe they are quite a weebit less than 5 seconds now. My current spec is right around the 450rwhp mark. Anymore and I would be blowing my transmission....

Thanks for the comments guys.


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