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New Member Saying Hi.

Ian R

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Hi !!

I have just bought a Mk4 LS400 and thought I would introduce myself. It is a 1998 with 152K and full history. Very impressed so far. It has a few issues - corroded wheels, play in rear ball joints and the drivers side temperature display does not light up at night!!! Nothing too serious.

Looking forward to years of trouble free motoring !!!


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make this my hello too.

I sold a Ford Focus TDCi and bought an LS400 last week. 1991 model. Nice.

Real easy drive. Very happy, the seller put on a new cambelt for me. Old one was fine it turned out.

145000 miles, 2 owners. Am very happy.

Was wondering. I am exporting it to Canada this summer. As you can only take a car over 15 years old there. (don't ask).

Was wondering. Where on the site (who would know) can I find a pair of LS400 front lights for Canda LHD drive headlights.

apparantly I will need to install a replacement pair within 30 days of arriving there. July 2007 heading out.


if you know of any or have a lead.

A whole bunch of thanks.

PS. Do not have a manual for it. Would love to buy.

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Clunky Chat site. 10 minutes to find reply to your welcome.








found a Lexus series manual on E-bay on Double CD 2 days ago for £5.50 inc delivery. Bit of a bargain. It arrived this morning, so will have a browse.

Still hope to find pair fo LHD headlamps though... :)

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Still hope to find pair fo LHD headlamps though... :) - North American owners forum, they should be able to help you.

welcome Ian R - lovely choice of motor..Ahhh, I miss that V8!!!

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