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Black On Black

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Just thought i would post up to see what people thought of my new black emblems on my lex!

I have one left over for the sports grill at the front but want to make sure it can secure properly so will prob have to make up a plate or something for it to sit on.

I bought these from Dave at Prolex and i really like the look of them on the car.

I originally debadged the back but it didn't look right in my opinion so wanted to put the emblems back on but do something different, next step is to get black rear lights then work will start on the front.




Jason :P

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do you have to prep the badges yourself???

or do they come as they look on the pic?

Got them through Prolex, came as they look! All badges for the car for £15!!!!!!!!

i thought they where a complete bargain, the L logo is slightly smaller than the original and the LEXUS logo is slightly bigger, if you look real close you can see the marks from the old badges but can't really notice it unless you are looking for it!

Jason :P

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Think that looks really good is it just the black badges they do or can you get different colours.

Also was it difficult to remove badges?

Think dave does them in gold also, although i think he sprayed mine black gloss and they are actually black underneath, he might be able to supply them unpainted!?!?!?

You can remove the old ones with a hairdryer to heat up the glue a bit then i used dental floss and carefully flossed them off the car :lol: then alot of carefull cleaning and work with tar remover to get rid off the remaining glue :yawn:

Jason :P

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That was what i did with my old car apart from the dental floss! didnt know if there was any difference with the IS, thanks mate.

May look into getting blue ones :D

just make sure you take your time....... for some reason when i took mine off there was small chips in the paintwork around the edge of where the emblems where sitting before..... :tsktsk:

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Sorry don't like it.... :tomato: .... kinda looks like a lazy painter didn't mask them off...

would probably look good on a red lexus, think silver or white would suit black better.... :)

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