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Thinking Of Changing To Gs300 From.....

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Hi all,

have a LS400 which is great but thinking of changing to a GS300. Can anybody advise on differences in driving experience? Is the GS as smooth and quiet as the LS? Ride? Performance, ownership costs etc?

thanks in advance.

I have a GS430 - not a GS300, but had a GS300 for a weekend test drive.

My father has a MKIII LS400.

the LS400 is smoother and quieter.

the LS "rides" better (but then the difference between 16" wheels and a 60 profile tyres as opposed to 18" wheels on a 40 profile tyre explain a lot of that), it soaks up bad road surfaces better.

The GS is smooth and quiet - but the LS is more refined.

The LS is a more "floaty" drive - I prefer the handling of the GS, its a bit more direct.

The 3.0 I6 should be more ecomonical than your 4.0 V8.

Performance wise - there is not a lot in it. The LS does not deliver its power as "forceably" as the GS.

Of the two - I prefer the GS (but of course I am biased :blush: ), its more suited to me than the bigger, "bargier" LS

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the gs is good all round, but i love the feeling of (idea) LS suspension, the girls dont like to be shook all the time...with the excuse of a detuned supra engine!!

I done it! changed the LS400 for the GS300. Intitial thoughts....... GS not as quiet as I had expected (first time I have driven one). I know the LS400 is super-smooth but I still thought a 6 pot 3 litre car would be quieter. Petrol consumptionm, according to the trip computer (which could be wrong?) is worse on the GS than the LS!!!! Drove the LS from Nottingham to Sevenoaks on cruise at 70mph and got 31.5 mpg. drove the GS back from sevenoaks to Notttingham on cruise at 70 and got 29mpg? (maybe its uphill on the way back ;)

the GS handled well I thought, despite a recent thread to the contrary. Certainly alot more direct than the LS.

Only my first day with GS but will provide more feedback as the weeks/months pass.

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Very mixed feelings about it , I can tell you!

No matter what car you buy you always have secoond thoughts where you wonder if you've done the right thing. Forget about it, if you don't get on with the GS then just buy another LS400. Enjoy it

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The 200 aint bad for wot it is-the 300 on the other hand does lack power for wot that is!

Get the 430! :D

The 300 isn't really lacking in power, it is faster than the IS200 although doesn't feel it being smoother and quieter. However it does lack excitement which is where the 430 comes in.

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The 300 is gutless!

No, that's the IS200 :P


I wouldn't describe the GS300 as gutless at all.

It delivers its power very smoothly - so whilst it may not peel your eyelids up over the top of your head, it picks up nicely.

I had one for a weekend - and several times I looked down to realise I was speeding a fair bit ( :blush: ) as I hadn't realised how much speed I had been picking up.

Had the same problem with the 430 - its just a case of getting used to the car.

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