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Happy New Year


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Cheers Zee...all's well here matey! B)

Paul...MSN is back on line buddy ;)

Dave, Andy cheers boys and a Happy New Year to you both too!!

Aido....well been a few ups and downs towards the end of 2004....I got engaged to my girlfriend in October, obviously the best mum and dad told me that they are moving to Australia and my grandad who was like a father too me passed away suddenly at the begining of November!! That was very difficult for me!! and with a few other personal difficulties mixed in for good measure, it wasn't so happy in the Fever household!!

But anyway...2005 is back on track and I'm putting some more time and money into the Lex...she has taken a bit of a backseat over the past 5 some good things planned!

As for LOC...first I thought I had walked onto the wrong all looks different now! Zee and Duncan have both sold there cars :o ...Steveaudio's looks like its going (Steve, thats way too cheap by the way!!) and Aido's looking all pimped up now, very nice mukka...I'm sure I've missed lots more, but i'll catch up!! B) Plus so many new LOC'ers it feels like I don't know anyone now! :lol:

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Sorry to hear of your loss Neil, hope things look up this year, fresh start and all that!

Good luck with the engagement by the way, think the longest I've ever been with a bird was 30 minutes :P

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