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Got Mine Today...


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Well finally today i took the plunge after a year of saving and bought my first IS200 its a 99T in Aztec fire with oakham interior and is auto.

I wasnt sure if i would like the colour but im quite keen on it now and have never seen one in aztec either.

I took my 6 cds too check out the cd changer did some full lock car park turnings too check the ball joints and looked for all the other things that i have read about on here.

It is having 2 new tyres on the rear as they are right on the wear indicators it has pilot primacys on now so hopefully they will do a like for like swap.

It has some corrosion on the front alloys which im going to have too sort myself as the guy would not move on the price anymore espeically when i told him how much tyres cost.

Im well chuffed as the car is in brilliant condition and has 52000 miles on it.

all i have to do now is wait till i can go and pick it up next week when i get another day off work and then ill put some pictures up of it.


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I finally managed to pick her up today, What a great day ive had, Had a blast round the m25 and m40 from high wycombe too stansted airport which was nice the auto is great in the queues on the m25 too.

I am just so pleased i got an auto its great for driving round town in and i feel much less tired as well, the only bad thing on it is the cruise control as it is a pain in the a s s to use, The last one i used was on my vectra diesel which was very simple.

The auto lights are pretty handy as well i can just see myself getting lazy driving her, and her indoors likes the heated seats which is always a good thing, i think i just need to go and get the wheel geometry looked at as once of the tyres seems to be wearing a little unevenly before the tyres are wrecked.

Thanks to all you guys for giving the knowledge to hopefully not ending up with a bad car.

I put my LOC stickers on it tonight as well, My first mod :D :D :D


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I hope you like it as much as I like mine :)

also Aztec Fire auto :)

be warned, that this club is very infectious and the group buys and other offers are oh so tempting, I had never dreamed about modding a car until I got my Lex and joined this club hehehe.

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much better colour than than bright red ..............

Cue Bazza or Chris lol

In those (few) sunny summer days... Nothing comes close to Aztec Fire :D

Honest... the first time you see it with full summer sun... :blush: Well... you will know you chose the right colour!

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I must admit i wasnt so sure on the colour when i first saw some pics on here of it.............then i saw it for real and just had to have it, with the oakham interior it looks really good too, the only problem with it is the mats are already filthy and ive only had it about 8 hours.

The other problem is i just want to drive, its so quiet its unreal when its on the m-way at 80 its only doing 3000 revs just some wind noise from it!

Roll on going to work tommorow morning and i get too drive it again.


The stereo on it is really very good as well

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