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Project Black


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Owen, they look nice ........... but why an earth didn't you just pop them out ????

Simple! I'm a lazy b*stard :)

it would have been quicker to have taken them out and sprayed them, than it would to mask them ;)

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looking good matey.

which side repeaters are they???

They are the same OEM ones as in the first picture. I just cleaned them up real good and sprayed them :)

what tint spray did you use i need to clean off and re'do my rear light clusters

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That looks surprisingly good, nice work, although I know I wouldn't have the balls do spray anything while still on the car like that :blink: :D

they look as if they don't have the orange lining to them??? all the IS OEM side repeatetrs have this...thought it was the LS430 that were clear :duh:

I've got the standard repeaters like that and they don't have an orange lining to them, just an orange bulb

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