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Hi guys

My ls430 has gone into lexus to have the rear bumper repaired due to someone going into the back of my car when I was stationary. Anyway, the dealers have given me an is220d as a courtesy car, but I have to say its probably the worst lexus I have ever driven. It's that bad that it makes the is200 feel good. The drive on it isnt very good, its to noisy and I can feel every single bump

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thanks for reporting back - have been driving LS400 for 5 years now and every so often just feel like a change and have often wondered what the GS and IS are like to drive.

See us guys have got ourselves into a dilemma - we cant upgrade - theres nothing better than the lexus!! - what do you buy thats just as smooth, quiet, luxurious, reliable, over-engineered as the LS ?

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The last couple of years are the only time I have not felt the urge to change cars except for maybe a newer ls400.

My father was so gobsmacked he had to drive my Lexi to see what the fuss was about. He now finds he has a dilemma, does he keep his immaculate very low mileage S Type or jump ship to a Lex.

It's a no brainer if you ask me but he can be a stubborn old bugger sometimes.

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Ever since my fiirst experiences with my LS400s I have often wondered what on earth is it that I could ever change ( up ? down ? ) to.

And I concluded many years ago that there really isn't any other car that " floats my boat "

Dilemma then .... what to do when the last of the LS400s is so old and long in the tooth.

Not really expecting any useful answers BUT if you have an experience that surpasses that of the LS400 then do tell !!


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A while ago I was running a 1998 GS300 when my LS400 was being repaired and this was the only time I was torn between keeping which one.

The GS was a nice ride with an updated interior, ultra smooth 5 speed transmission and a nice 225 bhp straight six so there was little between the two.

I kept the older LS and I am glad I did.

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3 years ago someone hit the back of my LS. When i dropped it off at the repair shop they handed me a new IS220d. I thought "here we go, i wont want to hand this back" 16 year old LS v brand new IS220d??

As it turned out I couldnt wait to get my old LS back.

The IS was too noisy, thirsty and i kept stalling it. The only good point was the air con seats; i liked those.

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Hi sir john

That's exactly how I felt. I was so happy when I got my ls back. I even told the bodyshop worker at lexus that is220 is probably the worst lexus made. Like you, I was happy with the air con, but that's about it. It was so noisy, and I could feel every single bump. It was a 60 plate, my ls is only a 2001.

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I'm lucky I have a LS400 mk4 and a GS450h

Years ago when my LS had to go into Lexus to get a fault rectified I was given a is220 as a courtesy car only 300mls on clock top of the range blah blah blah and was so glad to get back into my older LS ..too noisy and very uncomfortable ...the problem us LS owners have is we are spoilt and nothing comes close to the comfort

But saying that my GS is 99% as comfortable and deathly quiet :-) and drives as good as the LS

Can't see me ever parting with the LS...I did once buy a 3yr old x-type jag and it was like coming off a luxury leather couch (LS ) and sitting on a park bench (jag) and felt every gear change and heard everything ..engine wind etc etc needless to say I sold it 6mths later and have never strayed from Lexus since. Even bought a is200se just for a works car.

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