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Ickle Pirate Born!


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As you may have noticed I have been pretty absent from here for the last few weeks, the reason being that on the 5.14pm on 30th August 2007 my gorgeous daughter Isla Kate Louise Bevan was born! She didn't want to move tho as she put her mum through a 26 hour labour, only to be dragged out by c section.

Both are doing really well now and yesterday she went for her first proper ride in the Lex. Of course she screamed her head off until a nice bassy club track came on then she quitened doiwn in appreciation of the lexus' superior sound system. Its a good job baby likes bass :)

Life is sweet :)

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Thanks guys. I haven't downloaded any photos yet but I will do soon. As for the sleepless nights we are very lucky as she is a very chilled baby who goes to sleep at about 11pm wakes up about 3am for a feed then sleeps again until eight.

and yes as soon as she can reach teh roof of the lex she will be detailing it for pocket money :)

*considers free labour possibilities*

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