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New 19's On My Is300


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Picked up my Lexus last Monday and ordered a set of wheels the day after. They came today and were promptly fitted on my lunch break. I'm quite happy with them, no suspension mods just yet, wanted to see how the car sat with 19's on Standard Suspension before buying a set of coilovers.


I know it would look a lot better 30-40mm lower, but I'll then have problems with road bumps etc like I do with my GTR.

Next on the list is a bodykit. Quite like the look of the Elixir bodykit


Anyone know a reseller in the UK? Otherwise I'll try to order straight from Japan.

Cheers !


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Nice to see some 19's on the IS.

I assume they are 19x8?? Whats the offset?? I have heard you can get away with about a 30-40 drop without arch work (according to US sites)

I am in the 18 / 19 arguement with myself at the minute, has it changed the ride quality with the wheels??

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i normaly run 19s (19x8) on my is300 (off the car at the minute getting refurbed black) i also have a 40mm drop at the front and 45mm drop at the back and have no problems with arch clearance, although the suspension is very stiff. do have to take it slow over speed bumps, around 15mph max.

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No NO.

Don't get the Elixir body kit. Absolute rubbish.

See my car here.



See!! it looks absolutely rubbish.

So no.

Don't get it.


Hi Grim,

Thanks for the pictures - it looks really different on your car than on their website - although I don't think it looks that bad. IMHO - I was looking at spending £2k on the full kit, but not going to based on your advice.

Back to the drawing board on kits then, I do like the TTE bumper and I can walk into Lexus and pick one up for £360 so that's not too bad... Subtle styling is great and I love it - but I like to push the boundaries a little when it comes to kits.

Thanks for all of your input, and as for my 19's think they are 19x8 no problems in ride comfort, handling etc. I think 2 inches above stock is always fine - probably could have got away with 20's but it may have looked like a roller skate :) I'm running 20's for street use on my GTR and 18's for drag..



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Erm.. skylion

I was being sarcastic.

As far as I'm aware, I have the only Elixir front bumper in the UK. And I was pretending, only trying to keep it that way. :shifty:

And most people who know me would have seen clean through my sarcasm. So sorry for that. :crybaby:

The above pictures do not do the car justice. I think the bumper looks fantastic. Especially with the intercooler.

But one thing I will say. When I imported the bumper it took 3 months to get to me. When it finally did reach me, not only did I had to pay VAT, but worst off all, it had holes an cuts in the bumper that I had to repair. As it had shipped from Japan, I kinda think they either picked the worst condition one they had, or their quailty control is *****! After all I wasn't exactly able to return it, and expect my money back.

In saying that after it was fixed up and installed, I think it looks great. Before I got it, I had scoured the internet for a front bumper I liked, and I think I got one of the best looking ones available.

Well, in my opinion anyway.

I'd narrowed my my choice's down to the Hipposleek like mats (before he got it I might add), or the Elixer or finally the Cusco. At the time, no one on LOC had either the Hipposleek or the Elixir. And the Cusco had a imitation copycat that was already available. So I went for the Elixir.

Here's some proper piccy's




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